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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Release date- January 11th

Legion: The Final Exorcism is a trippy surreal look at the eerie and chilling world of demonic possession. It might not be done on a Hollywood budget but the flick is genuinely creepy and might even give you a nightmare or two. All of the elements collide leaving you with some pretty good acting and some even better scares!

Tatiana's Mother Catherine calls in Father Michael Sanchica, the demon hunter for help when nothing else seems to be working. Michael has had these special visions and dreams all of his life and when he goes anywhere a demon has been or any traumatic experience, he feels it. Flashbacks then come and it's almost like he is reliving the horrifying moment.

He arrives at the house and sees in his mind all the demonic activity within Tatiana and the house itself. You see, there is more than one demon involved in this case and the main one is very strong. Father Michael has been on many cases but this particular one could be the one to end his existence and Tatiana's as well. Will his heartfelt faith in God help him?

I'll admit when it first started I was very skeptical of the talking pig, until things were explained and it then became apparent and quite original with it's use of the animals. It sounds like it would be corny but it wasn't. I think anyone who is into demonic possession would be sucked into this one with ease. Legion: The Final Exorcism is surely a treat you don't wanna miss!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas in the Clouds

When I read the title Christmas in the Clouds, I assumed it would be a bunch of people spending Christmas on the plane somewhere but I was way off. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and what better way to spend it than with a bunch of complete kooky strangers? It's a comical look at a case of mistaken identities and what happens because of it.

Tina is carrying on a very special pen pal relationship with Joe McCloud and decides to pay him a visit at the Native American Nation ski resort that he helps run. Well the resort is also trying to keep things in tip top shape since a mystery person is showing up to inspect the place and make sure it deems worthy to be in their fancy best resorts guidebook.
So now when Tina shows up they think she has to be the one who will rate their service and go out of their way to butter her up and pray she'll give them a great review. Tina mistakes Joe's son Ray for her pen pal and he thinks she is the inspector. They are both attracted to each other so they start to spend time together and soon they are falling in love.
A misunderstanding causes a huge fight and things seem pretty grim. Here the poor broken man named Stu is the real man they need to impress and everything that can go wrong does - to him! Will these mishaps somehow redeem themselves and make it into that damn book? The film was actually featured at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival .


Bloodlock- now available on iTunes!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Language of the Enemy ( A House Divided)

Mitch Davis' Language of the Enemy is an emotional roller coaster that gives us a glimpse into the horror that happens to take place every day all around the world. It's sickening to see see how many innocent people get caught in the crossfire and have their lives taken from them way to soon. It makes you realize that a peaceful world is not going to be happening anytime in the near future.

Romi is an American Jewish man who is forced to travel back to Jerusalem for his fathers funeral- it's been a long time since he has been there to visit them. He gets involved up with a mysterious attractive Palestinian woman named Joleh and soon is wrapped up in a violent mission to find out who murdered his father and why.

Since they come from such different backgrounds, each side is not thrilled when they start talking. At first it was a stiff awkward yet friendly thing that just so happens to get serious and they fall in love which is totally against the rules of the dangerous game that is being played here. Would you cross that deadly line for love? Or would you be smart and walk away?

So now they are not just fighting for their lives they are fighting for a forbidden love that could end up scarring them forever! I went into this thinking it was going to be the most boring hour of my life and actually ended up very surprised by how much I liked it. I am not really into movies with wars or guns but the meaning here is way deeper than that!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Puppet Master

There aren't many people out there who don't thoroughly enjoy a Charles Band flick and if there are, we don't really care about them anyway do we? In the film Puppet Master, Neil Gallagher finds out the secret of how Toulon's puppets come to life and then he winded up killing himself. A few psychics come to the house and try to figure out why and what exactly is going on.

Strange vibes are invading the psychics senses and soon they will meet Andre Toulon's evil little creations face to face- or should I say face to floor? Will anyone survive the terror of these puppets on a rampage? Will the mysteries of Toulon's pupets be solved and brought into the eyes of the public? Or will these little buggars prevail?

Each and every little puppet has it's own distinctive personality that can make you fall in instant love with their stalking and butchering. I don't know if I could pick a favorite one because I find each one has something strikingly appealing to it. Leech lady was awesome with her gagging up leeches grossness but
Blade was just too cool not to mention.

This is like the 5th time I have watched Puppet Master and I just don't ever seem to tire of it. Charles Band has a knack for directing an appealing movie for most people out there...well unless your a total prude with no sense of humor. If by chance you have never seen this- it's a must! You'll never forget those pillaging puppets- I can guarantee you that.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Killjoy 3

I'll be up front and honest with you- I actually did not see the previous two Kill Joy flicks but the third installment in the series was very entertaining. Kill Joy 3 can hold the interest of the seasoned horror
fan because of it comical comments and behaviors of the four very evil clowns. If you have a phobia of clowns, don't even look at the DVD cover cause Kill Joy is creepy!

Apparently in the first films the Professor summoned the demonic clown and he brought along a few other face painted friends for the bloody fun and games. Well the Professor weasels out of the deal by leaving them and they are sent back inside of the magic mirror where they must bait him with something to force him into their carnival of carnage- so they use four kids that are house sitting at his place.

Punchy the hobo takes some huge jabs at big Zilla the football player when he gets sucked into the mirror that makes him think getting tackled is a lot easier to handle than those hard hitting fists. Batty Boop was my favorite, she was a demonic clown succubus who is Kill Joys main squeeze. Now the mirror has finally brought them all together to battle it out until the gruesome end.

I loved all of the fun that was had in this one folks, I now have to see the first two so I can see what other kind of hi-jinks this bad clown has pulled on other people. If your a Charles Band fan you'll be pretty pleased with the product. If your not, try it on for size anyway you never know- you could become the next Killjoy fan like myself.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The son of a tried and convicted murderer named Sammy inherits a sacred blue movie that may finally clear his dad's name by solving a 50 year old double murder. Chet finds himself in the secret world of sexual obsession and perversion. But the closer he gets to the answer of this mystery, the past threatens to crash into the present and let the terrifying truths that lead him to the brink of madness be known.

Sammy was a famous photographer back in the 50's who also made the risque movies which were titled blue films. The clips they showed were neat but they could of made them look older. People into the bondage fetish or have an appeal for very visual and artistic concepts will enjoy this one.The storyline was not very defined and I was confused at some of it.

American Fetish wasn't really holding my attention as much as I thought it would, I enjoyed the sexy fetish women acts and dancing but it just seemed to be the same thing over and over. I did like that most of the girls had a fan of cards covering their most private part- maybe the symbolism was if you got into her stockings you were to be dealt a winning hand!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Steve Balderson's Stuck has a sweet blond girl named Daisy whose mother is seriously depressed and not loving life too much anymore. She returns home one day after working her job as a shop girl and finds her mom crying while holding on tight to a pistol with the intent on leaving this miserable place we call the world. If only Daisy would of gotten home a few minutes later...
You see if she did, maybe her mother would of already been dead and she wouldn't be accused of killing her. Now sweet Daisy ends up in prison thanks to her neighbor (Karen Black) who swore she saw her shoot her own mother when looking thru the window! Daisy sits in a cell waiting for her execution, knowing she will probably die for a crime she honestly didn't commit.
The mixture of the women on her cell block scare and intimidate her at first but then she realizes that they are all she has now. Slowly but surely she comes around and starts to grow as attached to them as they are of her. The female guard is a slimy bitch that you'd just punch in the face if you ever got the chance- she's that much of a sleeze.
As time ticks away Daisy waits in her cell as the neighbor becomes obsessed with the whole thing because she starts to realize maybe she was wrong. Maybe her eyes did deceive her and poor Daisy is really innocent. Will she step forward and voice her concerns? Or will she let it all fade from her memory and pretend like it never happened?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fable: Teeth of Beasts

The film Fable:Teeth of Beasts can be perfectly described as being a twisted fairytale of sorts made on a low budget. Horror actresses Melantha Blackthorne, Seregon O'Dassey, and Fiona Horne all play parts in the tale of how purposely tainted Ouija boards are opening a gateway and bringing normal people into the magical secret town of Fable.

The Crone was hands down the best character in the film, so I don't understand why they only had her creepy ass in there for about five minutes if that. The Crone was who was creating the gateways in the boards to lure in the outsiders. I was really disappointed when she was offed so quickly, if there was a little bit more of her spread through out it- it would be the rotten cherry on top.
Melantha Blackthorne plays the bad ass Lilith Noir who is a freelance enforcer for the shadow government that keeps an eye over the magical realm of Fable and exterminates all the bad guys with her weapons and fighting skills. Now if you are hoping for a film to blow you off your feet, this won't be it- But it was an interesting view.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brain Dead

Kevin Tenney's Brain Dead is the total horror package- babes, boobs, blood and tons of of deliciously splattered gore! Here we have a group of six strangers out in the wilderness, all up there for various different reasons who get stuck together in an old fishing lodge since there seems to be some alien mutant amoeba controlled zombies who wanna tear them apart.

So bad ass Claudia and her flirty friend Sherry are hiking and come across the little shack when they become lost and decide to spend the night there. Unbeknownst to them is the fact that there is already two escaped convicts inside hiding out so basically they get a very unpleasant surprise. Convict Bob doesn't seem to have a moral bone in his body and wants to kill everything and everyone.

Then there is the pervert Reverend Elsden Farnsworth with his little airhead religious sidekick Amy who is built like a brick shit house with nothing between her ears. She'll do anything in the name of God. Imagine a very diverse group of people stuck together in a tight space and you can envision all the problems that are bound to ensue- plenty!

Now these amoeba brain sucking things are crazy and will burrow in any hole they can get their slippery little nasty selves into. Poor Amy finds that out first hand and believe me any female out there would not want to be in her situation if you can catch my drift. I had a blast viewing this with all of it's grossness, humor and always remember the mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Ticked- Off Trannies with Knives

If you don't like chicks with dicks, then this flick isn't for you- but if your not a total homophobe you'll get a kick out of this trannie filled horror show. We have a bunch of trannie strippers who are always under the watchful eye of their club mama Pinky La Trimm who reminded me of a darker Divine.Tipper Sommore, Rachel Slurr, Emma Grashun are all getting ready to go on stage but Bubble seems to be in a very somber mood for some reason.

Mama sits down and see's that Bubbles has a shiner and starts to cover it with heavy make up. After they are all done grinding on the pole they go have a couple of drinks when Emma and Rachel meet a couple of guys who are ready to party. They keep telling the girls that his friend really likes Bubbles type, so can they bring her along. Bubble's is the designated driver, so she gets stuck going the whole time swearing after a drink she's out. You see this sad trannie has a lot on her mind.

It turns out the whole deal was a set up and a dirty hick guy named Boner is there who is just itching to teach Bubbles a lesson and finish what he started. After all the confusion subsides the trannies realize these guys mean business and if they get their way, blood silicone will be splattered all over the warehouse walls! Boner starts bashing heads in with a wooden bat while telling Bubbles it ain't right that a man should look that good and lead people on thinking he's a real women.

Boner doesn't want any nasty rumors spreading thru town like wildfire so he's gonna put a stop that- fast! Ticked Off Trannies With Knives is a fly on the wall inside look into the world of Transvestites. The conversations they have will have you dying unless your a total shriveled up old prude! Now will Boner get the best of these bitches or will they manage to turn the balls around? Once you meet big mama Pinky you'll see that she don't play that shit!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Have you ever really wondered what people really think of you? I mean think about this, anyone who comes in contact with us has some sort of opinion about us. Oh sure to our face their as nice as pie and almost always offer us a smile and a nice compliment or thought before advancing on their way or
continuing whatever it was they were doing.

In Zach Green's short film Worm, a high school teacher named Geoffrey Dodd seems like your average everyday man but inside his mind is where his true nasty thoughts dwell and come alive to
show what sort of evil and hate actually consumes him. The film is cool because we the viewers are the only ones that  get a taste of what he is really like when not holding up his fake facade.

I watch all the time as people give strained greetings and smilles to each other and always think to myself I wonder what they really would like to say or perhaps not say. The truth hurts sometimes
and trust me if you heard Mr. Dodd's thoughts and opinions of those around him, you wouldn't like his man so much- well probably not at all!  

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cat City

Cat City is filled with back stabbers, cheating spouses, dirty politicians (what's new) and tons of cash that all of them are fighting for. Victoria has a sneaking suspicion that her husband Nick is having
an affair so she hires a private investigator to give her proof of him indulging in some of his sexual extracurricular activities.

Harold the PI calls and tells her he got the goods and she breaks down crying as she drives
home. When she gets there Nick tells her that they are having company for dinner and that the guest named Jonas will be staying there for a week or so. The next day Nick leaves for a business meeting in Vegas where he is confronted angrily by the shady politician.

It's a story that has been told many times before, so it's not like there was anything new or spectacular to blow you away but it wasn't something where you wanted to fast forward the DVD or just take it
out and throw it across the room. But it's also not something you would call your buds up with and say how they gotta see it. 

Will Victoria divorce her philandering husband or will she just forgive him and pretend it never
happened? Will Nick survive the wraith of all the business partners he had get involved in his new casino project that went up in smoke and they all lost their investment money- which they'll never get back? Poor Nick, he should should of been a lot smarter about his costly actions.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

By the Will of Genghis Khan

Release date- 9-28-10
Director- Andrei Borrissov
120 minutes

Andrei Borrisov’s By the Will of Genghis Khan will be released on September 28th. As you all know, Genghis Khan was the ruthless founder of the largest contiguous empire in history, the Mongol Empire. The film is actually a great lesson for all concerning his very rough life and spirituality beyond what most people could fathom.

As a boy, he was told and taught the way of the Khan and all knew he would become a leader one day. Some viewers might not enjoy the film because of the subtitles, I always hear people complain “If I wanted to read I would of grabbed a damn book!” Sometimes it was some what hard to read over certain scenery but other then that things are quite interesting.

I learned a lot of things that I didn’t really know about Genghis Khan. That time was filled with tons of bloody battles, wars and fights for power. A particular death scene actually made my skin crawl but all I’ll say is it involves some serious head rolling! At times it’s almost hard to watch the onslaught of violence these people had to endure along with much heartache.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Shadows

Release date: January 2011

Director Sabrina Mansfield

84 mins.

Five close friends end up shipwrecked when a boat almost collides into them so they make their way to an old lighthouse on the island. Once inside, they place their hurt friend Nadia on a recliner and try to figure out what the hell they are going to do. Apparently the boat that almost hit them was trying to do so on purpose and they were some sort of pirates.

Now all of them are uptight and high strung with secrets slowly spilling out within their tight circle of friends. Sometime's you just can't trust anyone. Now confined inside the small house with the doors locked, they all pray these men don't come looking for them since they know they want to do them harm if not kill them for what they think they saw them doing.

Tempers flare as they try to radio for help and it seems as though supernatural and ghostly occurrences
happen every time they try. Are these evil spirits trying to trap them forever? Maybe add them to their little house of demons? A peasant looking girl named Elena bursts in claiming they were coming for them
and there was no escaping it.

Jack is pissed and tells everyone that Elena is a total nut and they shouldn't even bother taking anything she has to say into consideration. Well a nasty phantom pirate shows up and shows them they have plenty to worry about and if they are smart they'll think fast. Can any of these kids make it thru this ordeal without ending up in some shallow grave?

Monday, September 13, 2010


Ever hear of Elizabeth Bathory- if you haven't I am honestly surprised because not many people out there have not heard some sort of tale about her. The most popular being the countess bathing in her victim's blood in order to retain beauty or youth. This one fact is believed to actually be fiction but she murdered, maimed, and tortured over 650 people.
Metamorphosis has three American teens traveling to the Bathory estate out in the Carpathian Mountains so the one named Alex can get more insight for the book he is writing about her and he is just dying to see inside the infamous castle. Along the way they meet a mysterious woman named Elizabeth who has much knowledge on the subject.

When they arrive the priest tells him there was a wolve attack and now Alex is disappointed and they decide to just take the risk and go. At the castle they settle down from their own nasty encounter with some sharp fanged wolves and the next thing you know they are getting their first intimate meeting with vampires, and by intimate I don't mean nice!

In the end, will Alex regret his decisions to come here? Or will he get to write that award winning novel he dreams about? Can he accept the fact that there are real live vampires out there and Elizabeth is one of them? I really enjoyed this flick, I loved the scenery and the beautiful stone castles. I also liked that some of the vampire myths like them being in sunlight was not used.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


In Tammi Sutton's Sutures, a bunch friends who happen to be med students head out to the vast open
countyside to relax, party, you know just enjoy each others company. They stay in this amazing little castle that has you envious of their little vacation until you see what happens in the long run- then your just shaking your head saying "I knew the countryside equaled bad freakin news!

Sienna is a cute little blond who seems to be the only one with her head on straight among her kooky prankster friends. Well on their way there a mysterious dark haired man dressed all in black named Alexander Tatum follows them. Alex is one twisted individual since as a child he witnessed his father butcher and take the organs out of his own mother.

The film then turns into a Hostel type situation where each friend is captured and tortured before being cut up for their ripe ever ready organs that these people will sell for top dollar. Will any of these students survive to tell the tale? Or will they all become just empty organless bodies that will just be disposed of like rotting trash?

Jason London plays Detective Zane who is on the case and at the hospital questioning Sienna since certain things are not quite adding up to the evidence from the scene. Is she lying to him? Maybe she is just suffering from post traumatic stress and is confused. How would you feel if all of your friends went thru hell and you saw every single detail?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rag Tag

Two little boys named Raymond and Tagbo met when they were just eight years old and even though their backgrounds are totally different they bond immediately - Raymond is from a single parent and Tagbo is from middle class Nigerian parents who seem to be seriously strict and manners are a must in their household-  they are raising their son properly.

So they are torn apart as children and then meet up again ten years down the line.Tag just finished up law school and is realizing how hard it is to find a position in someone's firm. Tag's white girlfriend who has a truck driver mouth like myself is disliked by Tag's parents so much they don't even want he in their home let alone near their son.

Rag and Tag are invited out to Nigeria for Olisa's Chieftaincy ceremony and they partake in the ceremony. Rag decides he must try to save Tag from Olisa's shady character and is determined to do so. After the party Tag helps Rag nurse his wounds and the next thing you know they are kissing. Tag pulls away and seems confused.

Can these two figure out their feelings for each other and decide to be friends or lovers? Could they be both? It's just not that easy since there are so many innocent people involved including significant others and Rag's daughter. The film was a tad slow for my taste but the story wasn't so bad. It's sad that people have to hide their feelings for each other because of prejudice.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


BrainJacked starts out with a bloody bang since the head ripping scene has you sickly craving what else is in store for you! Tristan has a life of shit and suffers from crippling migraines. His mom is a skanked out mess who is passed around like a piece of meat to all of his new stepfathers friends. Imagine walking out into a room of guys using and abusing your mama, what would you do?

You'd pop someone in the face and get kicked out ending up on a park bench that's what. There he meets Lanie and she takes him to a place where they all are talking about being given the gift. They are like a cult but this Doctor drills into their brain and adds a device that allows him to control their every move when the feeling hits him without them even knowing it.

During a fight Tristan has this thing come out of his head and starts to realize what is really going on and
grabs Lanie telling her they need to head somewhere safe and figure things out. After he proves to her that what he is saying is really happening they steal the good old doctor's briefcase and hightail it the hell out of there.

Tristan removes Lanie's device and they try to get help but it seems that everyone they turn too has already been drilled and under the evil Doctor's control. Can these two manage to somehow survive thru this harrowing ordeal? Or will the effects from this doc's cruel experiments cause an outcome that will scar poor Tristan's mind forever?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Say Goodnight

Men, do you really wanna see how corny and horny they are all the time? Then you need to watch David Von Allmen's Say Goodnight cause it's a fine example of how immature they really are...but it's funny as hell and nice to have the fly on the wall insight of how their mind works and what makes them tick. I am sure not all guys are this way (yeah right!) but I bet it's like two guys out of 1000 that aren't total pigs.

Three guys are sitting at a booth in a bar with there other friend chit chatting about their lives and of course the women they have loved and then managed to lose with their own destined stupidity. They say you live and learn but something tells me these fools just might not ever learn the valuable lesson of grow the hell up already.

My favorite character in the film was Victor he was not only cute and hysterical but he kept digging his hole deeper and deeper with his adolesent like schemes to make his new girlfriend at the time Crystal jealous so that she would want him even more- let me tell you something right now, women don't like that trick and it will get you pushed away way before it draws you closer.

I laughed and at times I thought "what in the hell were these guys thinking?" Mason seems to have some sort of OCD thing going on- or hey maybe he's secretly gay but he is always making excuses when it come down to entering. Leroy is in a horrible relationship but he seems to be the only one who doesn't see it...well until he meets Victoria.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Change of Life

Reverend Gary Cattell is a total homophobe that preaches of how being gay will earn you a permenant place in the fiery bowels of hell. He is so bad that his website is called I mean how in the world does he even get away with such a foul name? It's amazing how closed minded people still really are and we are all entitled to our opinions, we just shouldn't expect everyone to agree.

His beautiful daughter Sarah is gay and terrified of him knowing or finding out since he is so against it and would probably disown her or do something far worse. The Reverend has a radio show where people call in and usually have something awful to say and he agrees whole heartedly. Sarah has been going thru some rough times since her good friend Adam was murdered recently in a gay hate crime.

Sarah one night just seems to snap and lose it and calls into her jaded father's radio show that loves to fag bash and look down on gays and gives him a piece of her mind literally! She commits suicide on the air and her dad is just devastated. I am sure he is left with a ton of "what if" questions and wishes maybe he could of did things a lot differently.

He wakes up one day and time has rewound before her death, will he be able to right his wrongs? What would you do if your child was gay? Would you abandon them? Would you try and force them to be straight or just ignore it and pretend it's not really happening? It's a shame that people really are filled with that much hate for the gays- will it ever change?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Tyler Draven used to be the man! He had it all, he was a star football player that was loved by all with tons of cash and plenty of women. Drugs and anger took it's toll on him so when a reporter tails him to a gas station/ convenience store and antagonizes him while rolling his camera, Draven loses it and beats that man's ass so bad he ends up in jail.

While in jail he shaves his head bald and goes thru a hellish withdrawl that has him acting like a freak. All of his anger and energy somehow along with a jail fire give him this new ability of mentally creating fire. Soon he perfects his new craft and uses it for nothing but destruction. He has the goal of heading back to where the incident took place and acting out revenge on all that have wronged him.

Eva Williams who is the town of Cedar Hills expert on fire since it's her job to be, ends up with Lee Cooper the out of town arrogant son of a gun who was sent to bring Draven back to jail- dead or alive!
They decide to figure out how to trap him and concoct a plan that they think might actually do the job
and they'll finally get their man!

What if this trap doesn't work? I'll tell you what will happen if it doesn't, Mr. Tyler Draven will take his high voltage ass over to the towns nuclear plant and everyone will be fried like burnt toast. Do you think a movie like this could possiby have a happy ending? Or will the director go for mass destruction as the films grand finale?

Monday, June 21, 2010


You always hear of all the horrors that happen within those terrifying underground sex slave rings on the news or as a story on Lifetime network but Abduction isn't sugar coated for the TV screen it's a raw look at what really goes on. I mean these people don't play around, they even sell the organs from some of the victims they lure there.

These guys search for the perfect specimens for their booming business so that the buyers are all happy customers and will more than likely come back for more. These girls have perfect bodies, and need to be
flawless for their buyers. You might think to yourself as your watching- "How could this all be going down with no consequences." Dirty cops of course!

The head honcho there has a disabled and disturbed son Charlie's (David Sitbon) whose job is to clean up the mess they make so he's like a twisted janitor of sorts but he has one problem that he just can't seem to kick- stealing body parts! Well a guy named Donnie and his friend Sam meet Holly (Jaimee Zapp) and her friend in the bar and they bring the guys back to the house where the get a taste of the sex slaves.

Donnie realizes one of the sex slaves is his friend Bella and decides there has to be some way to get her out of this foul place. He plots out how is going to do it and then confides in Sam who now works there... but can he trust him? Can Donnie manage to save Bella before it's to late? Or will he end up being just another organ donor?


It all starts with a blond girl Izzy standing on the ledge of a bridge arguing with herself on whether to commit suicide or not.The night before she was stabbed and raped by a perverted scumbag in an alley but the seductive beauty Aurelie swoops down and ends Isabel's attacker's life with the swift gouging of her shoes heel to his throat.

Catherine Taylor's flick Temptation is a sultry and seductive vampire tale that will heat up your TV screen
and have you in awe of the Queen vampires beauty even though she is a blood beast! The Moulin Rouge like club of Vampires called Temptation were my favorite parts. I would of loved to have taken a trip to that place with the ragtime music playing while sexy chicks dance- everynight was different

Well now the police defectives are knocking on Izzy's door wanting answers to the questions they have for her about her rapists murder. Now she is on the run with her belly cramping for a fix of that hot metallic tasting blood- if she would accept what she was and give into her hunger she'd be a lot better off. The thought of being a vampire sickens her and she is fighting it.

Will she give in and sick her new fangs into a throbbing vein and begin the life of a creature from the night? Or will she fight it and end up leaping to her death off that tall intimidating London bridge? What would your choice be? Would you like to be a part of her posse of fangs? Could you handle becoming what has always just been a myth to you?

Monday, June 14, 2010


Longshanks the very skilled vampire slayer has followed Giovanni with the intention of slaying him and being done with it already. So after he spots the pale faced vampire - (he looked kind of cool except they
missed putting the white make up all over his neck) they duke it out to the death- both of their deaths and the story begins.

It's the present day where Goth is in- dudes with eyeliner and chicks with freaky alternative hairpieces that I thought were pretty damn cool. I really thought this was going to be a bad one but it's perfectly cheesy and has plenty of big ass boobs in it. What's better to do on a boring Friday night than settle in with a vampre flick to ease the stress of you work week?

Liz is a cute mousy little thing that works at the chicken shack and when she gets off she always meets up with her goth friends and dresses up like them because she's also a closeted freak. They all get together to hold a ritual and see what they can dredge up- it never seemed to work before but guess what, this time will finally be different.

So now Giovanni has been summoned and he takes Melissa as his little plaything since her and Mona became vampires after the ritual. Can these kids manage to defeat the Vampire king by themselves?Or will their friends be gone forever. Maybe some how, some way Longshanks will show up to save the day- it's a movie people you never know!

As seriously trained Military hitman named Jacob Tate has been forced to go on a job by his boss Maliki to
kill off a pretty English teacher Diane. He drives out to her small Southern town and parks in front of her house and gets ready to go in and get the job done. Just when he's about to open the front door to creep in Diane swings the door open.

Poor Diane thinks he is her long lost brother and whips him inside with excitement. Well Mama Pines knows that he ain't the real deal and tells him so. Jacob is thrown into their colorful family and starts doubting if he should go thru with orders. If he does his job he has a chance to go free, and if he doesn't he will be killed.

What willl Tate do? Can he just go in the room one night and blow her brains out or will he try to save her instead. Tate can not understand why someone would want Diane dead. Her husband Preston is a cheating dog who doesn't give a damn about her. Could he be in on it? I mean Christ just get a damn divorce already...

I liked the film but it just seemed a tad slow at times but was very comedic at others. Eric Roberts played his part well as usual and he was almost like a ghost the way he would disappear so fast. So do you think there will be a happy ending to this story here people? Or will Diane's death blood end up splattering her nice homes white walls?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Easter Bunny Kill! Kill!

Chad Ferrin's Easter Bunny Kill Kill has the most awesome drill kill I ever saw- it hit the spot in the ew department. Easter bunnies will never look the same to you ever again, well at least plastic faced ones anyway! I read a few reviews recently on the film and can't believe it had anything negative written about it- C'mon it was twisted, sick and the characters were unforgettable.

Mindy is a single mother who works as a nurse so she can take care of her mentally handicapped son Nicholas who is a overwhelming handful. Years ago Nicholas' father died on Easter so now it's been his favorite holiday. It was the very last time he saw him so I guess he just holds onto it dearly. On Easter
eve Mindy's new boyfriend Remington comes by to meet Nicholas.

Well Rem is a nasty, disgustingly dirty man that is totally repelled when he see's how regressed Nicholas'
behavior really is. Mindy really likes him and tells her son to suck it up and give the man a chance she is unaware of what a sleazy asshole he really is and how he teases and makes fun of Nichols. Remington tells her they should move in together (so he can pick on him) and she agrees.

Well on Easter Mindy has to work and the things that Rem arranges to take place that night are totally hideous and unbelievable. Well a psychotic Easter Bunny turns up and shows all of Nicholas' tormentors a thing or two about pain. I thought the flick was fab and if you want to see some bloody all out goodness that most flicks now a days lack- this one is it!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island

Mark Jones' new gay horror/ comedy Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island has a bunch of frat brothers from ZAP who can't wait to get their new pledges out to Hell Island so they can terrorize them at their annual Hell Night. But it seems like everytime they have it someone always seems to get hurt and trust me this year will be no different, it'll be even worse!

The obviously mentally ill Dean calls in two of the brothers and proceeds to tell them there is not to be absolutely under any circumstances a Hell Night this year and they basically laugh at him and are going to do it anyway. Josh Jones is one of the pledges and a closet homosexual and his kooky roommate who is obsessed with clowns wants to pledge really bad but he can't and he gets really pissed.

So the boys wait for dark and head out for a night they have planned all year for and they can't wait to get started with freaking out the pledges. Thing is, there is a demented circus looking clown on the island offing whoever he can get his happy little hands on. Who could it be in that clown costume, maybe the Dean because he has finally snapped? Or maybe it's Josh's spited roommate? Or Johnny Brooklyn?

The lowdown here is that you'll see very affectionate gay guys, not enough blood and a desperate naked girl in the shower who was about to get lucky but the cranky clown killed her lucky contender. It's the type of B movie that you would see on something like USA's Up All Nite TV show they used to have on late at night on the weekends.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


In the independent film Spirit, it shows the prefect example of how negativity can really destroy peoples lives. Sometimes peoples families go thru very hard times and they lose their faith and leave the religious path that they were comfortable on. Well right now, a young girls family is having this particular problem and watching gives you the impression that they are beyond hope- but it's never to late...right?

Is her father really just a mean deceitful selfish man who thinks with what's between his legs? Or has the house's evil negativity taken over them all? Her sister Raven is an unmotivated pothead who treats the poor girl like crap and loves to make fun of her every damn opportunity she gets? Her mother is now out all night partying all the time and having one night stands, her behavior has turned vulgar.

Well she studies all different types of religions and one night while she is sitting on her bedroom floor meditating a dark evil spirit shows up and licks her face causing her to get hysterical and flip out- who the heck wouldn't? Then Raven comes home looking like she got hit by the what the f*ck truck and they put her possessed ass on the couch, and things go even more demonically downhill from there!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A View from Tower 13 is the new flick from the indie director Robbie Newman which will be shooting throughout the summer in Western Montana with a Premiere date of October 2010. The Synopsis here is: An ex-firefighter moves to Montana from Maine for a fresh start after the horrific death of his loving wife and beautiful newborn infant son. He takes on a job as a lone Fire Watchman up in a rickety old tower deep out in the secluded mountains. In the beginning, the job seems to be a breeze, but slowly the odd noises warn him that something is just not right. He then meets a mysterious young woman named Emily who seems to be the only human being for miles around...

I'll post more info as it rolls in :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Release date: May , 2010
Available on Blu-ray combo pack, DVD, On Demand and for Download 5/18

Love. Some people never experience it while others constantly fall in and out of it, could you be with one person for the rest of your life? Honestly? Well Valentine's Day is a big deal for most woman who wait for their flowers and candy and gush on and on about their perfect man while he goes home to the wife
and kids they don't know about.

But there are other hopeless romantics out there who really truly believe in love and want that certain someone to share their life with. Well for Kara, Valentine's Day sucks and every year she throws a "I hate Valentine's Day party" where her and her single friends drink, dance and beat the hell out of a pink heart pinata. Does she hate Valentine's Day because she is always single?

The film show various couples and the ordeals they each face on this glorious day of celebrating love.
All of the characters in the film all have intertwining storylines and just when you think you know whats going to happen in these peoples relationships little surprises pop up and you go "wow, how didn't I see that"- I mean this with particularly with the suave Holden.

I am not into sappy love stories and I can thankfully say this isn't one, it's the perfect date movie and will have you laughing out loud. The characters are all very lovable and grow on you like a wisteria vine thru the fence. I can recommend this film to people of all ages because there are little relationship lessons in there that just might help you out in the future.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Someone's Knocking on the Door

If I go by my rating system, Someone's Knocking on the Door gets a full five slashes- this movie was crazy, sick, disturbing, and perverted. I must be a freak myself but I haven't had a movie keep me looking at the screen and not budging from my seat for anything in years. Ezra Buzzington is a psychotic maniac and plays the part well!

This is a film that has you wanting to make everyone you know watch it and see what their reaction will be. The very opening scene paves the way for the fucked up yelllow brick road you'll be traveling down. A group of close friends like to experiment with drugs and each other but the only problem is there's a nasty side effect to that drug and their names are John and Wilma.

These two will kill off your high just like they will kill you in some pretty wicked ways that you will never forget. Out of all of them, Meg is the only straight laced one in the bunch and doesn't put those crazy
chemicals in her body.So one day when they are hanging out in medical records basement going thru serial killers Jon and Wilma's files, everyone except Meg pops the drug and listens to a taped session.

I honestly think that Chad Ferrin's Someone's Knocking on the Door in my opinion was a freakin Horror
Masterpiece- it's got it all and more! I loved the scene where Meg is running down the wet hallway and keeps falling, it's not one of those stupid "Oh, I just keep falling down in the woods for no reason so I can get slaughtered" moves. This is a film you don't wanna miss....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Shadow Within

Director Silvana Zancolo's The Shadow Within was a genuine treat to watch. I loved the era that the movie was set in which was around the 17-18 hundreds. The clothes, scenery and characters behavior was perfect- couldn't of been done better. Here we have Maurice who is a little adorable blond boy who has either an incredible gift or horrific burden- depends on who you talk to.

You see, little Maurice can connect with loved ones who have already passed over onto the otherside. His teacher seems to take a liking to him and takes some time to speak with him when he can. Maurice's mother holds a very tight reign on her special son and doesn't let him do much of anything. She doesn't show him an ounce of affection and it's heart breaking.

The reason his mother seems to despise him so much is because of her devastation at the fact that Maurice's twin brother Jacque died at birth. Maybe her grief was once out of post partum depression and then just stemmed into disgust that he survived and his brother did not. How does she even know Jacque would of been this perfect child? She's delusional.

The Shadow Within is a great supernatural thriller that unfolds nice and smooth with a great visual perception of a time where disease ravaged thru a town like a tornado and not having the resources yet to really control the deadly situation. You'll see a seance that rings nostalgic of time we never personally experienced but might of liked to...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lucas McPherson's Poetry, Songs and Stygian Stories

Poetry, Songs and Stygian Stories- Author Lucas McPherson & Cyan Jenkins as illustrator

Copyright iUniverse 2010

ISBN: 978-1-4401-9530-3 (sc)

ISBN: 978-1-4401-9531-0 (ebook)

Lucas McPherson' Poetry, Songs and Stygian Stories might be short and to the point but they are very
original mixing Vampires and Vegans to a very comical view on the latest high tech devices they have come up with to blow your mind with in the porn world in The Final Frontier (an Explicit sketch). My personal
favorite out of the short stories was titled Cellulitopia (micro fiction) in which she makes you realize how vain we all have become with our appearances by paying outrageous prices to rid ourselves of our imperfections- the imperfections that society has placed upon us by shoving the whole skinny is beautiful thing in our faces all these years. Also the poetry gives us a peek at what's floating around in that brain of hers. The hand drawn pictures in the book that compliment the story was provided by the artist Cyan Jenkins and you can find more of her work at the following website:

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I received German director Frank W. Montag's film titled Slasher as a screener and it wasn't that bad, it was sort of entertaining. It's a flick that will make you go "Man, I really do miss all of those old school slashers!" You might even start going thru your massive DVD collection with a vengeance so you can break them all out and watch all the blood flow once again!

Here a group of friends decide to take a break from school and head into the back woods of Germany and go camping. On the way out they run into a family of inbreds that live in a cottage. Now they were creepy! Around the campfire one guy tells a scary story while hoping to freak everyone out and with some help it works. Too bad in a few moments that safe scare is going to turn into terrifying reality.

To be completely honest the film wasn't as good as I hoped it would be, but it's watchable. There wasn't
a lot shown which could be disappointing to all the hardcore slasher fans but if your a novice just starting out on horror, this is up your alley for sure. It'll break you in and get you ready for the next step up which would be more in depth killing and more scares.

I will be honest and say I was hoping for more than I got out of watching this. I mean it isn't as bad as someone running their jagged fingernails slowly across a chalk board it was more like a nagging feeling
of what could of been. I think it could of been a lot more visual with the killing since that is what scares most people.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Now a lot of people, some reviewers included don't give indie films much credit sometime's and if they turn it on and it doesn't have that standard Hollywood look and feel they don't really give it a heart felt chance. Sympathy will up the anti with the viewer and amaze them at how this movie mainly takes place in only one setting- a grimy hotel room and still remain intense.

A skinny guy in a vest named Trip has a hostage, this frizzy haired girl in handcuffs that he has obviously kidnapped for whatever reason and she looks like she was taken thru the wringer on the way there. Her name is Sara and she has no clue of the reason she was taken or if there was even a reason in the first place. All she knows is she is now handcuffed to a bed in the motel room

Soon Trip realizes he has his hands full with Sara since she is a feisty little chick who has you wondering what's going on in that mind of hers. Trip leaves to go get something to eat and when he gets back to the room and steps inside he is greeted by an escaped convict named Dennis who decides he's gonna be running the show and he is one sick puppy.

Now watching the film you know that something is off with Sara, she seems to be hiding something. One minute she is scared and begging for her life and then the next minute you can see she has a really mean streak running thru her veins. There is a three way race for power in this film with each trying to out smart the next...but will anyone win?


How far are you willing to go for fame? Would you lie, cheat, steal, connive, manipulate and wreck the lives around you without a care in the world? Well that exactly what Shawn Boyd does when he pretends to be the relative of a big Hollywood producer's Derrick's good friend from college Mitch. He stays as a guest at the home that Derrick shares with his mate an co-producer Collin.

Collin is far from thrilled at having a young guy in the house since he is trying to get over that Derrick was unfaithful and had an affair before and he is worried that temptation might just kill their relationship. So these two men have no idea that Sean is really an ex-con who once worked for the show but was fired because he was overweight and not attractive enough.

Shawn wants a part in their new soon to be hit series so at first he tries to kill them with kindness but when he gets no results, he starts to work his way throught their tight knit group of gay guys and seduces anyone that will fall for it and guess what some of them actually do. Shawn calls home to his girlfriend and has her asking him if he is now gay- he swears no but you see all that action he's getting.

Shawn's game is wearing thin and Colin is starting to catch onto his sneaky antics and decides he is not going to sit around and take it, he's going to get the little bastard back. So all the boys devise a plan and set it in motion. So if everything goes according to plan revenge will be granted- and oh yeah, Shawn will become a legend on film all right!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Creature of Darkness

Camping trips are always great, right? I hate camping! But not everyone does and plenty of people go all the time to try and escape some of life's pressures and relax. Other people like Andrew for instance go out in the woods to try and remember and face the creature from his nightmares that he is positive is the real thing and not just his imagination.

Of course you have the normal friend drama where a couple is fighting, then they typical boy likes girl but girl likes someone else there and that causes tension. They are all out one day riding their dirt bikes, quads and dune buggies when they come across this almost unrecognizable body just beyond a facilities no trespassing sign and decide to leave as some of the places jeeps show up.

Back at camp they all sit there freaked out and want to get the hell out of there. Well after prodded by Heather, Andrew tells them all they are there to really see if the monster from his memory really exists up here or is it all delusions and nightmares. Soon a creature wearing a black cloak and carrying a some spinal vertebrae to defend himself is creeping around their camp.

The thing kinda looks like an alien and has the weirdest eyes- it's the way they flicker. Andrew explains that the creature of darkness is what they call a catcher, an alien hunter that is sent to steal and capture human bodies for their museum. So will all these kids end up on display in some monsters museum? Or will they defeat it and send it where it belongs, dead and buried?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Citizen Duane

Have you ever knew someone that you absolutely despised- I mean they agitated you so bad that you laid awake in bed at night dreaming of what you could do to them to get your revenge and also one up them in your game of personal rivalry? I have never been that obsessed on hating anyone but of course I would have fantasies here an there about them having some sort of accident.

Well Duane Balfour is the total under dog since his arch enemy Chad Milton at school is very popular and his grandmother Kelly Milton is the Mayor of their town. Now Chad is your average bully who has his cronies to always back him up. Duane has tried everything from these elaborate plans to ridiculous inventions he creates hoping to somehow damage Chad and his personal possessions.

So one day he decides he is going to run for Mayor and boy is he determined to win. How can he convince these people to vote for a high school kid? If he manages to succeed will he be able to uphold office and get the job done? This grudge of his has been festering a long time and has a lot to do with Duane's deceased father.

So if you really believe in something are you willing to fight for it? Or will you turn away and let go of what you were standing up for? Is it ok to back down and walk away? Some people might call you a coward but others will see how wise you really are. Duane needs to analyze his feelings and make the decision that will be best for him.

Monday, March 8, 2010

V3 The Vampire Vignettes I-III: Re-Vamped by G.L. Giles

V3 The Vampire Vignettes I-III: Re-Vamped by G.L. Giles is an amazing read for the vampire lovers out there and will open many doors to the many different types of the undead there really are. It’s actually a pretty cool world that she has envisioned and created for us. Along with the quirky storylines there’s sex drugs, and blood- what more could you want?

The thing that really stands out to me with Gile’s vampire stories is the way she has all these different branches of vampires. For some reason the water vamps intrigue me the most. Maybe it’s because they are so graceful yet evil all of the time. The descriptions of all of the different types have you conjuring up in these exotic pictures in your head.

She also added graphic-novel-like adaptations for fun so you can see what exactly she was picturing in her head as she wrote the story, I think that was a pretty cool thing to do. I know not all people are vampire enthusiast but this is not your average vampire lure and she adds some Wiccan magic in there to spice it up as well.

Ok, now here’s the breakdown of how this book works- Book One is the primary storyline; Books Two and Three are the graphic-novel-like adaptations. G.L Giles proves that there are authors out there that might not be well known but their imaginations have the greatness to get there, an go even further then they have ever thought possible.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Justin Time

Long ago two ancient amulets were discovered and kept in two separate families for many generations. Justin now lives with his Uncle Heath since his parents were killed in a suspicious accident. Justin's grandfather doesn't think that Justin's parents murder was an accident, he believes it had something to do with the amulet and is more than leery when the artifact is passed on to Justin.

Then there is Michael Romano who's wife passed away and now it's just him and his daughter Angelic. One day he sits her down and explains all about the amulet and how somewhere out there, another person had the second one and when both were used together, they could see into the future and possibly delve into the past.

The Romano's end up living in Justin's town and they bump into each other at his grandfathers candy shop and there is an immediate attraction. Outside her father waits in the limo and knows that the amulet is close so he suspects it's Justin and later forces his daughter play with Justin hoping she can get her hands on what they have been looking for, she doesn't enjoy it because she really likes him.

This movie is a fun filled family acceptable watch with a cute and comical storyline that has you wondering what are all the things you'd do if you could stop time? Would you use that power for the good of mankind? Or would you cross over to the evil side and use your spare seconds pocketing people's cash who haven't a clue and will never know that time was just paused or where their money went.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


J.A. Steel's Denizen is about a small town that's being terrorized by this hairy like creature. People's bloody

body parts start showing up all over and now everyone is in a state of panic. The general is in his fatiges and informs the people at the town meeting that it's a rare strain of bird flu thats in the water now people are freaked and think everyone is going to die sickly horrible deaths.

Dex was told that he could call a woman named Seirra if he ever was in sticky situation but it must be a dire emergency. Now Sierra gives of the vibe of a total tough girl but I think somewhere deep down in her there is a slightly soft side. After getting the run aound he finally get's in touch with Sierra and he convinces her to get involved.

Sierra is now ready to rock and she's got the guns to prove it, and by guns what I mean is some muscle arms. Her and the monster go head to head in battle. The fight is on and they are going toe to toe and you aren't sure who is going to be the winner but a gunshot rings out and breaks it up. A plan is set into motion so they can catch the monster with the bloody pointy choppers.

Will they be able to hatch a plan good enough to work against the creature that is flying thru the town leaving innards dropping and blood puddling where ever it goes. The trap is set  and now all they need to do is wait for him to show up and Seirra has a freaky litle trick up her leather sleeves. Who will win this battle and will the town ever be saved?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brooke Lemke's two short films

A Broken Family

A nervous groom stands waiting at the altar for his bride to be to come sweeping down the isle with breath taking beauty that will steal his breath away. A stern looking man comes up and whispers to the bridesmaid who leaves the room to look for the bride and find out what is going on and why isn’t she out there next to her eager groom. Her sister and her fiancee find Michelle and the converation they have will change all of their lives forever.

Young Eyes

Society today just seems to press the idea that women should look a certain way into everybodys heads, and it’s unfair. Everywhere you look there are billboards with glamorous thin women pouting down at you or shows on TV stating how marvelous these ladies are when in reality most of them are thin from stress, drugs, eating disorders but some actually just have good luck. You grow up thinking that if you aren’t a pin sized blond with double D breasts that your not beautiful or worthy. In this short two young girls are feeling the toll of being fed how we women should look

Monday, February 15, 2010

Breaking Her Will

I just recently watched Dirtbags: Evil Never Felt So Good and it was goofy and crude just like I like them. Now I have moved to another film by Bill Zebub called Breaking Her Will. It is made to make the viewer see the serial killer in the film as a realistic sexual sadist of a serial killer, not just portrayed as your typical Alpha male.

It starts with a dark haired female who looks extremely nervous trying to hitch a ride. Finally a guy stops and picks her up. He veers off the road into this parking lot gets a knife from the trunk and forces her to put on handcuffs and get in the trunk. He takes her to a basement where he slowly and methodically torments her with ease.

He insults her and handcuffs her lying down to this long piece of wood. A blond in lingerie comes over and then some fun begins. Mind games seem to be a major part of the plan when it comes to breaking chicks down, well along with sodomy, rape, and perhaps murder? This guy will skeeve you with his disgusting self and his horrible antics.

Breaking Her Will is one of those movies that if you are a woman and put yourself in that position it will give you goosebumps and turn your stomach. I would truly never want to go thru that situation and it completely hones in making you realize all over again that evil is out there and this shit really happens everyday to unsuspecting victims who never even seen it coming!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why Am I in a Box?

In the film Why Am I in a Box Rachel Grubb plays Ellen Famsby who lives in an apartment with her boyfriend James and they are both writers. Ellen hasn’t written anything for a long time but James stays home all day trying to advance with his story but he seems to be having a serious case of writers block that won’t go away. His concentration is completely lost.

One day Ellen leaves work and the next thing you know she is in the hands of a wacky woman named Paige who has always wanted to write a great novel but has never been able to achieve her goal. She chains Ellen up in a completely painted white room with a typewriter and feeds her only ramen noodles when she is hungry.

Paige wants Ellen to write an unforgettable masterpiece that will put her name on the map and if she doesn’t- she’s dead.. So she’s holed up in the room not feeling too inspirational but forcing herself to write so this psychotic woman will let her go, well that’s what she promises her anyway. Paige reads the budding story and hates it telling her she better shape up and get it right.

Will Ellen be able to get it right or will she succumb to Paige’s punishment? Her boyfriend finally goes to the police and they put their heads together trying to figure out what could of happened to her. He doesn’t understand how she could leave him without a word, not knowing that she being held. Paige sends them a clue to decipher in order to find her- but will they get there in time?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Remarkable Power

Jack West is the host for a spectacular late night talk show for 15 years running but now producers are ready to pull the plug. To make matters worse his beautiful wife is having an affair with a young buck of a baseball player who is actually married with a family. Talk about getting the seriously short end of the stick. This man’s life is falling apart.

Then there’s Ross who is a cute stoner who constantly watches this infomercial that guarantees success in his life and really believes it will help him get his act together and he will live happily ever after. One day Ross is walking down the street and see’s Preston from the self help video and approaches him. They head upstairs to Preston’s apartment and an accident happens that leaves Ross reeling.

Then there’s the private eye Van Hagen that was hired by Jake West to get proof of his wife’s indiscretions. Van is played by Tom Arnold and sits in his van staking out his clients and talking to himself and seems to really enjoy his job. One night he meets Athena and discovers her morbid job of photographing dead people.

Now Jack knows for sure that his wife Cynthia is screwing famous ball thrower Doug Wade, he concocts his own huge media stunt that will leave viewers of his show speechless. Can he get away with his scheme or will it somehow be foiled? Remarkable Power is a movie that will pull your eyes to the screen in amusement while loving Jack’s sweet revenge.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Every girl dreams of going to her prom. From what she is going to where, how her make up will be and where will her hot date be taking her afterwards. Well how would you feel if your date and their friends brought you to an old abandoned house in the middle of an out of the way orchard to scare you with tales of an urban legend?

I would be pissed! Especially when I had to walk thru the dirt and mud in my nice heels- I mean all of that primping and finally putting on the dress you took such care in buying only to go sit in some dirty old house while your date tried to scare it off of you. Not cool! Do they really think that is the way to go? A girl doesn’t get in the mood by being spooked.

Ella deep down is sweating the possibility of getting caught since her over protective father dropped her off at the dance with high hopes for her and her evening. Jennifer Tilly plays their teacher Miss Perry who seems to like those young high school boys. By the end of the night there might not be any boys left for her to play with.

Soon the game shifts and the urban legend himself turns up with the straw hat and flannel shirt and creates some real scares killing whoever he can get hands on. Will any of these girls survive to go home and try to get the blood stains out of their dresses? Or will they all be left dead at the orchard and used as human compost?

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dirtbags: Evil Never Felt So Good

Dirtbags: Evil Never Felt so Good was getting put on the shelves at the DVD store when the District Manager at FYE/Coconuts noticed it and took it back into his office to take a quick peek at it so he could get the jist of what it was about. When he was finished he hopped on the buyer and told him that if they didn't pull it from the shelves he was contacting the corporate office stat!

Even though the cover says appearance by Peter Steele don't expect a lot he's only present for a little bit. The humor is crude, racist and homophobic- yet you can't help but laugh every now and then no matter how corny it is. You can get an inside look at how men are and what they find funny. It's definitely out of your normal range for film watching that's for sure!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Let me tell you what, Cash is one big bad mother who most men don't stand a chance against. Well Cash has gotten out of the slammer and he is dead set on revenge with Hector Gonzales. Hector murdered his wife over ten years ago and he has been waiting that long to get a piece of that son of a bitch and he won't rest till he does.

Cash sets out looking for old Hector and slaughters everything in his path that has anything to do with that Hector. He is like a hound dog on the trail, with the strong scent of the one man he hates with a passion. There will be no rest for this man until he gets what he wants. You watch and see the one man who seems to be the most dreaded vigalanti that these men have ever known.

Everyone around town is looking for Cash and the orders are to get his ass, but alive. Alive so they can torture him slow and hard until he caves like a little bitch, but even if he was caught I highly doubt he would do anything sissy like...ever! He shows up at the warehouse ready to interrogate all of Hectors henchmen until he gets the info he wants.

Even though this man is like a mass murderer and he should repulse you, you can't help but root on each and every kill he makes. He is avenging his wife'smurder so you can kind of put off the disgust of the bloody trail. Will cash get the man he wants? Or will he be captured and tortured instead? You'll never know if you don't watch-cause I'm not telling!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Speed Dating

Release date- January 19, 2010

James Van Der Bexton is headed for the big 30 and since he lost his true love about two years ago and is having no luck with the women he tries speed dating. At first he keeps lying to all of the women he meets telling them he works for some elite company. It just seems like he isn't really putting his all into finding someone to get serious with.

Then James sees a beautiful girl in a bar who he finds out her name is Victoria and decides to watch her and learn what he can about her so he climbs up on the roof of the building next to hers and spys on her. Victoria spots him and he falls off the building and runs away only to get hit by a car. He ends up in the hospital with amnesia.

His nurse Susan decides to help him remember the bits and pieces of his life so he can be at peace, it's driving him crazy. So they look for clues at the speed dating place he was going to a lot before his accident. As he goes about meeting different women, he looks over and sees Susan enjoying herself with one of the men and it really hits him how much he is into her.

Will James ever get his memory back so he can figure out his past and future? He is participating in a sting operation and his ex shows up tickling his feelings for her back into motion. Will he pick her over Susan? Or will James lose both of them and be stuck hanging out at the bar by himself and hitting up those speed dating services?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Watch Out

Release date- 2008

Watch Out should of been titled Watch Me since all Jonathan Barrows liked to do was look at and love himself. You know from the very first scene that this movie was going to be unique and outrageous. Jonathan was totally asexual meaning he loved himself and everyone else seemed to be beneath him. He had an onslaught of insults waiting for whoever he came into contact with.

You can tell that there is something severely wrong with this man. Maybe you could even classify him as delusional, yes, it's really that bad! But I don't think the poor guy had a chance in hell, I mean just look at those wacks that are considered his parents. By Jonathan's demeanor you would think that he was gay, he is very effeminate and the way he speaks just screams gay.

The part that cracked me up but was still totally messed up was when he was in this hotel room lying naked in the bed with a camera and a blow up doll. He could not get enough of himself and I don't wanna ruin it for you so I won't spill the sordid beans. Eventually his little mind cracks and he does things to ease his pain, like murdering people. Matt Riddlehoover is superb in this role, it doesn't get any better than him!

The film was twisted and somewhat different then most of the movies I watch so it was refreshing to get a change of scenery even though it was focused on some metal case. It made my own twisted family seem like the Brady Bunch when watching Jonathan interact with his. There are just some lessons a person should learn on their own.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hooking Up

Release Date- December 8, 2009

How can you not love a movie that's opening line is "Would you ever taste your own cum?" That's just classic. This movie was funny and had a bunch of quirky addicting characters. April was this teenager who loved to give head and does so to three guys one right after the other at a party. It makes you remember all those crazy experimental days back in the day.

These teens are sex crazy and I know your thinking, what kid isn't but damn they did way the hell more than I even had knowledge of at that age. Corey Feldman stars as Ryan the older guy who dates Caroline who unfortunately is in love with him. He is just using her for sex and amusement for his friends. He will be breaking her heart in no time.

Dickhead Ryan reminded me of my first serious boyfriend...yuck! No one wants to remember their first relationship where they were all naive thinking they were in love and they would be with that person
forever. This movie is like a twentieth century Fast Times at Ridgemont High with way more sex and double the shenanigans.

Can't anyone in this movie keep their pants on? If you are in your teens you might learn a thing or two about what it's like to go thru that sexual peak and survive! Hooking Up is a trip you definitely wanna take if you get the chance, it's something you won't forget for a long time and I guarantee you'll either try convince your friends to watch it or you'll being telling someone about something you saw in it!