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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Release Date: December 11, 2012
105 Minutes
Directed by: John Johnson
I was a little apprehensive coming into John Johnson's Darken, I'm not even going to bullshit you. I have watched and reviewed a few of his films and they just weren't that great. Like Shadow Hunters, Skeleton Key 3: The Organ Trail and Skeleton Key 2: 667 Neighbor of the beast- I had to fight not to press fast forward.
Poor Roy Logan, every time he comes home from work as a bouncer and lays his weary head on the pillow he awakens from the same damn nightmare every night. In the dream he can feel himself beginning to die in the same way and place every single time. Is it a warning? A premonition perhaps to warn of bad things to come?
The movie will surprise you, it's a lot more interesting then you think. It's the classic story of Evil Vs. Good. But it's also this funky Fairytale where you'll meet a Doctor of the Supernatural, a woman named Rhea who seems to be more than she is letting on and villain you'll wanna kill yourself! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christine Parker's new film Fix It needs some help...

Independent filmmaker Christine Parker is looking for contributors to her feature length film FIX IT .

For seven years now she has struggled to get her movies out and has succeeded in completing 3 feature films and 8 short films. This forth feature is a comedy and promises to be the best one yet! Written by both Christine Parker and Bill Mulligan who are also producers for the film, it will be shot in Apex, NC. The story is as follows:

William Michaels is a brilliant filmmaker, in his own mind. Unfortunately his films don't reflect that. His current production "Ninjas vs. Zombies" is plagued with bad luck. The wardrobe lady quit, his lead actress can't act, and just when he thinks things can't get any worse a solar flare sends a CME hurtling to earth that wipes out the world's power grid in the middle of their shoot. It leaves them stranded in the middle of nowhere with only enough supplies to get them through the weekend.

It turns out that this band of indie filmmaking misfits is better equipped than most to survive the apocalypse. For one, their made up zombies are great at clearing out places so they can run in and grab supplies. Unfortunately they cross paths with a band a redneck survivalists who are determined to survive what they now believe is the zombie apocalypse. What unfolds is a comedy of epic proportions!

Check out the link below, and the promo that was shot for the film. The hardest part for indie filmmakers is getting funding to make it happen. This movie will be made so much better with your donation. Please check out this link and see how you can help and see what perks you will get in return! It only takes $5 to be a contributor and get your name in the credits.

Night Claws

Release Date: December 11, 2012
86 Minutes
Directed by: David A. Prior
OK, now that we're in the year 2013, Big Foot isn't quite the elusive mysterious creature as it used to be. I mean there are shows on TV now that have people out in the woods in towns and cities where the hairy beast has been spotted and try hunting him. Some cases have been hoaxes while others have been totally in-explainable... do you believe?
Night Claws has the plot of a small town being terrorized by the big, bad, blood lusting Big Foot. This bad boy creeps up out of nowhere and starts tearing shit apart! Now I'm sorry but I wouldn't be out in the woods looking for that thing, your a marked target for his hungry gripping jaws to chomp on!  
There are numerous people now out here brustling thru the forest in search of the creature including a gansta' thug Hunter and two of his boys, Charlie the hard ass on a survivalist trip, Sarah the scientist, and a few others. Frank Stallone plays the character of Mr. Testi which I giggled at since him and his brother both seem to swim with testosterone!

Everyone has their reasons for wanting an encounter with the monster, but will anyone ever find it? And if they do will they be able to escape it's grips to tell the tale? Will Sarah get her samples? Night Claws will appease any Bigfoot lover out there- you know you really want to be the first person to catch his ass!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Screaming In High Heels (2012) - Official Trailer - Horror Movies HD

Directed by: Jason Paul Collum
Release Date 8/28/12
63 Minutes
Jason Paul Collum's film Screaming in High Heels- The Rise and Fall of the Scream Queen Era is a tantalizing documentary of three legendary ladies who ruled the horror world with boobs, blood, and
tons of cheesy B movies! Weekends of mine would be dominated by staying up all night on Friday and Saturday nights to watch these very bad,  yet so good horror movies they all starred in.
You learn a lot about each individual and you get a glimpse of their real selves behind all that B movie madness. Remember, many people worshiped these ladies from afar, since there weren't many if any major Horror Conventions during that time. I was fortunate enough to meet my favorite of the three Linnea Quigley at Monster Mania one year, she was sweet and chatted me up- she didn't act like a dive or rush you off. My favorite films with her in it would have to be Night of the Demons, Return of the Living Dead and Savage Streets with the pea soup spewer herself Linda Blair.

Brinke Stevens hails from San Diego California and was in school for the study of dolphin communication before being booted for unwarranted research involving how the Navy's use of them for undersea weapons research. Brinke did receive her masters degree in marine biology from Scripps Institute of Oceanography in La Jolla, California back in 1977 Brinke was accidentally discovered and has over 100 movies under her belt including: The Slumber Party Massacre, Nightmare Sisters, Roots of Evil, and Necromancy.

The blond cutie Linnea Quigley left Davenport Iowa and went on to become one of the top Scream Queens of all time. Did you know before she got into acting she played a mean guitar and was in rock videos for Motorhead, Revolting Cocks, and The Ramones? Some of her film titles include: Creepozoids, Silent Night, Deadly Night, and Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers with Bauer.
 Michelle Bauer was Penthouse Pet of the Month in July of 1981. Michelle falls into the whole scream screen category a tad lower on the three tiered scream Queen totem pole since she seems to mainly known for her soft/hard porn films more. Such titles include Lust for Frankenstein, Tender flesh, Rope Burns, Heavy Petting Detectives, Sexual Witchcraft, The Naked Monster, CafĂ© Flesh, and Naked Detectives.
You will not regret s single second of this film. If you are a true horror fan, or a fan of this famous trio- every second of this film will be like a gift to you. You know you have always had certain questions about your favorite scream Queens and a lot of them just might be answered. Jason Paul Collum obviously put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this documentary and it's a sure fire winner! Thank you Jason for such a fun, fact filled adventure into our favorite Horror Hellions life!