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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Night Claws

Release Date: December 11, 2012
86 Minutes
Directed by: David A. Prior
OK, now that we're in the year 2013, Big Foot isn't quite the elusive mysterious creature as it used to be. I mean there are shows on TV now that have people out in the woods in towns and cities where the hairy beast has been spotted and try hunting him. Some cases have been hoaxes while others have been totally in-explainable... do you believe?
Night Claws has the plot of a small town being terrorized by the big, bad, blood lusting Big Foot. This bad boy creeps up out of nowhere and starts tearing shit apart! Now I'm sorry but I wouldn't be out in the woods looking for that thing, your a marked target for his hungry gripping jaws to chomp on!  
There are numerous people now out here brustling thru the forest in search of the creature including a gansta' thug Hunter and two of his boys, Charlie the hard ass on a survivalist trip, Sarah the scientist, and a few others. Frank Stallone plays the character of Mr. Testi which I giggled at since him and his brother both seem to swim with testosterone!

Everyone has their reasons for wanting an encounter with the monster, but will anyone ever find it? And if they do will they be able to escape it's grips to tell the tale? Will Sarah get her samples? Night Claws will appease any Bigfoot lover out there- you know you really want to be the first person to catch his ass!

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