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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Witches Hammer

What would you do if you lost your husband and son because you died. Well here’s the tricky part because otherwise you wouldn’t even feel a loss, Rebecca was turned into this ultimate vampire. When she firsts awakens she is confused and doesn’t know what she is. They stick a glass of water and another glass of blood in front of her…hmmm, what do you think she chooses?

Rebecca is living this life now and goes thru extensive training to turn her into this assassin and even though she’s a vampire she has learned to kill them and she is sent on her first mission. She ends up wounded and captured by two witches who want her to pull off a job for them. They really leave her no choice but to say yes and go along with it.

Can Rebecca put her disdain for witches aside and concentrate on her mission and the important matters at hand? It seems like Rebecca just might be doing all this work for some underlying ulterior motive but what could it be? Maybe she should of just killed those witches the moment she met them but she was strapped down to the chair.

Will this vampire killer be able to with stand all these battles and come out at the top of the pile? Or will someone succeed in putting that wooden stake thru her heart? This is not possible because she needs to stop the almighty Hugo from performing the ancient ceremony or the earth shall forever pass into the realm of darkness.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dislocated Thoughts- Poems by Reyna Young

Dislocated Thoughts- Reyna Young

Last Doorway Productions

I love to read poetry. You can really tell alot about the person writing it when you get deep into their very personal experiences. Reyna Young's Dislocated Thoughts allow you a quick peek into the mind of a very talented woman. Her writings seem to truly express some of the dark and sad moments she must of been going thru at the time of putting the pen to paper. Reyna has been writing poems and short stories every since she could put the pencil in her fingers and has kept going ever since. Dislocated Thoughts expresses so easily what most of us feel but can never say quite say. Get ready to hear a lot more of Miss Young as she plows her way thru the horror industry leaving her claw marks along the way!

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Truth

Sometime's people like to hide who they really are from others and every now and then it creeps back up and bites them on the ass. How would you feel if you found out your husband or wife really wasn't who they said they were or who they pretended to be? Would you forgive and forget? Or would you be mad as hell and walk away?

A married couple, Jonathan and Dana Davenport return from a night out and soon they are being awakened by an intruder in their home. It at first seems like your average home robbery until the the intruder Gabriel begins to play head games with the pair. He eggs on Jonathan by telling him that Dana isn't who she really seems and her real name is Christine.

Does she really know this man? Who should her hubby trust? Could this crazy demented Gabriel be just mind fucking him or is his wife really this creature he is making her out to be? Tension is thick and tempers flare but who will prevail in the final moment of this never ending fright night? Is Christine the low life Dana or is it all just a cruel joke?

The Truth proves the whole theory of "All you know about me is what I sold ya" meaning when you meet someone you usually take heed in who they say they are and how they say they feel. In reality how do you really know they are being upfront and honest? You don't. You just have to go by your gut and if you really believe that what they're telling you is the truth.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Garbage Man

Garbage Man- Joseph D'Lacey

Bloody Books 2009
ISBN- 9781905636471
Available- new

Joseph D'Lacey seems to have some really original stories brewing inside that brain of his. First I read Meat and now Garbage Man. Everyday people throw away all kinds of things, whether it be old items that don't work or even shredded documents- it's all there in those white or black plastic trash bags. Somethings are stuffed in there with the hope that it will be buried somewhere deep in the giant compound of waste never to be seen again. Imagine if one day somehow this waste banded together and became a force to be reckoned with! Could the world handle this invasion or will they all be taken over by attacking globs of trash? Joeseph D'Lacey has a vivid imagination that he lets run wild in Garbage Man.

The Midnight Oil- Ken Knight

The Midnight Oil- Ken Knight

Author House
ISBN: 1-4208-0989-X (sc)

Have you ever wondered what it's like in the world of porn...I know I have out of curiosity and you get that and more in Ken Knight's The Midnight Oil. If I didn't have so much work on my plate I know I would of read this bad boy from cover to cover since it was as addictive to me as chocolate. It's a long book but you can't help but get into it, it's got so much going on as well as plenty of intently thought out characters with interesting backgrounds and ways of life. Here we have Johnny Faster and his vast empire that he has made for himself in the porn business. He has his hands dipped in dangerous places that add another spin to the storyline. I can strongly recommend this book to you with the confidence of you will enjoy it to the very last page. Ken Knight is one writer who knows how to get the job done!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Going into Geraldine Winter’s Clownstrophobia you might not be afraid of clowns, but you will be when your done. Inside a mental hospital there is a female they call Patient X since they do not know her name and she is obsessed with clowns. She even says her father was one. Nurses need to be careful because she might be delusional but she also is charming and that’s a deadly combination.

Doctor Boyd is a mousy little psychiatrist that seems to have a fixation with his fellow Doctor Janelle Weathers and later you learn why. Dr. Weather’s has a fear of clowns and decided to hold a weekend therapy session with some delinquent teens that also have the same fear. She seems to think that she might be able to cure them or at least help them.

They were sent there to get help and instead they got hacked. Doctor Weather’s brother was the crazy Snuffle’s the clown that committed horrible murders and tormented her at home. He decides to pay them all a little visit at Doctor Boyd’s residence and let the games begin. The kids are being snatched up and tortured in the basement by Snuffle’s.

Still at the hospital claiming that they stole her baby is Patient X with her docile and too trusting nurse. She cries to her nurse that Dr. Weather’s is not out there trying to help those kids and they are going to end up dead. Can anyone save the kids? Is it really Snuffle’s over there making that bloody mess? It seems that when one is punished enough they just might grow up to wanna punish others!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


It's that time of year where fall is almost over and those grouchy relatives wanna come to your house and eat up all your food and you gotta put on the forced smile and pretend you even enjoy being in their company...yup Thanksgiving. Well if you've enough of that shit just call in the killer turkey from the film ThanksKilling. This film is destined to become a horror cult classic!

Let me get this out first so you understand what exactly what you are getting yourself into. This movie is stupid as hell so you need a sense of humor to enjoy it and that's exactly what I did. It was a boring Friday night so I popped it in and the next thing you know my sides were hurting from the comical situations this damn killer turkey was in.

My favorite part was when the turkey went to Kirsten's house looking for her and her Dad answers the door dressed up as a turkey for his annual costume party. They sit there at the dinner table sipping coffee while chatting and the turkey has on these black eyeglasses, it was just hysterical to me. Finally the turkey has had it and adds daddy to the victims list.

I don't want to give to much away but this little bugger takes a Que from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in one scene and then maybe the Toxic Avenger in another. You just have to see it to believe it. The gang needs to find the turkey in his tee-pee and spout out a spell while finally burning the turkey at the stake. Can they kill this turkey that seems completely unstoppable?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Serial: Amoral Uprising

It’s sad to see how a mother’s influence can truly rotten a child’s soul and Kevin Jamison’s Serial Amoral Uprising shows just that. Trenton Bracks had to deal with a cold hearted bitch of a drugged out alcoholic mother who honestly didn’t want anything to do with him unless it was to hurl insults and rip his self esteem to shreds.

It’s a shame that his father was so docile and didn’t do something about her obnoxious behavior, it might of helped. Trenton’s psyche and self worth might of survived. I guess after all that mental demeaning the poor kid was destined to be bad, she totally stole the boys innocence. So now Trenton is getting out of his confinement and he is picked up by his buddy Porter and they head off to local bar to let off some steam.

The film shows why Trenton is the way he is and who could really blame the guy for being the woman hater he is, the treatment he received was something no child should ever have to endure. There are scenes of the bloodied bodies he had left along the highway but not many showing him doing it. But that’s ok since starting in 2010 they are starting to shoot a longer more detailed film.

Kevin Jamison has a knack for getting you emotionally involved with the characters, I mean you want to shelter Trenton and you want to butcher his bitch of a mother. Serial Amoral Uprising is the budding of a man that will not compromise his feelings for anyone, not even his best friend. I look forward to seeing how the feature length film turns out.


I can't imagine having to deliver a stillborn baby, it has to be one of the most traumatizing things for a woman to go thru and poor Kate recently has. Devastated by loss, her and her husband John decide to adopt a child and love her as much as they would their own. When they go to the Orphanage they cross paths with the charming Esther who just seems to know all the right things to say.

They decide to adopt her and bring her home to meet Daniel and younger sister Max who is deaf. Max and Esther quickly bond while Daniel is totally leery of her. Esther is just one of those just to good to be true cases since she is evil and rotten to the core. At school she doesn't socially fit in and at home is the place for her to fester while she paints or plots her next move.

All of the sudden kids are getting hurt, people have died and little clues start to lead you to the monster that resides inside of her. Esther makes the movies The Good Son, and Joshua seem tame in comparison.The build up in this movie is intense and then all comes together like the snow at the top of the hill that quickly rolls down turning into this massive ball on the way.

Kate knows that Esther is crazy but can't seem to convince John no matter how hard she tries. Will this poor family survive the terror that this little girl so easily inflicts? The story here is steady and strong with a twist that makes you think about how you didn't pick this up somehow sooner? But you probably never would of guessed anyway because it fits in so perfectly.