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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Summer of Massacre

Directed by Joe Castro
Joe Castro's Summer of Massacre will blow your fuckin mind wide open with it's great visuals and tons of hardcore gore! There is no way in hell you won't enjoy this sucker if you are a horror fan, if you don't then your a rock. Mr. Castro has a very creative mind which you will witness by viewing his film!
There are so many mutilated bodies hitting the floor that it's utterly insane. If you are squeamish in any way, shape or form you might wanna steer clear with this one- you'll be wanting to ( as my Italian father-in-law says) "Tro out!"  The Summer of Massacre takes a look at life in the slice lane that will have you and your horror buddies talking for months too come!
You will feel like your on a constant steep drop while on a roller coaster that has no breaks! The CGI effects are very evident and there's not even much of a plot except kill, kill, kill! It's not an academy award winner here, just five tales including some seriously mutilating massacres that leave quite the mess!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Directed by: Harry Hurwitz
In this semi real-documentary titled Auditions, you get to see what happens during the casting process of the erotic film Fairy Tales II. The thing is the people trying out have no clue they’re being secretly filmed behind a two way mirror. So as they willingly take off their clothes and try on some kinky sexual acts by the producers- you get to watch...sound good? I thought so!
A young Linnea Quigley- who is one of my favorite Scream Queens of all time dances naked in the dungeon set while others rotate from set to set anticipating the next move. It's amazing to see how far people will go for their five freakin minutes of fame. Maybe after a hard day of work you'd wanna sit down and watch this while leering and laughing at the same time.