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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Change of Life

Reverend Gary Cattell is a total homophobe that preaches of how being gay will earn you a permenant place in the fiery bowels of hell. He is so bad that his website is called I mean how in the world does he even get away with such a foul name? It's amazing how closed minded people still really are and we are all entitled to our opinions, we just shouldn't expect everyone to agree.

His beautiful daughter Sarah is gay and terrified of him knowing or finding out since he is so against it and would probably disown her or do something far worse. The Reverend has a radio show where people call in and usually have something awful to say and he agrees whole heartedly. Sarah has been going thru some rough times since her good friend Adam was murdered recently in a gay hate crime.

Sarah one night just seems to snap and lose it and calls into her jaded father's radio show that loves to fag bash and look down on gays and gives him a piece of her mind literally! She commits suicide on the air and her dad is just devastated. I am sure he is left with a ton of "what if" questions and wishes maybe he could of did things a lot differently.

He wakes up one day and time has rewound before her death, will he be able to right his wrongs? What would you do if your child was gay? Would you abandon them? Would you try and force them to be straight or just ignore it and pretend it's not really happening? It's a shame that people really are filled with that much hate for the gays- will it ever change?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Tyler Draven used to be the man! He had it all, he was a star football player that was loved by all with tons of cash and plenty of women. Drugs and anger took it's toll on him so when a reporter tails him to a gas station/ convenience store and antagonizes him while rolling his camera, Draven loses it and beats that man's ass so bad he ends up in jail.

While in jail he shaves his head bald and goes thru a hellish withdrawl that has him acting like a freak. All of his anger and energy somehow along with a jail fire give him this new ability of mentally creating fire. Soon he perfects his new craft and uses it for nothing but destruction. He has the goal of heading back to where the incident took place and acting out revenge on all that have wronged him.

Eva Williams who is the town of Cedar Hills expert on fire since it's her job to be, ends up with Lee Cooper the out of town arrogant son of a gun who was sent to bring Draven back to jail- dead or alive!
They decide to figure out how to trap him and concoct a plan that they think might actually do the job
and they'll finally get their man!

What if this trap doesn't work? I'll tell you what will happen if it doesn't, Mr. Tyler Draven will take his high voltage ass over to the towns nuclear plant and everyone will be fried like burnt toast. Do you think a movie like this could possiby have a happy ending? Or will the director go for mass destruction as the films grand finale?