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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brain Dead

Kevin Tenney's Brain Dead is the total horror package- babes, boobs, blood and tons of of deliciously splattered gore! Here we have a group of six strangers out in the wilderness, all up there for various different reasons who get stuck together in an old fishing lodge since there seems to be some alien mutant amoeba controlled zombies who wanna tear them apart.

So bad ass Claudia and her flirty friend Sherry are hiking and come across the little shack when they become lost and decide to spend the night there. Unbeknownst to them is the fact that there is already two escaped convicts inside hiding out so basically they get a very unpleasant surprise. Convict Bob doesn't seem to have a moral bone in his body and wants to kill everything and everyone.

Then there is the pervert Reverend Elsden Farnsworth with his little airhead religious sidekick Amy who is built like a brick shit house with nothing between her ears. She'll do anything in the name of God. Imagine a very diverse group of people stuck together in a tight space and you can envision all the problems that are bound to ensue- plenty!

Now these amoeba brain sucking things are crazy and will burrow in any hole they can get their slippery little nasty selves into. Poor Amy finds that out first hand and believe me any female out there would not want to be in her situation if you can catch my drift. I had a blast viewing this with all of it's grossness, humor and always remember the mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Ticked- Off Trannies with Knives

If you don't like chicks with dicks, then this flick isn't for you- but if your not a total homophobe you'll get a kick out of this trannie filled horror show. We have a bunch of trannie strippers who are always under the watchful eye of their club mama Pinky La Trimm who reminded me of a darker Divine.Tipper Sommore, Rachel Slurr, Emma Grashun are all getting ready to go on stage but Bubble seems to be in a very somber mood for some reason.

Mama sits down and see's that Bubbles has a shiner and starts to cover it with heavy make up. After they are all done grinding on the pole they go have a couple of drinks when Emma and Rachel meet a couple of guys who are ready to party. They keep telling the girls that his friend really likes Bubbles type, so can they bring her along. Bubble's is the designated driver, so she gets stuck going the whole time swearing after a drink she's out. You see this sad trannie has a lot on her mind.

It turns out the whole deal was a set up and a dirty hick guy named Boner is there who is just itching to teach Bubbles a lesson and finish what he started. After all the confusion subsides the trannies realize these guys mean business and if they get their way, blood silicone will be splattered all over the warehouse walls! Boner starts bashing heads in with a wooden bat while telling Bubbles it ain't right that a man should look that good and lead people on thinking he's a real women.

Boner doesn't want any nasty rumors spreading thru town like wildfire so he's gonna put a stop that- fast! Ticked Off Trannies With Knives is a fly on the wall inside look into the world of Transvestites. The conversations they have will have you dying unless your a total shriveled up old prude! Now will Boner get the best of these bitches or will they manage to turn the balls around? Once you meet big mama Pinky you'll see that she don't play that shit!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Have you ever really wondered what people really think of you? I mean think about this, anyone who comes in contact with us has some sort of opinion about us. Oh sure to our face their as nice as pie and almost always offer us a smile and a nice compliment or thought before advancing on their way or
continuing whatever it was they were doing.

In Zach Green's short film Worm, a high school teacher named Geoffrey Dodd seems like your average everyday man but inside his mind is where his true nasty thoughts dwell and come alive to
show what sort of evil and hate actually consumes him. The film is cool because we the viewers are the only ones that  get a taste of what he is really like when not holding up his fake facade.

I watch all the time as people give strained greetings and smilles to each other and always think to myself I wonder what they really would like to say or perhaps not say. The truth hurts sometimes
and trust me if you heard Mr. Dodd's thoughts and opinions of those around him, you wouldn't like his man so much- well probably not at all!