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Monday, September 27, 2010

Cat City

Cat City is filled with back stabbers, cheating spouses, dirty politicians (what's new) and tons of cash that all of them are fighting for. Victoria has a sneaking suspicion that her husband Nick is having
an affair so she hires a private investigator to give her proof of him indulging in some of his sexual extracurricular activities.

Harold the PI calls and tells her he got the goods and she breaks down crying as she drives
home. When she gets there Nick tells her that they are having company for dinner and that the guest named Jonas will be staying there for a week or so. The next day Nick leaves for a business meeting in Vegas where he is confronted angrily by the shady politician.

It's a story that has been told many times before, so it's not like there was anything new or spectacular to blow you away but it wasn't something where you wanted to fast forward the DVD or just take it
out and throw it across the room. But it's also not something you would call your buds up with and say how they gotta see it. 

Will Victoria divorce her philandering husband or will she just forgive him and pretend it never
happened? Will Nick survive the wraith of all the business partners he had get involved in his new casino project that went up in smoke and they all lost their investment money- which they'll never get back? Poor Nick, he should should of been a lot smarter about his costly actions.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

By the Will of Genghis Khan

Release date- 9-28-10
Director- Andrei Borrissov
120 minutes

Andrei Borrisov’s By the Will of Genghis Khan will be released on September 28th. As you all know, Genghis Khan was the ruthless founder of the largest contiguous empire in history, the Mongol Empire. The film is actually a great lesson for all concerning his very rough life and spirituality beyond what most people could fathom.

As a boy, he was told and taught the way of the Khan and all knew he would become a leader one day. Some viewers might not enjoy the film because of the subtitles, I always hear people complain “If I wanted to read I would of grabbed a damn book!” Sometimes it was some what hard to read over certain scenery but other then that things are quite interesting.

I learned a lot of things that I didn’t really know about Genghis Khan. That time was filled with tons of bloody battles, wars and fights for power. A particular death scene actually made my skin crawl but all I’ll say is it involves some serious head rolling! At times it’s almost hard to watch the onslaught of violence these people had to endure along with much heartache.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Shadows

Release date: January 2011

Director Sabrina Mansfield

84 mins.

Five close friends end up shipwrecked when a boat almost collides into them so they make their way to an old lighthouse on the island. Once inside, they place their hurt friend Nadia on a recliner and try to figure out what the hell they are going to do. Apparently the boat that almost hit them was trying to do so on purpose and they were some sort of pirates.

Now all of them are uptight and high strung with secrets slowly spilling out within their tight circle of friends. Sometime's you just can't trust anyone. Now confined inside the small house with the doors locked, they all pray these men don't come looking for them since they know they want to do them harm if not kill them for what they think they saw them doing.

Tempers flare as they try to radio for help and it seems as though supernatural and ghostly occurrences
happen every time they try. Are these evil spirits trying to trap them forever? Maybe add them to their little house of demons? A peasant looking girl named Elena bursts in claiming they were coming for them
and there was no escaping it.

Jack is pissed and tells everyone that Elena is a total nut and they shouldn't even bother taking anything she has to say into consideration. Well a nasty phantom pirate shows up and shows them they have plenty to worry about and if they are smart they'll think fast. Can any of these kids make it thru this ordeal without ending up in some shallow grave?

Monday, September 13, 2010


Ever hear of Elizabeth Bathory- if you haven't I am honestly surprised because not many people out there have not heard some sort of tale about her. The most popular being the countess bathing in her victim's blood in order to retain beauty or youth. This one fact is believed to actually be fiction but she murdered, maimed, and tortured over 650 people.
Metamorphosis has three American teens traveling to the Bathory estate out in the Carpathian Mountains so the one named Alex can get more insight for the book he is writing about her and he is just dying to see inside the infamous castle. Along the way they meet a mysterious woman named Elizabeth who has much knowledge on the subject.

When they arrive the priest tells him there was a wolve attack and now Alex is disappointed and they decide to just take the risk and go. At the castle they settle down from their own nasty encounter with some sharp fanged wolves and the next thing you know they are getting their first intimate meeting with vampires, and by intimate I don't mean nice!

In the end, will Alex regret his decisions to come here? Or will he get to write that award winning novel he dreams about? Can he accept the fact that there are real live vampires out there and Elizabeth is one of them? I really enjoyed this flick, I loved the scenery and the beautiful stone castles. I also liked that some of the vampire myths like them being in sunlight was not used.