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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Shadows

Release date: January 2011

Director Sabrina Mansfield

84 mins.

Five close friends end up shipwrecked when a boat almost collides into them so they make their way to an old lighthouse on the island. Once inside, they place their hurt friend Nadia on a recliner and try to figure out what the hell they are going to do. Apparently the boat that almost hit them was trying to do so on purpose and they were some sort of pirates.

Now all of them are uptight and high strung with secrets slowly spilling out within their tight circle of friends. Sometime's you just can't trust anyone. Now confined inside the small house with the doors locked, they all pray these men don't come looking for them since they know they want to do them harm if not kill them for what they think they saw them doing.

Tempers flare as they try to radio for help and it seems as though supernatural and ghostly occurrences
happen every time they try. Are these evil spirits trying to trap them forever? Maybe add them to their little house of demons? A peasant looking girl named Elena bursts in claiming they were coming for them
and there was no escaping it.

Jack is pissed and tells everyone that Elena is a total nut and they shouldn't even bother taking anything she has to say into consideration. Well a nasty phantom pirate shows up and shows them they have plenty to worry about and if they are smart they'll think fast. Can any of these kids make it thru this ordeal without ending up in some shallow grave?

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