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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ghost Image

September 29th, 2009 2:26 pm Posted by AngryPrincess Edit This No Comments
A video editor named Jennifer loves that she gets to work side by side with her wonderful boyfriend Wade. They seem to have the perfect relationship. At their party you get to meet a handful of their friends and they all seem to be a pretty close knit bunch of people that really enjoy being in each others company.

I would personally feel a little weird hanging out with Wades ex girlfriend but hey she’s in a new relationship with their lawyer friend Tucker so I guess that’s what helps make it alright among them. Well now that Wade’s gone Jennifer is falling apart, he just died in a car wreck. She cries all the time while watching the party video from the night before he passed.

Soon she starts to see her dead sister who died in a car accident along with her parents when she was young. Is she losing her mentality or is her sister really there for a reason? The detectives visit her and informed her that the brakes in the car were cut and that is what caused his death. Now she is seeing Wade on the video monitors and he keeps talking to her and trying to help her through this whole horrible ordeal.

Ghost Image was a pretty cool ghost flick with a few genuine good scares that will make you jump in your seat. Nothing outta of the ordinary to blow your mind but still entertaining and interesting. If you love ghosts you’ll like this little diamond in the ruff. You can’t help but want to know what the hell happened and who cut those brakes!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Nail

I have been out many a night in Philly drinking it up with friends, whether it be at a club on Delaware ave or on the back of an Ninja up and down the busy streets enjoying the sights. Well the end of a perfect night usually means we top it off with a nice cheese steak from Tony Lukes- yum! Anyway Tony Luke Jr. stars in this film titled The Nail.

I’ll be honest I didn’t really expect much from the film but get this, it sucked me in with it’s characters. Whether I loved them or even in some cases hated them, I was still drawn to them to see what would happen next. The character development is gradual but satisfying. You know it’s good when you care about what is happening to the people in the film.

An ex boxer Joey “The Nail” Nardone is finally released from prison after festering inside for eight long years and virtually has to start his life over and rebuild everything from scratch. He takes a cheap beaten up apartment that houses a family with a young 14 year old boy named Jesus who is constantly beat up and bullied by other kids.

One day Joey intervenes a particular nasty beating and tells Jesus that he could teach him a thing or two about defending himself. Jesus thinks he is some sort of pervert and tells him off. Eventually Joey wins him over and they become very close. Jesus’ home life is horrible with a drunken Dad who likes to beat him and his mother.

Joey listens thru the paper thin walls at night wishing he could do something to help them from that awful man’s fury. The Nail is a cool nickname and eventually you learn why. I watched this film with a smile on my face and at times a tear down my cheek. William Forsythe was great as Joey’s buddy Mass, I’ll tell you the man has acting skills.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Texas Blood Bath Film Festival November 13-15th

THE TEXAS BLOOD BATH Film Festival- November 13-15th The Texas Blood Bath Film

Festival values independent horror filmmakers and fans of independent horror.The 2009 Texas

Blood Bath Film Selections have been made! Congratulations to those filmmakers!

Merchandise vendor spots are available! If you are a horror fan, we hope to see you at The



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hot Blood Sundae

Hot Blood Sundae is the new horror/comedy that stars Internet sensation Bobbi Bilard, Akira Lane, Gelussa Zaripova, Joanna Hernandez. Directed By Jon Darbone and Produced By Trevor Veilleux, Hot Blood Sundae deals with a newly changed ice cream shop that went from boring and scarcely making it into an full booming adult aimed business.

Now the girls are called the Scopettes and they all wear flimsy little outfits so when they wait on the customer their thongs are all up in their drooling faces. If you like reality TV then you’ll definitely recognize the Sherif’s sexy female partner as Cocktail from the MTV series For the Love of Ray Jay and she was also on Season 1 of Oxygen’s The Bad Girls Club.

The ingredients that make this film roll are ice cream, big boobs, and lots of blood – Oh did I mention big boobs? Unfortunately for the girls someone is not liking the fact that their sexy images are selling the goods . One day a Scopette named Paula is found dead and bloated in the freezer. Will this horrible incident hurt business? Hell no! People seem to want ice cream even more now.

So now the mystery begins, who is offing all the hotties? Could it be the nasty bum who came in with some spare change and waxed one on and off while waiting for his order? Or is it the boss’s wife who is not liking this whole Scopette thing? All we know is that if the killer isn’t caught soon there will be no hot babes to sell the ice cream!

So pop Hot Blood Sundae in and plop on the couch with a big bowl of ice cream and see what kind of trouble this killer is causing. Now the ice cream just seems to be even tastier than usual and perhaps just a smidge more red… Hmm I wonder why? Just hope you don’t lick that first layer off and find a stringy eyeball or who the hell else knows what

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Slices- The Movie

Slices- The Movie is a series of five separate films that all come together in the end. A man with what seems like insomnia is plopped on the couch watching late night TV titled Theatre of the Macabre with a peculiar horror host named Professor Lucious Phibes. He introduces us to the first film on the menu called The Exterminator. Here a nasty executive gets his just deserts when he is kidnapped and tortured in the veins of films like Hostel or Saw.

The next film on Professor Lucious’ list is Dead Letters and in it a very popular author named Ash can’t seem get over his ex wife who has passed away. He is pining at her grave when his agent Tyler comes and tells him he needs to move on and get his ass back to writing best selling novels. Tyler also thinks he can get him a pretty nice book deal. When he comes to Ash’s house for dinner, really sees how hung up the old man really is!

My favorite one outta the bunch was the next called Night Screams. Here two couples head out to what they think will be a sex filled party type of situation until there is a knock on the door and Sandra shows up to sink her teeth into the situation. The Range had the whole western 1880’s theme with three Confederate soldiers on the run from the law. After they meet up with skin ripping zombies they’ll wish they just nested up behind those jail cell bars!

The final show on Professor Phibes list is The Turn Out where a guy and his girl are led out to this romantic spot by a friend so he can drop on one knee and ask the love of his life to marry him. So when they get there the friend wanders off to give the two lovebirds some privacy. Well too bad they didn’t notice the old dirty man lurking in the woods. Now he has the couple in his grips, will they manage to escape or will that wedding never come to be?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Victor Juliet's Directors Cut

I didn’t expect to like this as much as I did but Victor Juliet’ s was a trip and very fun to watch. In each chapter you get a little tidbit of a story that was totally enjoyable and even though this is a independent film it will keep you interested in whats going on in all these different situations. Victor Juliet is the eccentric film maker that will do whatever it takes to get the project done.

His cronies are his casting director Rachel, and his all around go getter is Pete. They will do whatever Mr. Juliet likes and are very loyal with mouths that will not speak a word of what takes place for a film project to get finished. Victor will go to extremes to get the results he wants like buying a formula to change actors into zombies from a very elite organization.

An actress named Sara is extremely excited that she finally got her first call back to be in a film. She gets there excited but admitting she is a little nervous since it will be her first time actually acting in a film. Can Sara make the grade to be in this unique horror flick? Or will Sara just be a test run for a sexier chick needing to be slaughtered? Take a little peek and you’ll grasp what I am getting at!