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Monday, December 14, 2009

Lost Treasure of the Maya

Release date- December 8, 2009

A group of archaeologists go to the beautiful exotic Yucatan Peninsula in search of a precious exquisite Mayan artifact which is an ancient mask. They go missing and the woman Lauren's sister Sabrina comes there to search for her. She feels guilty for not staying in touch or coming out there to visit her in the five years she has been living there.

Sabrina meets an alcoholic sexist type of guy named Nicholas who is good at finding people and after some annoying instances talks him into helping her. They team up and try their hardest to get a lead on what has happened. Is the team still out there somewhere or are they already dead like Nicholas thinks? Will they ever find out?

Here the bad ass top dog Lester played by one of my favorite actors Mike Madsen is on the look out for that same Mayan mask and will stop at nothing to get it. He tells the guy working for him he better find it fast or else he is history, yup dead and buried he'll be. Lester is still the bad ass on the island and his threats have plenty of weight behind them.

After quite the adventure from dealing with criminals, tripping out with the painted up Mayans, and falling for each other, Sabrina and Nicholas just might find what they are looking for. Or will Lester and his crew get there first and then dispose of them like unwanted trash? Watching this adventure film will be having you thinking of taking a vacation as you look at the mind blowing scenery.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Christmas Clause

Release date- November 10, 2009

Did you ever just get so stressed out with your life that you envied someone else's enough to wish it was your own? Sophie Kelly is a hot shot lawyer strapped with three kids and her hubby plays Mr. Mom everyday. Sophie just has too much on her plate and the stress of the holidays add on some more unneeded pressure to get things done.

One day while she is out shopping at the mall for a dress to a work party she'd rather not even go to, she's stuck standing in line with the kids to see Santa. They are bickering and she bumps into an old friend who is looking fabulous and lives a very exciting life. This makes Sophie think to herself that she would love to be in that woman's shoes.

Well Santa grants her the wish and the next thing you know she has the life of being the boss, with no kids and plenty of peace and quiet. After awhile the newness wears off and she realizes that she would rather have her old life than any of this - she misses her husband who now is in a relationship with someone else.

The only thing is, she can't just opt to go back to her old life she has to figure out the trick to get there. Sometimes we all would like to have our lives become a little easier but as always remember the famous line- be careful what you wish for. The Christmas Clause is just the flick to warm up your hearts just in time for Christmas, and some of us really need that!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mr. Art Critic

Release date- October 13, 2009

A well known high profile art critic named M.J. Clayton is a true bastard when it comes to writing down his exact thoughts of other peoples creations. He's a total snob who for some reason thinks he is the only eye out there that really knows what is superb and what is crap. It's really rare that he sees something he will deem worthy of praise.

After awhile even his boss becomes disgusted at they way he just downs these poor artists pieces, I mean the man is just too full of himself. He is sent for some time off so he heads to his house on the lake. One night while walking around he bumps into an artist who he said had no talent and after a few words they end up at the bar completely smashed!

The scorned artist named Frank drunkenly dares good old Mr. Clayton that he should enter the art contest since he is so sure that any idiot could do a good piece. So forced to enter he tries to come up with something, anything that will allow him to take first place. Is he even capable of completing a painting or anything else artistic for that matter?

Then he meets Lisa who is a gifted artist who he tries to buy a painting from her to enter it into the competition. She tells him he can buy it at a staggering price so he does. In the end he is outed for not being the one to have done the painting and is humiliated. He loses his job so now what will he do with himself? Maybe he should take art classes!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Natural Born Killers 15th Anniversary Directors Cut

Came out on DVD October 13th

Own it on DVD now!

Who can ever forget Mickey and Mallory? Back in 1994 when Natural Born Killers came out the world fell in love with two new totally psychotic serial killers. These two were bonded over the fact that they both had very dysfunctional childhoods with abusive parents. Mickey murders her touchy incestuous father and her enabling mother and then they go on a road trip from hell.

Along they way they slaughter everyone they can get their hands on and their only rule is always leave behind one person to be the witness and tell their harrowing tale. A very popular reporter named Wayne Gale exposes these two maniacs to the world and they become instant killing superstars. Just goes to show you how the media hypes up the wrong things!

When they are captured outside of a store while they were inside searching for snake venom medicine you think that these two just might get loose but they are both sent to different prisons where they sit love ridden in their cells hoping to see each other again, but knowing it is not going to happen since they will likely be either sentenced to death or life inside.

So if you want to see an addictive story that will keep you thinking about it for months to come, watch Nature Born Killers. Mickey and Mallory are as addictive as chocolate with peanut butter in it. It's a twisted tale of love and murder that the media hyped up and made into an explosive obsession. Oliver Stone sure knows how to tell a crooked story!


Disc 1

*Introduction by Oliver Stone (new intro HD)

*Commentary by director Oliver Stone (from original SD release)

Disc 2

*NBK Evolution: How would it all go down now?- New documentary providing a look at how the film might be different if today's technology advancements were available (in HD)

*Chaos Rising The Storm Around Natural Born Killers- Shocking 'making of' documentary about the storm of controversy surrounding the film (from original SD release)

* Deleted scenes with optional commentary by Oliver Stone (from original SD release)

- The Desert

- Steven Wright

- The Courtroom

- The Hun Brothers

- The Drive- In

- Denis Leary

* Alternate ending with introduction by Oliver Stone (from original SD release)

* Charlie Rose interview- Charlie Rose interviews Oliver Stone on the making of this violent film (from the HD DVD release in SD)

* NBK Director's Cut Trailer

"Check out the Official Site"

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Book Signing for Traumatized

You are invited to ...
Book Signing for Traumatized


Saturday, December 12, 2009

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM CST


Columbia Marrion Library

900 Broad Street

Columbia, MS 39429

I hope to see everyone there. If you can't attend and would like to order a signed copy for yourself, friend or family member please email me at

Best Wishes,
Alexander S. Brown

- Traumatized© AVAILABLE NOW!


After being banned from El Dorado, AR due to the controversial subject matter in Traumatized, horror author, Alexander S. Brown speaks and signs editions of his horror anthology Traumatized in Columbia, MS, at the Columbia Library on DEC 12, 2009 from 1-3pm. $20 ea. To learn more please visit if you can not attend the signing feel free to order a copy from or

The Witch of Hainted Holler- Author Gori Suture 18+

Hardcover ISBN- 978-0-615-25507-1

Softcover ISBN- 978-1-449-54094-4

Endora's family is forced to move into an old falling apart rut that has a horrifying past that will soon integrate within her future. She meets Jasper whose family has now taken over her old house and falls in love and lust. They can't get enough of each other and explore each others bodies with heated intensity. As her family scrapes to just get by, more salt is added to their wounds when a malevolent entity starts to torture Endora by raping and assaulting her on a nightly basis. She winds up pregnant and things just get crazier as it goes. I really loved this story I read it in two days and would of probably finished it within one but I was totally swamped with work! Gori Suture is the Queen of the Macabre!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Run! Bitch Run!

On December 8th Breaking Glass Pictures will release the new indie film maker Joseph Guzman’s smashing debut flick “Run! Bitch Run!” which is told in the likes of traumatizing films such as “The Last House on the Left” and “Chaos.” This film will have you cheering on Catherine as she executes her attackers. Your about to take a bumpy ride thru the sweetest revenge a scorned woman can get!

Catherine and Rebecca are Catholic school girls selling bibles door to door to raise money. Rebecca wants to hurry up and unload them all so they can go have a little fun. You can tell she’s a wild one but Catherine is a sweet, innocent teen who has the morals of a nun. Unfortunatley for her the pair knock on the wrong door and are greeted with three very sick individuals who have no concious or remorse.

When you think back to the sleazy gritty exploitation flicks do you wish to yourself “Damn, I wish there were more movies like that out there today?” Well dream no more, Run! Bitch Run! will scratch your eyes out then laugh in your face about it! It’s just completely pure madness once Catherine loses it and her sweet revenge sets in. Her mind just snaps and she slowly stalks each abuser like an intent cat would the beadied eye mouse.

In the end will she be able to handle the grizzley murders she has just committed? Or will she be in shock tormented by what she has done? Will her God forgive her and if not can she live with that?” Run! Bitch Run!” is totally the disburbing movie that you just can’t turn away no matter how hard you try. It gives new meaning to the term “pain in the ass!”

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Witches Hammer

What would you do if you lost your husband and son because you died. Well here’s the tricky part because otherwise you wouldn’t even feel a loss, Rebecca was turned into this ultimate vampire. When she firsts awakens she is confused and doesn’t know what she is. They stick a glass of water and another glass of blood in front of her…hmmm, what do you think she chooses?

Rebecca is living this life now and goes thru extensive training to turn her into this assassin and even though she’s a vampire she has learned to kill them and she is sent on her first mission. She ends up wounded and captured by two witches who want her to pull off a job for them. They really leave her no choice but to say yes and go along with it.

Can Rebecca put her disdain for witches aside and concentrate on her mission and the important matters at hand? It seems like Rebecca just might be doing all this work for some underlying ulterior motive but what could it be? Maybe she should of just killed those witches the moment she met them but she was strapped down to the chair.

Will this vampire killer be able to with stand all these battles and come out at the top of the pile? Or will someone succeed in putting that wooden stake thru her heart? This is not possible because she needs to stop the almighty Hugo from performing the ancient ceremony or the earth shall forever pass into the realm of darkness.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dislocated Thoughts- Poems by Reyna Young

Dislocated Thoughts- Reyna Young

Last Doorway Productions

I love to read poetry. You can really tell alot about the person writing it when you get deep into their very personal experiences. Reyna Young's Dislocated Thoughts allow you a quick peek into the mind of a very talented woman. Her writings seem to truly express some of the dark and sad moments she must of been going thru at the time of putting the pen to paper. Reyna has been writing poems and short stories every since she could put the pencil in her fingers and has kept going ever since. Dislocated Thoughts expresses so easily what most of us feel but can never say quite say. Get ready to hear a lot more of Miss Young as she plows her way thru the horror industry leaving her claw marks along the way!

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Truth

Sometime's people like to hide who they really are from others and every now and then it creeps back up and bites them on the ass. How would you feel if you found out your husband or wife really wasn't who they said they were or who they pretended to be? Would you forgive and forget? Or would you be mad as hell and walk away?

A married couple, Jonathan and Dana Davenport return from a night out and soon they are being awakened by an intruder in their home. It at first seems like your average home robbery until the the intruder Gabriel begins to play head games with the pair. He eggs on Jonathan by telling him that Dana isn't who she really seems and her real name is Christine.

Does she really know this man? Who should her hubby trust? Could this crazy demented Gabriel be just mind fucking him or is his wife really this creature he is making her out to be? Tension is thick and tempers flare but who will prevail in the final moment of this never ending fright night? Is Christine the low life Dana or is it all just a cruel joke?

The Truth proves the whole theory of "All you know about me is what I sold ya" meaning when you meet someone you usually take heed in who they say they are and how they say they feel. In reality how do you really know they are being upfront and honest? You don't. You just have to go by your gut and if you really believe that what they're telling you is the truth.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Garbage Man

Garbage Man- Joseph D'Lacey

Bloody Books 2009
ISBN- 9781905636471
Available- new

Joseph D'Lacey seems to have some really original stories brewing inside that brain of his. First I read Meat and now Garbage Man. Everyday people throw away all kinds of things, whether it be old items that don't work or even shredded documents- it's all there in those white or black plastic trash bags. Somethings are stuffed in there with the hope that it will be buried somewhere deep in the giant compound of waste never to be seen again. Imagine if one day somehow this waste banded together and became a force to be reckoned with! Could the world handle this invasion or will they all be taken over by attacking globs of trash? Joeseph D'Lacey has a vivid imagination that he lets run wild in Garbage Man.

The Midnight Oil- Ken Knight

The Midnight Oil- Ken Knight

Author House
ISBN: 1-4208-0989-X (sc)

Have you ever wondered what it's like in the world of porn...I know I have out of curiosity and you get that and more in Ken Knight's The Midnight Oil. If I didn't have so much work on my plate I know I would of read this bad boy from cover to cover since it was as addictive to me as chocolate. It's a long book but you can't help but get into it, it's got so much going on as well as plenty of intently thought out characters with interesting backgrounds and ways of life. Here we have Johnny Faster and his vast empire that he has made for himself in the porn business. He has his hands dipped in dangerous places that add another spin to the storyline. I can strongly recommend this book to you with the confidence of you will enjoy it to the very last page. Ken Knight is one writer who knows how to get the job done!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Going into Geraldine Winter’s Clownstrophobia you might not be afraid of clowns, but you will be when your done. Inside a mental hospital there is a female they call Patient X since they do not know her name and she is obsessed with clowns. She even says her father was one. Nurses need to be careful because she might be delusional but she also is charming and that’s a deadly combination.

Doctor Boyd is a mousy little psychiatrist that seems to have a fixation with his fellow Doctor Janelle Weathers and later you learn why. Dr. Weather’s has a fear of clowns and decided to hold a weekend therapy session with some delinquent teens that also have the same fear. She seems to think that she might be able to cure them or at least help them.

They were sent there to get help and instead they got hacked. Doctor Weather’s brother was the crazy Snuffle’s the clown that committed horrible murders and tormented her at home. He decides to pay them all a little visit at Doctor Boyd’s residence and let the games begin. The kids are being snatched up and tortured in the basement by Snuffle’s.

Still at the hospital claiming that they stole her baby is Patient X with her docile and too trusting nurse. She cries to her nurse that Dr. Weather’s is not out there trying to help those kids and they are going to end up dead. Can anyone save the kids? Is it really Snuffle’s over there making that bloody mess? It seems that when one is punished enough they just might grow up to wanna punish others!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


It's that time of year where fall is almost over and those grouchy relatives wanna come to your house and eat up all your food and you gotta put on the forced smile and pretend you even enjoy being in their company...yup Thanksgiving. Well if you've enough of that shit just call in the killer turkey from the film ThanksKilling. This film is destined to become a horror cult classic!

Let me get this out first so you understand what exactly what you are getting yourself into. This movie is stupid as hell so you need a sense of humor to enjoy it and that's exactly what I did. It was a boring Friday night so I popped it in and the next thing you know my sides were hurting from the comical situations this damn killer turkey was in.

My favorite part was when the turkey went to Kirsten's house looking for her and her Dad answers the door dressed up as a turkey for his annual costume party. They sit there at the dinner table sipping coffee while chatting and the turkey has on these black eyeglasses, it was just hysterical to me. Finally the turkey has had it and adds daddy to the victims list.

I don't want to give to much away but this little bugger takes a Que from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in one scene and then maybe the Toxic Avenger in another. You just have to see it to believe it. The gang needs to find the turkey in his tee-pee and spout out a spell while finally burning the turkey at the stake. Can they kill this turkey that seems completely unstoppable?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Serial: Amoral Uprising

It’s sad to see how a mother’s influence can truly rotten a child’s soul and Kevin Jamison’s Serial Amoral Uprising shows just that. Trenton Bracks had to deal with a cold hearted bitch of a drugged out alcoholic mother who honestly didn’t want anything to do with him unless it was to hurl insults and rip his self esteem to shreds.

It’s a shame that his father was so docile and didn’t do something about her obnoxious behavior, it might of helped. Trenton’s psyche and self worth might of survived. I guess after all that mental demeaning the poor kid was destined to be bad, she totally stole the boys innocence. So now Trenton is getting out of his confinement and he is picked up by his buddy Porter and they head off to local bar to let off some steam.

The film shows why Trenton is the way he is and who could really blame the guy for being the woman hater he is, the treatment he received was something no child should ever have to endure. There are scenes of the bloodied bodies he had left along the highway but not many showing him doing it. But that’s ok since starting in 2010 they are starting to shoot a longer more detailed film.

Kevin Jamison has a knack for getting you emotionally involved with the characters, I mean you want to shelter Trenton and you want to butcher his bitch of a mother. Serial Amoral Uprising is the budding of a man that will not compromise his feelings for anyone, not even his best friend. I look forward to seeing how the feature length film turns out.


I can't imagine having to deliver a stillborn baby, it has to be one of the most traumatizing things for a woman to go thru and poor Kate recently has. Devastated by loss, her and her husband John decide to adopt a child and love her as much as they would their own. When they go to the Orphanage they cross paths with the charming Esther who just seems to know all the right things to say.

They decide to adopt her and bring her home to meet Daniel and younger sister Max who is deaf. Max and Esther quickly bond while Daniel is totally leery of her. Esther is just one of those just to good to be true cases since she is evil and rotten to the core. At school she doesn't socially fit in and at home is the place for her to fester while she paints or plots her next move.

All of the sudden kids are getting hurt, people have died and little clues start to lead you to the monster that resides inside of her. Esther makes the movies The Good Son, and Joshua seem tame in comparison.The build up in this movie is intense and then all comes together like the snow at the top of the hill that quickly rolls down turning into this massive ball on the way.

Kate knows that Esther is crazy but can't seem to convince John no matter how hard she tries. Will this poor family survive the terror that this little girl so easily inflicts? The story here is steady and strong with a twist that makes you think about how you didn't pick this up somehow sooner? But you probably never would of guessed anyway because it fits in so perfectly.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


OMG! If you want to watch Hanger you better bring your own barf bag, it’s one of the most over the top disgusting films I have seen in a long time. In it Rose (Debbie Rochon) is a pregnant hooker who’s pimp wanted her to abort that unborn baby since it was bad for business and would make her a fat pig. Her pimp Leroy shows up wanting his money and tells her she better get it soon or else she’s gonna be beat.

The one man that seems to care for her is one of her customers who also turns out to be the baby’s daddy. Leroy catches Rose trying to leave town and grabs a shiny coat hanger and shoves it deep inside of her causing the baby to abort itself. You get a full frontal shot of this up close and personal and it was so gross it made my own womanly insides cringe at the thought of that being done to my uterus. I think I threw up a little in my mouth watching!

Then it’s eighteen years later and Hanger is all grown up and deformed and goes to live with his daddy. He gets a job with a bunch of other freaks in this scrap yard kind of place and makes a friend with the scary looking Chinese guy named Russell who has a bloody used tampon fetish. The other guy at work is a total jerk and tells Hanger he is just a bottom feeder so get used to it.

Well this guy one day dresses up like Santa and delivers Hanger and Russell a pizza.
Here that Pizza was laced with drugs that knocked them out and the guy rapes both of them. When he rams Hanger he pushes plenty of fecal material out that smushes all over him and the guys penis like melted chocolate in the hot sun. I was totally skeeved so the scene definitely achieved what it aimed to. Hanger is ready to avenge his mom’s death along with his father so Leroy better watch out. Can these two make this bastard pay for what he has done? Or will Leroy get the upper hand and off them both?

God of Vampires

God of Vampires started with a blow out murder suicide, what’s a better way to start than that? Here we have the professional killer Frank Ng who has been contacted by a weird little bald man to kill a Chinese crime lord. He goes in thinking this will be just like any other job and that he’ll ace it and then be on his way but this guys got a secret, he’s a vampire.

So now the hitman is in a weird situation and feels like the prey instead of being the one in charge. These vampires are a little different from the normal vamps and leave everyone around them a bloody mess of nothingness. These guys are no joke and go after anyone that Frank Ng knows or comes into contact with. They have the scent of hunting dogs.

So knowing that his hitman skills just won’t be all that will do the trick to extinguish these cold blooded killers with fangs, he gets the help of a Chinese man who knows all of the tricks of the trade on ancient Chinese lore. They slash thru many vampires on their way to kill the main one who is the deadliest of them all and might just take their lives from them.

God of Vampires have plenty of blood and gore along with many fighting scenes to amp you up for the finale of Frank and the God of Vampires himself. Can he finish this intense creature off without being killed or turned into a vamp himself? Or will Frank become a distant memory of a hitman the used to be the best around town?

Saturday, October 24, 2009


An eccentric family lives in a humongous beautiful castle where there are valuables and treasures nestled all over the place. Daughter Naomi is a weird one and this is because the poor girl isn’t allowed to do anything. If she is caught with trivial things like a cell phone or an ipod she is taken down to the dungeon and tortured for it.

One day the cook takes one of the sheep from their farm and cooks it up for dinner and Peter the older half brother takes it very badly and spends the whole dinner sobbing hysterically at the table until Naomi gives him a stuffed animal. The Dad Carver couldn’t wait to tell Peter that it was their sheep since he has a very mean streak running thru him.

Well the cooped up Naomi is estacic when three Hollywood people come to the door just about begging to use their castle for a movie. Carver just about tells them to screw off and that’s the end of it! Well Naomi who craves attention talks her mom into it and then all hell breaks loose. Dinner is crazy and then it turns out these movie producers aren’t there for a film shoot at all.

I guess these fools wish they would of known about the Skullheads that guard the castle and this freaky family. Of course these cool little guys are what make the movie, I really wish there was more scenes with them in it. It was funny how the one was peeking around the corner smoking a joint. Skullheads is your typical Charles Band movie so you won’t be disappointed

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Albino Farm

Albino Farm is another film about an urban legend with a bunch of freaky inbred misfits that love to grab a hold of the tourists and perhaps eat them for dinner. For a project, four college students are out in the Ozark Mountain town when they start to discuss this local legend. The town also has a century old group of religious fanatics.

Well It seems that the kids get kinda off the project and more into the town legend as they go along. Naturally curiosity gets at them and they decide they just have to go off and explore in those woods for the freaks themselves. If they were smart they would of stuck with just listening to all the horrible stories instead of trying to actually relive it.

Now creeping around they have to face some real life horrors of the most disturbing kind. Body parts are placed in spots and you have to wonder do they like to gnaw on them for a treat? Can these kids escape their terrible fate with maybe some minor cuts and bruises? Or will they end up being a part of some inbreds diet?

I think scariest thing in the whole movie was Bianca Barnett’s character pig bitch. Now she was some inbred looking animal with a pig face and a seemingly a strong sexual appetite. I wouldn’t want to bump into her ass anywhere! Yuk, I was amazed at how well she seemed to skeeve me out in the very short time she was on film.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Imagine the pain one would feel when their mate dies. Vivian is now one of those people since her husband Alex just passed. She sits around the house depressed and withdrawn for what seems to be all day and night. At the funeral for Alex you can tell she is a little bit off but why shouldn’t she be since the man she loved and married is gone.
Her sister Sherry shows up at the wake and tells her that she is there for her is she needs her.

Vivian seems to be a shy timid lady that always wanted to please her husband so she would do everything he said. Her sister Sherry is the complete opposite of her. She is outgoing, crass, sneaky, and easy. Sherry was more of a party girl who was out to have fun and she did what she wanted not what she was told.

Vivian starts having these strange dreams where Alex is trying to tell her something but she just doesn’t know what. She starts to think that all these dreams mean something and that maybe Alex’s death at the hotel wasn’t an accident. Sherry tells her she is obsessed and needs to get a damn grip on herself. Alex’s death was accidental and the dreams are just that, dreams.

Is Vivian losing it or is there something in the dreams that actually means something? Sherry and her start to bicker because Sherry doesn’t like Alex and thinks he was to demanding and controlling. Can they get it together to move on or will all hell break loose between them? Widow definitely has some tricks up it’s sleeves for you to say “damn, I didn’t even see that coming!"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


A seemingly timid man gets dressed in front of the mirror which you think might be a date by the way he repeatedly practices his greeting over and over. The door bell rings and a pretty dark haired girl comes in and is visually nervous about whatever is about to happen. They met online and have the same interests in many important things.

George cooked her a great meal and pours her some wine and they sit at the dinner table making idle chat. Are they romantically involved? Are they about to be? Claudia says she needs to use his wash room and while she is in there she ends up on her cell phone with what sounds like a disgruntled ex boyfriend making sure he knows that it’s over and he’ll never see her again.

So she comes out and sits down telling George she is ready and he has her sign a waiver. He talks to her and is very happy that she is willingly participating. What would you do for the love of science? Would you shun it and all the things that you could possibly learn from it? Or would you be willing to take a chance and see what happens?

Consumption was deliciously gag worthy with gore that fills the screen with bright red blobs of blood. Science will take on a new twisted meaning for us all. As you watch you won’t know what to expect and you just can’t quite put your finger on it. You’ll just know that you are going to be in for a special yet truly disgusting treat

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I know I am a lover of all things scary. Whether it be movies, hayrides or local urban legend or myths…I am loving it! I live in New Jersey and we have so much going on in the local urban legends category that they came out with a whole franchise for it titled Weird NJ.

Well I watched the movie Goatsucker recently and it was about a legend that started in medieval Europe and over time this creature was being spotted everywhere.Well since this legend was supposed to be around the area Mr. Walters figured “hey, I could make some serious cash on this” and decided to add a hiking tour titled the Goatsucker at his Hidden Valley Hiking Tours.

It ends up being a popular hike and people started flocking to get a chance to possibly see anything related to the Goatsucker. Thing is hikers started to go missing, large animals were being found mutilated and some hair that was tested and found to be of a unknown origin.

The last group for the day waits in a room for their tour guide named Margret. The driver comes and piles the people in the back of the truck for the 35 minute ride out to the trail. Their guide still doesn’t show up and is now considered missing.

Luckily for them a guide named Heidi just so happens to be up there on her day off and Mr. Walters forces her to take on them on the tour. Rhonda who is a totally ditzy blond gets changed into the proper attire and they’re off!

Alan is pissed because he came to the tour to get away from Rhonda who won’t get that she was just a fling for him and he doesn’t want her. Pam is an older lady that paws Alan hoping to get a piece of the boy toy while Eugene is just plain nerdy and weird.

Wayne the older man is constantly pulling a flask from his pocket and sneaking swigs. Soon the blood is flying and the Goatsucker is on the hunt. Could this thing be feeling too much at home in these woods? Maybe it even has a friend that protects it?

But how could a beast befriend anyone? Goatsucker was a little independent flick with lot’s of big twists. Even though you didn’t see much of the creature it was still effective enough for you to envision it as it ripped into it’s victims with glee

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chris Jericho Interview

1. How did you get involved in the film Albino Farm?

My Son was actually doing some Halloween costume modeling on a morning show in Tampa and the traveling host that was with the costumes was Shawn McEwen who is the writer and director of Albino Farm and while all these kids were running around going nuts Shawn and I just started talking being the only adults in the room about our love for horror movies he kinda mentioned the script and I mentioned that I acted and he kinda knew who I was and it just started from there. He gave me the script and there was a part in there of a teenager who had all of these cool lines that I felt I could really do something with and that's when I kinda suggested that maybe he could make this character older and that's how he created Levi. He decided we could work with that and change one of the parts in the script because I felt like I could have some fun with it. I'm glad that he did it.

2. What was the most challenging thing on the shoot in Albino Farm?

Ah, It was a very weird character I really kind of just dropped into it so the most challenging thing was basically just to stay into character as much as possible because it was such a weird character and I just didn't really congregate to much with the cast, like embrace the film. I just hung out in the woods and I decided that Levi would smoke so I just kinda kept a cigarette in my hand at all times. I wanted to be able to stay in character and I wanted to be a a little aloof because I wanted people that I was working with to kinda not really know me to well because Levi is such a strange character and I wanted that to translate onto the screen and I think it kinda did.

3. What's your favorite horror movie and why?

I love the original Damn of the Dead just because of the whole concept of it. I love the original Halloween, The Omen. I think the Omen was probably the scariest to me since it felt like it could really happen you know? The Antichrist and all that sorta stuff, that will always creep me out. Even when I watched it again a few years ago and it's still very scary. Anything that has a religious confrontations just freaks me out- like exorcisms, like The Exorcist and movies like that. The slashers ones are ok, but the religious ones are a little bit easier to comprehend. Possessions and stuff like that really creeps me out.

4. With most films that WWE wrestlers appear in- for instance The Rock, Triple H, or Stone Cold they all seem to pull off one of their signature moves in the film at some point. Will Chris Jericho use the "Walls of Jericho" or any other moves in any upcoming films?

No I am not a wrestler who acts I am an actor who wrestles. I've always felt that way, When I first started wrestling in 1990 I was smaller then what was going on you know like 6'8 tall guys like that and I was a shorter guy you know at 5'11 so I always had to figure out how to make my mark and it was always I'm not the biggest person but I'll always play the biggest character and have the biggest charisma or the biggest personality. I play a character every week and that's how I treat the Chris Jericho character. So any character that I play that's not a wrestler or not Chris Jericho like with Levi, when you first see me on screen you might not even know that it was me. That's been the same for most of the characters I've done whether it was with Aaron Stone, whether it was in Z Rock or in Mac Gruber that's coming up this month it's always something a little bit different that what you expect from the normal Chris Jericho that I play and I like that because I am gonna stick acting under like being a stunt character. Like as Chris Jericho and he's doing a body slam because he's a a wrestler ha, ha, ha! It would be like Anthony Hopkins being in Legends of Fall and eating someones liver with a fine Chianti, That's one character you play and when you go to another character it's a whole new world you know?

5. Are you interested in doing more film?

Absolutely. I mean it's something I took two years away from wrestling a couple of years ago to study acting and the Stafford method and it really helps when I come back to wrestling to create the character I've been playing and I enjoy playing characters and I enjoy acting. Like I said I have been doing it for 19 years in one aspect or another and it's something I would like to continue doing beyond when my wrestling years are over.

6. What actors out there would you like to work with?

Brad Pitt, Steve Buscemi cause he's the type of guy I'd like to emulate. He just plays these eally weird strange characters. I'm a big fan of Tom Hanks he's a great actor. I love comedy too. I love Larry Davis he'd be fun to do some stuff with and movies that have the improv element would be alot of fun. I worked with The Growl industry here in LA and performed with them for a year so I have alot of improvbackground as well as anything that's challenging and fun to do.

7. What got you into wrestling?

I was just a big wrestling fan as a kid. I would sit and watch it with my grandmom in her basement. I was eight years old and kind of put my mind to that's what I wanted to do when I was a kid and geared my whole life to doing that.

8. How did you come up with the Y2J gimmick?

I came into WWE right in 1999 when the Y2K was supposed to take place and I just thought it was kind of an interesting play of words with me Jericho and the Y2K millennium man. I was going to change everything into WWE so it kinda started with that.

9. What pointers do you have for kids out there that want to be wrestlers?

Well I mean it's the same thing if you wanna be a physician, an actor or even a pharmacist you just gotta put your mind to it and just do the best you can and not listen to the people that tell you that you can't do it. If you can do something and you have the courage to actually do it then you just gotta put your mind to it and get it done.

10. My son Danny is sixteen now and is a huge WWE fan. He was bullied for years and that takes alot out of a kid. What advice do you give against bullying?

You just gotta fire back you know. Most boys are cowards and if you just lash out and punch the boy in the face it would end it pretty quickly because then the bully would move on to someone else who is weaker. I used to be bullied when I was a kid and as soon as I started fighting back and lashing out the boy moved on to somebody else. As hard as it might be, you know you might have to take a beating or two but afterwards the bully will move on to someone else who is less threatening.

11. You have a band called Fozzy. What exactly does that stand for?

It doesn't really stand for anything. When we first started out we were just playing cover songs, doing 80's metal cover songs and we were calling ourselves Fozzy Osbourne and then we started doing original so we dropped the Osbourne and stuck with Fozzy and kept going with that.

12. You've been on tour with the band. What band were you with that made you think "Wow I am on tour with..."?

We toured with Motorhead which was pretty cool getting the chance to do some stuff with them. We did some stuff with Black Sabbath which was amazing. Anytime you get with a band that's been around that long and at that level it's quite exciting and quite fun.

13. Who are some of your favorite bands that are out there old or new?

I love the Beatles, it's my favorite band. I'm a big Metallica fan, I love Iron Maiden, I love Dream Theater, Avenge Sevenfold, The Police, Rush. I have kind of a varied taste in music. Still to this day the Beatles are the band for me.

14. Are you going to keep making music?

Absolutely! Our new record comes out on January 26th and out first single is already up on right now it's called Martyr No More.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ghost Image

September 29th, 2009 2:26 pm Posted by AngryPrincess Edit This No Comments
A video editor named Jennifer loves that she gets to work side by side with her wonderful boyfriend Wade. They seem to have the perfect relationship. At their party you get to meet a handful of their friends and they all seem to be a pretty close knit bunch of people that really enjoy being in each others company.

I would personally feel a little weird hanging out with Wades ex girlfriend but hey she’s in a new relationship with their lawyer friend Tucker so I guess that’s what helps make it alright among them. Well now that Wade’s gone Jennifer is falling apart, he just died in a car wreck. She cries all the time while watching the party video from the night before he passed.

Soon she starts to see her dead sister who died in a car accident along with her parents when she was young. Is she losing her mentality or is her sister really there for a reason? The detectives visit her and informed her that the brakes in the car were cut and that is what caused his death. Now she is seeing Wade on the video monitors and he keeps talking to her and trying to help her through this whole horrible ordeal.

Ghost Image was a pretty cool ghost flick with a few genuine good scares that will make you jump in your seat. Nothing outta of the ordinary to blow your mind but still entertaining and interesting. If you love ghosts you’ll like this little diamond in the ruff. You can’t help but want to know what the hell happened and who cut those brakes!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Nail

I have been out many a night in Philly drinking it up with friends, whether it be at a club on Delaware ave or on the back of an Ninja up and down the busy streets enjoying the sights. Well the end of a perfect night usually means we top it off with a nice cheese steak from Tony Lukes- yum! Anyway Tony Luke Jr. stars in this film titled The Nail.

I’ll be honest I didn’t really expect much from the film but get this, it sucked me in with it’s characters. Whether I loved them or even in some cases hated them, I was still drawn to them to see what would happen next. The character development is gradual but satisfying. You know it’s good when you care about what is happening to the people in the film.

An ex boxer Joey “The Nail” Nardone is finally released from prison after festering inside for eight long years and virtually has to start his life over and rebuild everything from scratch. He takes a cheap beaten up apartment that houses a family with a young 14 year old boy named Jesus who is constantly beat up and bullied by other kids.

One day Joey intervenes a particular nasty beating and tells Jesus that he could teach him a thing or two about defending himself. Jesus thinks he is some sort of pervert and tells him off. Eventually Joey wins him over and they become very close. Jesus’ home life is horrible with a drunken Dad who likes to beat him and his mother.

Joey listens thru the paper thin walls at night wishing he could do something to help them from that awful man’s fury. The Nail is a cool nickname and eventually you learn why. I watched this film with a smile on my face and at times a tear down my cheek. William Forsythe was great as Joey’s buddy Mass, I’ll tell you the man has acting skills.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Texas Blood Bath Film Festival November 13-15th

THE TEXAS BLOOD BATH Film Festival- November 13-15th The Texas Blood Bath Film

Festival values independent horror filmmakers and fans of independent horror.The 2009 Texas

Blood Bath Film Selections have been made! Congratulations to those filmmakers!

Merchandise vendor spots are available! If you are a horror fan, we hope to see you at The



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hot Blood Sundae

Hot Blood Sundae is the new horror/comedy that stars Internet sensation Bobbi Bilard, Akira Lane, Gelussa Zaripova, Joanna Hernandez. Directed By Jon Darbone and Produced By Trevor Veilleux, Hot Blood Sundae deals with a newly changed ice cream shop that went from boring and scarcely making it into an full booming adult aimed business.

Now the girls are called the Scopettes and they all wear flimsy little outfits so when they wait on the customer their thongs are all up in their drooling faces. If you like reality TV then you’ll definitely recognize the Sherif’s sexy female partner as Cocktail from the MTV series For the Love of Ray Jay and she was also on Season 1 of Oxygen’s The Bad Girls Club.

The ingredients that make this film roll are ice cream, big boobs, and lots of blood – Oh did I mention big boobs? Unfortunately for the girls someone is not liking the fact that their sexy images are selling the goods . One day a Scopette named Paula is found dead and bloated in the freezer. Will this horrible incident hurt business? Hell no! People seem to want ice cream even more now.

So now the mystery begins, who is offing all the hotties? Could it be the nasty bum who came in with some spare change and waxed one on and off while waiting for his order? Or is it the boss’s wife who is not liking this whole Scopette thing? All we know is that if the killer isn’t caught soon there will be no hot babes to sell the ice cream!

So pop Hot Blood Sundae in and plop on the couch with a big bowl of ice cream and see what kind of trouble this killer is causing. Now the ice cream just seems to be even tastier than usual and perhaps just a smidge more red… Hmm I wonder why? Just hope you don’t lick that first layer off and find a stringy eyeball or who the hell else knows what

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Slices- The Movie

Slices- The Movie is a series of five separate films that all come together in the end. A man with what seems like insomnia is plopped on the couch watching late night TV titled Theatre of the Macabre with a peculiar horror host named Professor Lucious Phibes. He introduces us to the first film on the menu called The Exterminator. Here a nasty executive gets his just deserts when he is kidnapped and tortured in the veins of films like Hostel or Saw.

The next film on Professor Lucious’ list is Dead Letters and in it a very popular author named Ash can’t seem get over his ex wife who has passed away. He is pining at her grave when his agent Tyler comes and tells him he needs to move on and get his ass back to writing best selling novels. Tyler also thinks he can get him a pretty nice book deal. When he comes to Ash’s house for dinner, really sees how hung up the old man really is!

My favorite one outta the bunch was the next called Night Screams. Here two couples head out to what they think will be a sex filled party type of situation until there is a knock on the door and Sandra shows up to sink her teeth into the situation. The Range had the whole western 1880’s theme with three Confederate soldiers on the run from the law. After they meet up with skin ripping zombies they’ll wish they just nested up behind those jail cell bars!

The final show on Professor Phibes list is The Turn Out where a guy and his girl are led out to this romantic spot by a friend so he can drop on one knee and ask the love of his life to marry him. So when they get there the friend wanders off to give the two lovebirds some privacy. Well too bad they didn’t notice the old dirty man lurking in the woods. Now he has the couple in his grips, will they manage to escape or will that wedding never come to be?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Victor Juliet's Directors Cut

I didn’t expect to like this as much as I did but Victor Juliet’ s was a trip and very fun to watch. In each chapter you get a little tidbit of a story that was totally enjoyable and even though this is a independent film it will keep you interested in whats going on in all these different situations. Victor Juliet is the eccentric film maker that will do whatever it takes to get the project done.

His cronies are his casting director Rachel, and his all around go getter is Pete. They will do whatever Mr. Juliet likes and are very loyal with mouths that will not speak a word of what takes place for a film project to get finished. Victor will go to extremes to get the results he wants like buying a formula to change actors into zombies from a very elite organization.

An actress named Sara is extremely excited that she finally got her first call back to be in a film. She gets there excited but admitting she is a little nervous since it will be her first time actually acting in a film. Can Sara make the grade to be in this unique horror flick? Or will Sara just be a test run for a sexier chick needing to be slaughtered? Take a little peek and you’ll grasp what I am getting at!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hell House: The Book Of Samiel

What would you do if there was a house in your neighborhood that was supposed to be truly evil from the events that have taken place in it? You know like an Urban Legend… well Hell House: The Book Of Samiel is a film about just that experience. A long time ago a dad did not want his daughter to be with the guy she was with and forbid her to see him.

Well of course with young love, 9 outta 10 the girl is not going to listen and probably get caught sometime within the process. One night the Dad follows the girl and finds her getting busy in the car with her love. Let’s just say that things get out of hand and the blood flows freely. Now teens like Steve and Paul wanna take their girlfriend to the house to party and play doctor.

Steve’s Dad is a real estate agent so he steals the keys to the house and the party is on! They get there and weird things are happening like Sasha wanting to take a bath and feels something touching her and Steve gets acquainted with some nasty cockroaches. Danny is abused by her father and has a very timid personality and is easily tapped into by the restless spirits residing there.

These kids wish they never got involved with the house but it is too late the book of Samiel has been opened and there is no turning back. Who would of thought that the whispered rumors were real and the house doesn’t want them to ever leave especially since Danny is a virgin and just what they need to be able to roam the earth freely again!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Flying By

Sometimes in life you make choices that you later grow to regret. In Flying By, George who is played by Billy Ray Cyrus seems to have fallen into this category perfectly. When George was young he loved to play music with his friends. They even had their own band and would practice in his garage. His father hated the racket and never offered him any kind of encouragement.

Now it's later on in life an George has a family of his own. He still holds a great love for music that seems to have been passed down to his daughter Ellie. His pretty blond wife Pamela is played by Heather Locklear who doesn't have any remote interest in music. She seems to like the finer things in life but also seems a little cold towards George.

When he goes to his High School Reunion alone and he is reconnected to his musical past she becomes disgusted and embarrassed that he wants to play gigs at his age. Now his old band has reunited about five years prior and want George to join them again. Will he chose his passion over his wife? Or will he decline and remain miserable with the nagging thought of -I should of done it feeling?

I thought it would of been more of a heart felt film but it wasn't. It just seemed to be a little bland for my liking. Are they making this so that Billy Ray Cyrus can try and jump start his musical career since he was only a one hit wonder and his daughter is already a teen legend? It wasn't a horrible watch but it had way too much of the band and not enough family.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Evil Bong II: King Bong

King Bong is the follow up to Evil Bong starring Tommy Chong. The first film had a few special guests like The Gingerdead Man, Bill Mosely, and my personal favorite Ooga Booga from Doll Graveyard. If your curious or if you haven’t seen Evil Bong you can find my review here:

Charles Band is well known for his killer movies with kooky characters. Whether it be the dolls in the Puppetmaster series or Eebee the vintage powerful bong herself from Evil Bong. King Bong even has a quick intro so you get a quick feel of the first film, you know a little explanation on how it all began. Our trio of dedicated pot smokers are back Larnell, Brett, and of course Bachman… oh monkey! They are all still puffin away but only know each of them has a little problem.

It seems that ever since they smoked from that evil bong Eebee they all are having weird exaggerated side effects. Bachman keeps passing out cold and then not remembering that he did, Brett has the severe munchies and can’t stop stuffing food into his now mammoth mouth and Larnell has a weird sex drive where he’ll hump anything from people’s legs to chair arms. After getting Allistar to come over they devise a plan to figure out this whole mess.

Rabbit the delivery guy shows up and they now know they have to head to the Amazon where the bong originated. They meet Velicity and Larnell’s mean old grandpa there. Legend has it that the Poontang clan follow orders from the baddest of them all, King Bong. Now they all need to take a toke off of King Bong and travel inside his trip to destroy him. King Bong is also Eebee’s ex and she is pissed at all the bare breasted Poontang girls he now has worshipping him.

Will these stoners be able to handle King Bong’s plan for them all? Will they be seduced by the Poontang clan? Or will they head in there and get the job done? Will Brett remain a fat ass forever while Larnell will be stuck grinding on anything that he can straddle? You’ll all have to delve into your stoner mindset and find out for yourselves! King Bong has it’s laugh out loud moments as well as it’s so corny you can’t help but smile!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cutz- short film from Megan Sacco

Sometimes nightmares are real”

A short film written and directed by Megan Sacco – Lady Haunter Inc. & Rob Roy- Wit’s End

EntertainmentStory by Megan Sacco

Cutz is not for the faint at heart. It is a psychological thriller that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat right from the very beginning. A group of kids enter a psych unit with various issues. Unbeknownst to them they have a connection that soon reveals itself. After years of repression they all begin to remember how they got to where they are today: drug addicted, eating disorders, cutting. Once the “secret” reveals itself, mayhem ensues.Filming is set to start in August. Still casting some of the major roles. This will be Megan’s Directorial debut.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens

I grew up with a kid named Billy Owens but he never had any special abilities or luck like the kid in this film. The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens is all about magic and what can happen if you believe in yourself. Today is Billy's 11th birthday and he thinks it's going to be another boring day, well believe me he is way off on this guesstimate and soon he'll be proven wrong!

He has two very close friends Devon and Mandy that he does basically everything with. He gets dropped off at school by his mom with a birthday card with some cash in it. A kid that constantly bully's him tries to get that cash but thankfully a teacher intervenes. After school as he is being chased by the bully he runs into William Thurgood's (Roddy Piper) Treasure Trove and Pawn Shop and finds a magical wand that he likes and purchases it.

Suddenly he is equip with an array of powers and his simple life changes into a magical adventure. His friends are along for the ride as they deal with mythical creatures, caves, and a mission that he must complete to save his town of Spirit River. The effects in this movie are minor but the storyline for the kids is highly entertaining.

Soon things start to fall into place and he learns that there are teachers at school and family members that have been involved in magic the whole time. Will Billy be able to save Spirit River? You'll find that out and more if you watch The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens. There is also a to be continued at the end so I am sure there will be more quests for the kiddies to enjoy in the near future!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Rough Cut Article

Would you kill to make a movie? The scary thing is, two independent filmmakers did. In January 2003 a woman was found beaten, strangled, and stabbed in her Pennsylvania home. 8 months earlier, an independent horror film was shot on the nearby Appalachian Trail. Rough Cut is a feature length documentary that explores the twisted true tale of two first-time filmmakers who had a dream of making a horror movie and the bizarre events that followed.

Blaine Norris decided he wanted to make a horror film. He didn't really have much cash and only one actress that was experienced and had already made a name for herself and that was Robin Griggs. Robin was from Scranton PA and starting acting at the tender age of three. She ended up moving to New York to appear in Annie. She got an agent and was cast on One Life To Live and then later on Another World. She left the soaps and now has become a female fixture in Horror movies.

Girggs was injured and broke her wrist so she had to drop out of Through Hike, the film Norris was counting on her name to get it some exposure. Here are the events that led up to the gruesome discovery that Blaine had actually committed murder for his film:

At 8:29 p.m. on January 10, 2003 police in Camp Hill, PA received a frantic 911 call from Brian Trimble. He had just returned home from dinner with a friend and found his wife, Randi, in a pool of blood on the garage floor.

Before the brutal murder occurred, the house looked as though it was burglarized. Suspicions immediately arose in the seasoned detectives investigating the case. Evidence pointed towards the husband, but his alibi was airtight.

For the next 9 months detectives and law enforcement officials used every tool at their disposal to solve this truly bizarre crime.

Randi's husband Brian was friends with Blaine. Randi didn't link the idea of him loaning out his expensive equipment or even being involved with the film.

If the couple were having problems why not just divorce? Why on earth did Brian feel that murder was the better way to go.

Watch the film/ documentary and see why this man did what he did. Randi didn't deserve to die because of her husband wanting to get a divorce or for the future of the film Through Hike!

review link:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Goth Kill

When I used to go out and cover shows for, I started to really see some kick ass metal chicks on the scene. There were The Metal Twins shaking their nice tails onstage with the likes of Static X and then there was Fuse’s own hottie Mistress Juliya who pretty much dominated the NYC underground scene. All of these women were truly inspiring and Juliya’s hotness graces us in Goth Kill.

Goth Kill was released thru Wild Eye Releasing and is the dark tale of Nicholas Dredd who disagreed with innocent victims being burned at the stake. He decdides he must do something about it but his superiors think otherwise and burn his ass at the stake. As his flesh scorches and sends the ashes of his soul amongst them he vows to return with the help from Satan himself to have his own kingdom.

We are then taken to the 21st century in NYC where Dredd has come back to finish up the deal. The thing is that in order for his end of the bargain to be granted he must kill 100,000 souls then he’ll finally have his wicked wish, and it doesn’t matter how many times it takes going back to life to get these bodies. A cutesy girl named Annie is moving into an apartment with her goth friend Kate.

Kate takes her shopping and sets on making this chick fit into the scene just as well as she does. A store worker hands Kate a pass to a club that is inhabited by the well known Scorpion Society. They are like this vampire clan of wanna be dark warriors. Will these people be able to handle Dredd when he gets there and gives them all a taste of the real thing? You just have to pop this in to see, and check out DJ Demon she’s a total knock out!

3 Outta 5 Slashes

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Poor Melvin can’t catch a break. He’s your average dorky nerd who has no balls to say no to the nagging tattoed cheerleaders who want him to do their homework for them. Then there is a trio of punk rocker assholes that relentlessly torment him day after day. Watching you can’t help but feel bad for him, it’s just wrong to be picked on like that.

One day a prank turns ugly and they leave poor Melvin to die. Now there’s Norton and he is like Melvin in many ways…specifically his glasses and nerdiness in general. Wendy befriends him and seems to be the only friend he has. The only reason that she likes him is because he reminds her of her dead brother Melvin.

One night after Norton gets meth slipped in his drink at a party he cuts thru the cemetary on his way home and walks past Melvins grave and not soon after a dead Melvin bites him. Guess what Norton is now? He goes home cleans his bite and tries to go to sleep. He keeps having these horrible nightmares that he is going out and killing people.

Are they just nightmares, or is Norton turning into a zombie at night? Soon you watch as Norton is followed by the police since they suspect he has something to do with a murder in his apartment building. I kept my fingers crossed that zombie Norton would come across those punks and eat them alive. Can Norton ever be saved?

3 outta 5 Slashes

Monday, June 1, 2009

Blood Wars

90 MinutesDirected by: Tom Shell

Tony Todd plays Julien, the leader a vampire in a coven that has been around for decades. The coven has an ongoing fight with the Centrys that roam amongst the earth with a vengeance for vampire blood, they wish they could exterminate them completely- it just is not as easy as you would think it would be. Julien is ready to hand over the throne to who is deemed worthy.

Will, a hippie who usually keeps his head down and his mouth shut somehow manages to overcome his shyness and puts the moves on Goth Ashley’s friend Jayne. Will’s roomie Rico is kinda crushing on Ashley’s ass but she is going thru a rough break up with dickhead Darren who lives to bully anyone he can get his hands on. Darren has a little secret of his own and don’t get him mad enough to use it.

Will and Jayne are alone and attacked by Darren who plans on raping her and killing him. Things get out of control and instead Darren is the one who ends up depleted. Somehow Will is changing and he can’t figure out the cause. When reality sinks in can Will accept his fate or will he fight it tooth and nail to the end? See what side of the fence he lands on in this vampire comedy.

3 outta 5 Slashes

Hide- Out June 30th on DVD

Here we have Billy and Betty a sexy, southern Mickey and Mallory with a seriously checkered path behind them. After their bank robbery Billy was caught and put behind bars but Betty narrowly escaped. Now seven years later Betty busts him out during a transfer back to Louieville and hopes to pick up where they left off. When they were last together they were crazy in love and had no qualms about killing and messing people up.

Now Billy has sat behind bars for so long thinking about that past and eventually it got him thinking about how it was wrong and God’s going to pay them back for what they have done. Betty hasn’t changed one bit and she is really not liking this new attitude of his, it’s seriously weirding her out. When they robbed that bank Billy hid the money near this church and now they are all set to go get it!

When they get to the town where it all happened it’s completely deserted. It’s like they showed up after the apocalypse since everything was left like it was clothes, stores, and even a few old amusements. They go back to the diner and you see all the bullet holes in the cement building where the showdown took place. Billy then goes to try and fix the car while Betty has a scary encounter that leaves her wanting out of there as fast as possible.

There is someone else there with them and it seems he wants to make them pay for their sins. This man was treated poorly as a child and those memories seemed to have made him into a monster seeking vengeance. I really liked this film. It reminded me of when me and my fiancee got together, we were wild like that and so in love but without all of the killing ofcourse!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog Screening

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Screening Date: Friday, June 12, 2009 Time: 7:30-8:30 pm

Place: Germ Books, 2005 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19125

Please join us for an exclusive screening of Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog! Come dressed as your favorite Hammer wielding superhero or Evil League of Evil supervillain and be prepared to sing along. You could even win a prize!

This is presented by the Pennsylvania Browncoats as part of the 2009 Philadelphia Can’t Stop The Serenity events. Suggested donation is $5 with all proceeds going to Equality Now.

Visit this website for more details and directions:

You might also be interested in….
Can’t Stop the Serenity eventDate: June 27, 2009Time: 7-11 pmPlace: Philadelphia Senior Center, 509 South Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19147
Are you a fan of the critically acclaimed sci-fi series, Firefly and its accompanying movie, Serenity? Or would you like to be??

Please join us for a fun filled evening of special Firefly/Serenity inspired musical guests, Whedonverse quizzo, chances to win fabulous prizes, and of course, a screening of Serenity. Costumes and Firefly/Serenity inspired garb are encouraged. All proceeds benefit Equality Now, an international organization dedicated to supporting gender equality.

Tickets are now available for purchase at the CSTS Philly website.

Currently, presale tickets are $10 each. They will remain so through June 12. ($10 tickets will also be available for sale at our Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog Screening on June 12.)
From June 13-26, presale tickets will be available on the website for $12.50 each.
Tickets purchased at the event on June 27 will be $15 each.

Or for added value, check out our great package deals which combine admission to the CSTS event with shiny souvenir merchandise!

Visit this website for more details and directions:
To learn more about the Pennsylvania Browncoats:

Killing Ariel

Rick is your all around good guy. He goes to his boss’s party and resists the advances of all the beautiful women, and this is the swinging 70’s and his boss even offers him his beautiful wife. He goes home to loving wife and deals with the kids and there misgivings then hops into bed. While he is sleeping a demon sexually attacks him and now he is completely under her spell.

He suddenly has like a midlife crisis and buys a sports car and takes a girl he met named Ariel to his childhood home which he tells his wife is is getting it ready to sell. Really weird things start happening and he keeps having strange nightmares and visions that are causing him to act out making Ariel think he is a complete wacko. He’ll be lying in the bed with her and he’ll glance over and it will be some other woman or even his wife.

Ariel tells him he is just dealing with a guilty conscious and brings him back to bed for another exhausting romp that leaves him drained. He makes his way up to the attic and finds his father’s journal. Reading it he becomes convinced that Ariel is the demon that once took hold of his mother. He hears something and turns around to see the naked man that he remember seeing his mother with as a child and just knows he is evil.

Killing Ariel was confusing and if I didn’t have a synopsis for it I don’t know what I would of thought it was about. That doesn’t mean it was bad, I actually really liked it. The best parts were when he was piecing everything together and one scene imparticular scene with a disembodied head that he brings home with him. Can Rick get his head together and rid himself of the evil clinging demon?

4 outta 5 Slashes

Friday, May 29, 2009

Heart Of Scars- The Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter by Brian Easton

ISBN #- 978-0-595-42764-2 (pbk)
ISBN #- 978-0-595-71365-3 (cloth)
ISBN #- 978-0-595-87094-3 (ebk)

Published 2007 iUniverse

Sylvester James Logan is back and better than ever when it comes time to hunt down those pesky evil werewolves! There is plenty of action packed scenes to get the blood flowing. This time there are bigger and badder fish to fry and at times you wonder if Logan will be able to continue his mission. Brian Easton is a master storyteller who makes you feel like you are right there within the addictive storyline. The details this man puts into this story is amazing and if Hollywood needs a new inspiration I think we have found it!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


looking for a local New Jersey guy in his early 20s to play the title role in one of the stories for my new cable access show.

The story is “The Incredible Bleeding Man” (a comedy) and the person will have to be OK with being covered in fake blood.

The guy should be an eccentric nutcase. Funny with a personality. UNCONVENTIONAL looking in any way might help. Around 6 feet tall and skinny and able to look insane and like a total mess, yet not intimidating. Maybe a WANNA-BE rock star type, but young enough to still be a bit naive/innocent and unaware what is going on around him. The role requires somebody who has a SPARK in his personality more than being a serious actor. He should have presence.

I am hoping that a singer in a rock band might have a weird funny nephew for the role. Somebody from an eccentric family!

There is no pay as cable access is free, but it will be shown all over NJ and in New York City. Copy will be provided. Please email here if you are interested and fit the role:

To check out a past project from Cheap Jersey Video, go to WWW.CHEAPJV.COM where there is a trailer for “The Drunken Dead Guy”.

John Greff
Cheap Jersey Video, Inc.

RetarDEAD- out on DVD June 2nd!

RetarDEAD is the follow up to the cult classic movie Monsturd from 4321 films. I didn’t have the pleasure of viewing that one but now I am definitely interested. Here at Butte County Institute of Special Education things are about to get shook up a little bit and everyday routine will be a thing of the past. When you see these sorry excuses for people you just think to yourself, “I know your mommy always told you that you were special but she lied!”

Evil Doctor Stern who created the poop man from the last film is now working on another demented side project that involves injecting the Special Ed students with Algernon 9, it’s a project that will make these feeble minded beings into a freakin genius or hyper intelligent. The only problem is there are some serious side effects like brain swelling, cardiac arrest, tumors, cannibilism- they become zombies!

So now Butte County has the locked up zombies escape and people are becoming infected everywhere and the police are trying to stop the madness. To make matters even worse there is a pervert on the loose you know a real weenie wager who they are calling the masturbator since that is exactly what he is doing while spying on people. Can they catch this perp and stop the zombies as well?

RetarDEAD is not a serious movie at all, you will not be scared by it but you might bust your gut laughing at it! Heidi Martinuzzi from makes as cameo as the cowgirl zombie while my boss at Shannon Lark is a living dead girl. It was fun to sit and watch this and see the girls and the movie will certainly become another classic in the horror community!

3 outta 5 slashes!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Damaged Disciples (3D)

Wits'-End Entertainment of Hudson, NH Proudly Presents:

Damaged Disciples (3D)

An anal retentive atheist social worker named Jimmy has just lost his girlfriend to the grave.His situation grows worse once he stumbles upon a secret society of Angel and Demons, blending in with Humans on Earth... Having his life saved by one particular very self serving, sarcastic and self abusive Angel, causes increasingly deadly side effects. The powers that be want to tie up any loose ends and continue to conceal their existence by just executing Jimmy. But Jimmy barters to assist in a Grand Quest in hopes they will cure him. Many temptations and pitfalls emerge as Jimmy now has no choice but help end a war between good and Evil...But which side will he take?

The Movie is shot entirely with Live Actors on Blue Screen, with all atmospheres, foregrounds, backgrounds, CGI creatures, etc... done in post. The look and feel is that of a Dark Graphic Novel. The situations lend to Graphic Horror, SCI-FI, Action, Comedy and Fantasy genres....The final print will be in Anaglyphic 3D and also a 2D version.

Main cast Members: Ryan Roy, Nathaniel Sylva, Edward X. Young, Jamie Fessenden, Lori Siem-Lindgren, Michelle Knotz , Colleen Cohan, Paul Henry and Steven Cambian.

Supporting Actors: Edward A. Young, Robbie Lindgren, Megan Sacco, Nick Kobus, Nikki Casey, Chris Clunnie, Sophia Wong, Jacob Roy. Rob Roy.Visit Movie website for updated info, Behind the scenes clips and progress on production.Website:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kicking the Dog

Ahhh, to be young again! When beer pong, playing asshole, and trying to get laid were the main priorties in life. You can relive all of these joys just by watching Kicking the Dog. I wasn’t expecting to like this, comedies just aren’t my thing. I had so much fun watching it while remembering my own memories of downing beers and trying to grow up even though it seemed impossible!

Here we have a click of good friends who love to drink beer and try to get laid. Satchum is the guy who seems to lead the pack in discussing old overwhelming embarrassing sexcapades and his girlfriend Julie is just getting sick and tired of hearing them. They are funny to hear but if you were her I think you’d feel the same. His friend Matt is a total pig that will say what needs to be said to get in a girls pants.

Satchum’s other friend Josh is a goofy guy who loves foot jobs and working 8 hours a day at a Porn shop. It is his dream job and loves the fact that he gets 5 free rentals a week and a 25% discount on toys. He spends his time fantasizing about the hot chicks in the videos while trying to get some in real life. You will really get an inside look at what guys really are thinking about girls at this age.

Some girls are really naive at this age and think that if they give up their goods they will get love. What they need to understand is all they are going to get is a reputation of being easy. Also you see that at this age guys are only thinking with one head and that is the one between their legs! Kicking the Dog is a hysterical look at the days in the life of a horny teenager!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Bloody Ape

If you want a ridiculasly fun watch, then The Bloody Ape is just right for you! This old gem has been entertaining horror fans for years. Here we have a crooked ass carnival with a side show involving a big hairy ape. This ape escapes his confines and goes on a bloody, raping carnage fest. There is plenty of blood, boobs, and bush! This hairy beast will drive a damn car, have sex and have a handful of more bloody mutilations!

2 outta 5 slashes

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mental Scars

Sometime’s things that happen to you as a child can permanently mess you up and possibly leave you with mental scars. The story here is about an old junkyard called Taggart’s Automotive that is now owned by Lanucci Development, and they plan to make it into a parking lot. The previous owners Betty and Gus Taggart used to live in the old house on the property with their kids.

One day they get an eviction notice on their door and are distraught to think that they are going to lose everything. The Taggart’s one son David had some severe mental illness that made him so much different from his brother Joshua. Joshua constantly tormented his older brother in any way he could find. David was bigger than his brother and should of just beat his ass but maybe he didn’t quite have the mentality to hurt family.

Dedra Lanucci is the cut throat head bitch at Lanucci Development and will bite your head off in a second! Kennedy Smith is the accountant for the company that accidentally finds out the junkyards torrid past thru a gossiping neighbor walking her dog, and believe me the terror goes way back beyond the Taggart’s! You will watch this film and see David Taggart creeping thru the junkyard with his knife poised.

He will prey on anyone who steps foot in the junkyard and you can tell it’s him because of that signature way he nervously plays with his bloody hair. If you head over to the films website you can check out photos from the film as well as merchandise. They have a really cool David doll that will be out soon, wonder if they will hook me up with a discount? Check out the trailer below.


3 outta 5 slashes

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dark Secrets

A famous wealthy couple wake up one gorgeous morning and their whole world shatters, their daughter Dallas has been kidnapped. Detective Jack Farrell is brought into the case to help search for who could of possibly kidnapped the beautiful blonde haired Dallas. At the house there doesn’t seem to be a single clue as to who could have done the dirty deed.

Detective Farrell worked a case before of another missing little girl named Alice who also disappeared and completely haunted him. Dallas’ parents are Darryl and Lori Van Dyke, both are celebrities which make this a high profile case. Darryl is a race car driver and Lori is a well known soap opera actress. Don’t you think it is sort of strange that since both parents are extremely wealthy there isn’t someone calling with a ransom request?

You’d think someone would be trying to squeeze some dough out of them. Weird. Instead there’s no ransom note, no phone call, no nothing! Could it be the annoying creepy journalist that hovers closely around always taking pictures trying to salvage a story? He taunts Jack Farrell about his past drinking problem and almost ends up with a foot embedded in his ass.

Old and new memories of these child kidnapping cases constantly swirl thru poor Jacks head slowly driving him insane and more determined than ever to solve his current case. Do you think it’s possible that little Dallas is still alive? Another strange thing is the lack of worry of these parents, I wouldn’t be able to function if my child was kidnapped. Dark Secrets brings terror to those who seek the truth.

Monday, April 13, 2009

It starts with three men sitting in a car waiting. Are they in the mob? The bald head of this secret organization Edgar slips into the car and starts to praise his handyman Victor for all of his hard work and most of all his loyalty with them. Edgar also tells him they need to take a quick ride over to the shop to take care of some business that involves Ted Costa.

Mr. Costa is ready to run for senate and threatens to expose things that the public should never now about this higher order. Victor, Edgar, and dread headed Demetri show up to put Mr. Costa in his rightful place, which could very well be in the ground! You see these secrets must be pretty intense in order for someone to be indefinitely silenced for being ready to spill the beans.

Annabel seems to be a quiet hard working woman with a love for horror and shoes! She has two close friends Kristin and Tina who try to convince her that she needs to let loose once in awhile, you only live once and who knows when your time will be up. Annabel confesses to Tina that she is going on a date later with a man she met on the internet.

On her date she expects to have a great night out with this cute guy but as they stroll down the street a woman asks if they have a light and next thing you know they are kidnapped and tied up in some back room. Anthony and his two trollops hint at too what these two are about to become… someone’s bloody but tasty good Livestock!

3 outta 5 slashes

Saturday, April 11, 2009

October Moon

Elliot Hamilton seems to be doing great in his relationship and in the middle of planning out his wedding to his long time girlfriend Marty. He is in need of a job so he goes on an interview and is hired by Corrin’s company. He is Corrin’s personal assistant and works closely with him on projects. Now Corrin is a hot, but gay guy in a relationship with a younger man Jake.

Corrin and Jake’s relationship seems to be in a standstill. Jake stays out late partying with his friends and seems to always forget that Corrin is waiting for him at home. He misses the dinners they have planned and just seems a little distant towards Corrin. At work a distraught Corrin confides in Nancy about his relationship woes and listens to her advice since they are extremely close knit friends.

Nancy also notices that Elliot is infatuated with Corrin but he insists he is not gay. Elliot actually has some pent up sexual feelings that he is afraid to let loose since his mother would disown him if she ever found out the truth. The more Elliot hangs out with Corrin the more evident it becomes that he has a crush on him. Soon his crush becomes an obsession that just might prove deadly.

The movie actually is a prequel to another movie I reviewed from Jason Paul Collum called November’s Son. I like that one so much that I begged to review October Moon. The drama and raw feeling in this film is intense, it had me cringing in embarrassment at times and filled with emotion at others! If you can handle men being in love this movie is a great find

Monday, March 30, 2009

Children of the Grave

An experiment gone wrong turns two medical workers and their test subject into flesh eating zombies that escape the building to go wreak havoc in the beautiful country side. A group of teens head out to a graveyard to hang out and party. What should of been a day filled with sex, drugs and rock and roll turns into one messy blood fest. These zombies are starved and ready to tear into limbs and brains! If you can’t read you will have to just guess at what they are saying because it is a Russian film. The subtitles didn’t bother me a bit and all of the blood makes up for it trust me.

No sooner does the gang get there does these zombies show up and fuck up their plans. Luckily the little shack they are in is fully stocked with all kinds of things that could and can kick a zombies ass. Will anyone make it out of here without becoming some zombie’s sandwhich? What starts as three soon multiplys to many when the spilled blood of the living dead seeps into the ground and animates the dead people in the graves. All these kids need to remember is the golden rule of aim for the brain! Children of the Grave is a fun watch and goes out of it’s way to shed some serious redness!

3 outta 5 slashes

The Absence- Bill Hussey

ISBN- 9781905636464Beautiful Books
Limited copyright 2009

The Nightingale’s are your typical dysfunctional family but with a twist. After Joe survives an automobile accident that kills his mother the guilt eats at him internally. His father Richard is a closeted alcoholic who thinks his kids don’t have a clue, while his brother Bobby’s old friend has just killed himself and it fills his head with enormous guilt. Richard gets a call that they have inherited Daecher’s Mill. To get away from it all Richard decides him and the boys will spend the summer there revamping the whole place. Little do they know that the shadows of this place hides many dark secrets. As the fateful mystery slowly and methodically unwinds learn what causes the absence.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Do you have what it takes to survive out in the wild? Personally, I wouldn’t last a day! I’d probably have a nervous breakdown. I would panic and if someone else was with me they’d have to knock me out just to shut me up. A quartet of wanna be explorers head up to meet Holly’s sister Juliet who has trained to be an instructor of teaching you how to stay safe and make do if you are ever lost in the great wide open.

The three most important things you need out there is water, clothing and shelter. Nick the driver seems to be a head strong type of guy that tries his hardest to hold onto his cell phone claiming it’s for work purposes but deep down I think he is scared of not having a way to get a hold of someone if help is needed. Later he will learn his instincts were dead on.

Wesley is a dork that takes notes on everything they are taught. He also came fully stocked with optional items like candy bars and a big ass bladed knife. Everyone giggles at his foolishness.
While wandering thru these woods they all come across a really weird contraption. Here it is some sort of sacrificial grove complete with fresh blood. I know if I would of seen this I would of packed up and got out of there stat!

They all decide to stay and soon they become hunted by a cold calculating killer! Will they be able to make it out of this place in one piece? Bloodmyth is filled with booby traps, blood and a man who wants them all dead. Can their survival tactics help them in this deadly situation? Watch and find out exactly why this man is doing what he does. He is searching for the power his soul craves to exist

3 outta 5 slashes

Sunday, March 22, 2009


A young lady and man sit at a table in a restaurant making idle chatter as they get to know one another. The girl is Isabel and seems to be nervous and distracted while Ben seems to be interested and taking her in. They talk of their likes and dislikes while Isabel tries to show him her salt trick. After they finish their dinner of spaghetti they walk around the city getting to know each other.

Sitting on a bench on a crowded street she asks Ben about his Myspace page and if he is married like it says on his profile. He says no, and explains why it’s check off as that. He asks her the same question and after beating around the bush for a bit she admits she is married and you can read the disappointment in Ben’s eyes. They talk and walk some more and then go their separate ways.

They decide to keep talking a build a pretty close friendship where as you watch you wonder if they will cross that line and become involved. Ben makes movies and tells her she is perfect for his next film. She thinks she might become involved. After watching them you think they would be the perfect couple if they got together…but will they? Will adultery become part of this friendships equation?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut- Official release in April

Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut – official release coming in April!

Happy Cloud Pictures is pleased to announce that its fourth feature, Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut will celebrate its official DVD release in April, 2009. As detailed in Fangoria Magazine, Splatter Movie is surreal and off-beat “documentary” about the making of a slasher movie called “Tessaract” (which, in turn, is about a group of filmmakers shooting a movie called “Splatter Movie”) whose cast and crew is being stalked by a killer masquerading as the film’s fictional killer. Written by Mike Watt and directed by and starring Amy Lynn Best, Splatter Movie quickly spirals into bizarre territory as the line between film and reality blurs—then disappears entirely!

Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut stars Tom (The Evil Dead) Sullivan, Debbie (Nowhere Man) Rochon, Sofiya (A Feast of Flesh) Smirnova, Elske (Poultrygeist) McCain, Rachelle (Jess Franco’s Take-Away Spirit) and Nikki (Demon Divas and the Lanes of Damnation) McCrae. The movie features the song “Spot the Psycho” by Cornbugs, featuring vocals by Choptop (aka Bill (Repo: The Genetic Opera) Moseley).

The official DVD release comes loaded with a companion film, deleted scenes and more. This release also marks the debut of Happy Cloud Pictures’ own distribution arm, bringing the DVD straight to the consumer and eliminating the red tape. The M.S.R. for Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut is $19.95, but to commemorate the event, HCP is offering $10 off the official copy to anyone who bought the previous “work-in-progress” DVD-R release online or at past conventions.

To coincide with this auspicious release, Happy Cloud Pictures will also release a companion screenplay annotated and illustrated, available separately, detailed with numerous behind-the-scenes photos and details about the production from Best and Watt. This handsome collector’s book will be available for a limited time and offered autographed through the HCP website at – For more information, please visit the site.

To arrange interviews with the principals, please contact us at
To Pre-Order Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut- Official DVD and get FREE shipping (only with the Pre-order) for $19.99
To Pre-Order the Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut Companion Screenplay with FREE shipping for $13
Save by pre-ordering BOTH TOGETHER for only $25 and FREE shipping!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


This is a 100% not my type of a flick but I really enjoyed Stormforce. Rick Symons is a maverick Army diver who seems to have an ample amount of experience but always seems to press peoples buttons no matter where he goes. While on a top brass military reception he takes things just a little too far and his commanding officer has no other choice but to send him over to the Airforces 40th search and rescue mission.

So now Rick is part of the Sea King helicopter rescue crew and he realizes that Alex the teams medic is the woman he humiliated at the military reception. She asks him why he looks so familiar but he denies ever meeting her. Later on she figures it all out and her feisty attitude has her trying to outwit him time and time again. I don't know how she does it but this woman is extremely brave and big hearted.

Watching these people do their job is exciting at times and sad at others. It must be a hell of a feeling to be credited for saving someone's life. I wouldn't even be able to handle the helicopter ride let alone being lowered into the needed situation on that's crazy. Near the end of the film my DVD got stuck and I couldn't stand not knowing the outcome of that frantic dangerous mission.

I would recommend Stormforce for anyone who wants to have an exciting watch along with some drama! So just as Rick is ready to leave all of this behind a distress call comes in that a ship is on fire and they need to evacuate it before it goes under. Take a chance on it, I did and it was well worth it. It made me realize I need to expand my horizon's when it comes to seeing different types of movies!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lydia's Birth

ISBN: 1-60474-653-X2008
Publish America

Here we have Lydia, a beautiful sensual creature who seems to have the perfect marriage along with the perfect life. She married her high school sweetheart and started a family while hardly ever leaving her husbands side. One day she goes to confession and tells her priest Father Michael Murphy some of her sins and shocks him to high hell. It seems the perfect innocent wife isn’t so innocent after all. Once you find out what a passion Lydia has for blood, it does make you think how in the hell is she going to get away with all of the murders but then that’s when a quiet little twist sets in and allows an opening for another chapter in Lydia’s blood thirsty life!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Southern Fried Bigfoot

Living in NJ, I know what it is like to have a legendary monster slinking around in the woods since The Jersey Devil has been spotted for decades. So many people have turned in accounts of seeing it but there is no actual proof. Well in Southern Fried Bigfoot you learn all about the hairy beast who has been dwelling down south since the first report back in 1837.

Does this creature actually exist or is it some elaborate hoax that has been continued for years? Countess reports have documented the monster, while huge footprints have been found and cast to study. Most of the casts have 3,4, or five toes which they seem to believe it is from the inbreeding within the Bigfoot breed. Science claims this whole deal as bullshit since there is no concrete evidence to support the claims of this swamp devil.

Bigfoot has been called many names such as yeti, sasquatch, cattle critter, mo mo, raggedy man, swamp devil, wild man, skunk ape, booger, and even the last caveman. He wasn’t given the name of Bigfoot until the 50’s and there were 1000’s of reports of people seeing this thing. Cattle was attacked which led them to believe that it’s a scary aggressive primate who is actually attracted to trailer parks.

Bigfoot is described as being well over 7ft tall with arms so long that when they hang down they go past his knees. Claims have said that sometimes it’s hairy body is silver, white or dark colored in nature. This documentary was a blast to watch and kinda makes you go “Hmmm could there really be Bigfoot somewhere out there?” Who knows, science doesn’t have an answer for everything out there so why couldn’t there be a Bigfoot out there lurking?

4 outta 5 slashes