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Monday, March 30, 2009

Children of the Grave

An experiment gone wrong turns two medical workers and their test subject into flesh eating zombies that escape the building to go wreak havoc in the beautiful country side. A group of teens head out to a graveyard to hang out and party. What should of been a day filled with sex, drugs and rock and roll turns into one messy blood fest. These zombies are starved and ready to tear into limbs and brains! If you can’t read you will have to just guess at what they are saying because it is a Russian film. The subtitles didn’t bother me a bit and all of the blood makes up for it trust me.

No sooner does the gang get there does these zombies show up and fuck up their plans. Luckily the little shack they are in is fully stocked with all kinds of things that could and can kick a zombies ass. Will anyone make it out of here without becoming some zombie’s sandwhich? What starts as three soon multiplys to many when the spilled blood of the living dead seeps into the ground and animates the dead people in the graves. All these kids need to remember is the golden rule of aim for the brain! Children of the Grave is a fun watch and goes out of it’s way to shed some serious redness!

3 outta 5 slashes

The Absence- Bill Hussey

ISBN- 9781905636464Beautiful Books
Limited copyright 2009

The Nightingale’s are your typical dysfunctional family but with a twist. After Joe survives an automobile accident that kills his mother the guilt eats at him internally. His father Richard is a closeted alcoholic who thinks his kids don’t have a clue, while his brother Bobby’s old friend has just killed himself and it fills his head with enormous guilt. Richard gets a call that they have inherited Daecher’s Mill. To get away from it all Richard decides him and the boys will spend the summer there revamping the whole place. Little do they know that the shadows of this place hides many dark secrets. As the fateful mystery slowly and methodically unwinds learn what causes the absence.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Do you have what it takes to survive out in the wild? Personally, I wouldn’t last a day! I’d probably have a nervous breakdown. I would panic and if someone else was with me they’d have to knock me out just to shut me up. A quartet of wanna be explorers head up to meet Holly’s sister Juliet who has trained to be an instructor of teaching you how to stay safe and make do if you are ever lost in the great wide open.

The three most important things you need out there is water, clothing and shelter. Nick the driver seems to be a head strong type of guy that tries his hardest to hold onto his cell phone claiming it’s for work purposes but deep down I think he is scared of not having a way to get a hold of someone if help is needed. Later he will learn his instincts were dead on.

Wesley is a dork that takes notes on everything they are taught. He also came fully stocked with optional items like candy bars and a big ass bladed knife. Everyone giggles at his foolishness.
While wandering thru these woods they all come across a really weird contraption. Here it is some sort of sacrificial grove complete with fresh blood. I know if I would of seen this I would of packed up and got out of there stat!

They all decide to stay and soon they become hunted by a cold calculating killer! Will they be able to make it out of this place in one piece? Bloodmyth is filled with booby traps, blood and a man who wants them all dead. Can their survival tactics help them in this deadly situation? Watch and find out exactly why this man is doing what he does. He is searching for the power his soul craves to exist

3 outta 5 slashes

Sunday, March 22, 2009


A young lady and man sit at a table in a restaurant making idle chatter as they get to know one another. The girl is Isabel and seems to be nervous and distracted while Ben seems to be interested and taking her in. They talk of their likes and dislikes while Isabel tries to show him her salt trick. After they finish their dinner of spaghetti they walk around the city getting to know each other.

Sitting on a bench on a crowded street she asks Ben about his Myspace page and if he is married like it says on his profile. He says no, and explains why it’s check off as that. He asks her the same question and after beating around the bush for a bit she admits she is married and you can read the disappointment in Ben’s eyes. They talk and walk some more and then go their separate ways.

They decide to keep talking a build a pretty close friendship where as you watch you wonder if they will cross that line and become involved. Ben makes movies and tells her she is perfect for his next film. She thinks she might become involved. After watching them you think they would be the perfect couple if they got together…but will they? Will adultery become part of this friendships equation?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut- Official release in April

Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut – official release coming in April!

Happy Cloud Pictures is pleased to announce that its fourth feature, Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut will celebrate its official DVD release in April, 2009. As detailed in Fangoria Magazine, Splatter Movie is surreal and off-beat “documentary” about the making of a slasher movie called “Tessaract” (which, in turn, is about a group of filmmakers shooting a movie called “Splatter Movie”) whose cast and crew is being stalked by a killer masquerading as the film’s fictional killer. Written by Mike Watt and directed by and starring Amy Lynn Best, Splatter Movie quickly spirals into bizarre territory as the line between film and reality blurs—then disappears entirely!

Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut stars Tom (The Evil Dead) Sullivan, Debbie (Nowhere Man) Rochon, Sofiya (A Feast of Flesh) Smirnova, Elske (Poultrygeist) McCain, Rachelle (Jess Franco’s Take-Away Spirit) and Nikki (Demon Divas and the Lanes of Damnation) McCrae. The movie features the song “Spot the Psycho” by Cornbugs, featuring vocals by Choptop (aka Bill (Repo: The Genetic Opera) Moseley).

The official DVD release comes loaded with a companion film, deleted scenes and more. This release also marks the debut of Happy Cloud Pictures’ own distribution arm, bringing the DVD straight to the consumer and eliminating the red tape. The M.S.R. for Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut is $19.95, but to commemorate the event, HCP is offering $10 off the official copy to anyone who bought the previous “work-in-progress” DVD-R release online or at past conventions.

To coincide with this auspicious release, Happy Cloud Pictures will also release a companion screenplay annotated and illustrated, available separately, detailed with numerous behind-the-scenes photos and details about the production from Best and Watt. This handsome collector’s book will be available for a limited time and offered autographed through the HCP website at – For more information, please visit the site.

To arrange interviews with the principals, please contact us at
To Pre-Order Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut- Official DVD and get FREE shipping (only with the Pre-order) for $19.99
To Pre-Order the Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut Companion Screenplay with FREE shipping for $13
Save by pre-ordering BOTH TOGETHER for only $25 and FREE shipping!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


This is a 100% not my type of a flick but I really enjoyed Stormforce. Rick Symons is a maverick Army diver who seems to have an ample amount of experience but always seems to press peoples buttons no matter where he goes. While on a top brass military reception he takes things just a little too far and his commanding officer has no other choice but to send him over to the Airforces 40th search and rescue mission.

So now Rick is part of the Sea King helicopter rescue crew and he realizes that Alex the teams medic is the woman he humiliated at the military reception. She asks him why he looks so familiar but he denies ever meeting her. Later on she figures it all out and her feisty attitude has her trying to outwit him time and time again. I don't know how she does it but this woman is extremely brave and big hearted.

Watching these people do their job is exciting at times and sad at others. It must be a hell of a feeling to be credited for saving someone's life. I wouldn't even be able to handle the helicopter ride let alone being lowered into the needed situation on that's crazy. Near the end of the film my DVD got stuck and I couldn't stand not knowing the outcome of that frantic dangerous mission.

I would recommend Stormforce for anyone who wants to have an exciting watch along with some drama! So just as Rick is ready to leave all of this behind a distress call comes in that a ship is on fire and they need to evacuate it before it goes under. Take a chance on it, I did and it was well worth it. It made me realize I need to expand my horizon's when it comes to seeing different types of movies!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lydia's Birth

ISBN: 1-60474-653-X2008
Publish America

Here we have Lydia, a beautiful sensual creature who seems to have the perfect marriage along with the perfect life. She married her high school sweetheart and started a family while hardly ever leaving her husbands side. One day she goes to confession and tells her priest Father Michael Murphy some of her sins and shocks him to high hell. It seems the perfect innocent wife isn’t so innocent after all. Once you find out what a passion Lydia has for blood, it does make you think how in the hell is she going to get away with all of the murders but then that’s when a quiet little twist sets in and allows an opening for another chapter in Lydia’s blood thirsty life!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Southern Fried Bigfoot

Living in NJ, I know what it is like to have a legendary monster slinking around in the woods since The Jersey Devil has been spotted for decades. So many people have turned in accounts of seeing it but there is no actual proof. Well in Southern Fried Bigfoot you learn all about the hairy beast who has been dwelling down south since the first report back in 1837.

Does this creature actually exist or is it some elaborate hoax that has been continued for years? Countess reports have documented the monster, while huge footprints have been found and cast to study. Most of the casts have 3,4, or five toes which they seem to believe it is from the inbreeding within the Bigfoot breed. Science claims this whole deal as bullshit since there is no concrete evidence to support the claims of this swamp devil.

Bigfoot has been called many names such as yeti, sasquatch, cattle critter, mo mo, raggedy man, swamp devil, wild man, skunk ape, booger, and even the last caveman. He wasn’t given the name of Bigfoot until the 50’s and there were 1000’s of reports of people seeing this thing. Cattle was attacked which led them to believe that it’s a scary aggressive primate who is actually attracted to trailer parks.

Bigfoot is described as being well over 7ft tall with arms so long that when they hang down they go past his knees. Claims have said that sometimes it’s hairy body is silver, white or dark colored in nature. This documentary was a blast to watch and kinda makes you go “Hmmm could there really be Bigfoot somewhere out there?” Who knows, science doesn’t have an answer for everything out there so why couldn’t there be a Bigfoot out there lurking?

4 outta 5 slashes

Saturday, March 7, 2009

When The Autumn Moon is Bright, The Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter- Brian Easton

Writer’s Club Press 2002
ISBN: 0-595-25734-8 (pbk)
ISBN: 0-595-65292-1 (cloth)

Sylvester Logan James was just a young boy when a werewolf took his father away from him, and from that moment on he makes it his goal in life to hunt it down and slaughter it. His father’s friend Michael helps Sylvester train to become one with the Earth, from sweat boxes to being blindfolded to sharpen his senses to the things around him in the wilderness he is shaped into a killing machine. You will read of Sylvester’s journey forward and how the rage that burns inside him fuels his fight against the beast. Each page gets you closer to the truth of why that werewolf was there to begin with. I gurantee you if you pick this book up you will not be able to put it down- yeah, it’s that damn good!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

November Son

Two years ago an obsessive gay love triangle came to a head and not only destroyed three men’s lives but it shocked everyone around them. Emily Hamilton played by Judith O’Dea is grieving the loss of her son and the way she treated him right before he died. Everyday this woman has to get up and remember just how rotten she really was to Elliot. It’s just so hard for an old horse to learn new tricks.

Openly gay and proud of it Eli ends up moving into the apartment that two of the victims previously shared. I think he feels it’s negative energy as soon as he steps foot inside but he likes the place and decides to rent it. George, Eli’s father is fresh out of prison and starts to date Nancy who is played by Brinke Stevens. Nancy is hip to the whole gay thing so she just misses her son immensely.

Nancy starts to think that maybe George is more than a disappointed father at Eli being gay. She starts to believe that maybe he likes men as well. George doesn’t take that suggestion too kindly and they have a huge fight. One thing I was surprised to learn was that this film was a sequel to a film October Moon. But don’t worry if you have never seen it like myself, you don’t need to.
But you might want to after seeing this!

All of the people in Eli’s life seem to be fucked up in some way or another so when Emily hires him and then starts to treat him as her lost son. I guess she thinks from doing this she is making up for what she put her son thru. Suddenly people start dying in torturous ways and you try to figure it out…but can you?

3 outta 5 slashes