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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lost Woods

Directed by: Philip and Nathan Ellering
Release Date: March 2, 2012
88 Minutes
Darrin is just kicking back enjoying his day to day routine when there's a little break in the monotony as some friends come by to convince him to go with them camping. He is a tad hesitant since a boy named Nunez went missing up in those woods and hasn't been heard from since.
After awhile you can tell that Darrin is really glad he went. His bud Rey is the rugged outdoors type while his sister Lucy is clearly smitten with Darrin. They chillax near the bonfire drinking beers with Warren and Goofball George. All of them enjoy the Nature trails and go cliff diving
Two bullying rednecks with a rifle swipe Rey's trusty blade on their way back to the site and he vows revenge. But that might not be able to come into play because a deadly Sasquatch is now hunting them like prey while knocking them off one by one.

The beast looks a tad goofy but that's OK because it's a cool storyline and you can totally imagine yourself being in their shoes. Will anyone in their close circle of friends survive to tell the tale? Or will they all end up just body parts scattered thru the woods? The answer to that is.... watch it!