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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Puppet Master

There aren't many people out there who don't thoroughly enjoy a Charles Band flick and if there are, we don't really care about them anyway do we? In the film Puppet Master, Neil Gallagher finds out the secret of how Toulon's puppets come to life and then he winded up killing himself. A few psychics come to the house and try to figure out why and what exactly is going on.

Strange vibes are invading the psychics senses and soon they will meet Andre Toulon's evil little creations face to face- or should I say face to floor? Will anyone survive the terror of these puppets on a rampage? Will the mysteries of Toulon's pupets be solved and brought into the eyes of the public? Or will these little buggars prevail?

Each and every little puppet has it's own distinctive personality that can make you fall in instant love with their stalking and butchering. I don't know if I could pick a favorite one because I find each one has something strikingly appealing to it. Leech lady was awesome with her gagging up leeches grossness but
Blade was just too cool not to mention.

This is like the 5th time I have watched Puppet Master and I just don't ever seem to tire of it. Charles Band has a knack for directing an appealing movie for most people out there...well unless your a total prude with no sense of humor. If by chance you have never seen this- it's a must! You'll never forget those pillaging puppets- I can guarantee you that.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Killjoy 3

I'll be up front and honest with you- I actually did not see the previous two Kill Joy flicks but the third installment in the series was very entertaining. Kill Joy 3 can hold the interest of the seasoned horror
fan because of it comical comments and behaviors of the four very evil clowns. If you have a phobia of clowns, don't even look at the DVD cover cause Kill Joy is creepy!

Apparently in the first films the Professor summoned the demonic clown and he brought along a few other face painted friends for the bloody fun and games. Well the Professor weasels out of the deal by leaving them and they are sent back inside of the magic mirror where they must bait him with something to force him into their carnival of carnage- so they use four kids that are house sitting at his place.

Punchy the hobo takes some huge jabs at big Zilla the football player when he gets sucked into the mirror that makes him think getting tackled is a lot easier to handle than those hard hitting fists. Batty Boop was my favorite, she was a demonic clown succubus who is Kill Joys main squeeze. Now the mirror has finally brought them all together to battle it out until the gruesome end.

I loved all of the fun that was had in this one folks, I now have to see the first two so I can see what other kind of hi-jinks this bad clown has pulled on other people. If your a Charles Band fan you'll be pretty pleased with the product. If your not, try it on for size anyway you never know- you could become the next Killjoy fan like myself.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The son of a tried and convicted murderer named Sammy inherits a sacred blue movie that may finally clear his dad's name by solving a 50 year old double murder. Chet finds himself in the secret world of sexual obsession and perversion. But the closer he gets to the answer of this mystery, the past threatens to crash into the present and let the terrifying truths that lead him to the brink of madness be known.

Sammy was a famous photographer back in the 50's who also made the risque movies which were titled blue films. The clips they showed were neat but they could of made them look older. People into the bondage fetish or have an appeal for very visual and artistic concepts will enjoy this one.The storyline was not very defined and I was confused at some of it.

American Fetish wasn't really holding my attention as much as I thought it would, I enjoyed the sexy fetish women acts and dancing but it just seemed to be the same thing over and over. I did like that most of the girls had a fan of cards covering their most private part- maybe the symbolism was if you got into her stockings you were to be dealt a winning hand!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Steve Balderson's Stuck has a sweet blond girl named Daisy whose mother is seriously depressed and not loving life too much anymore. She returns home one day after working her job as a shop girl and finds her mom crying while holding on tight to a pistol with the intent on leaving this miserable place we call the world. If only Daisy would of gotten home a few minutes later...
You see if she did, maybe her mother would of already been dead and she wouldn't be accused of killing her. Now sweet Daisy ends up in prison thanks to her neighbor (Karen Black) who swore she saw her shoot her own mother when looking thru the window! Daisy sits in a cell waiting for her execution, knowing she will probably die for a crime she honestly didn't commit.
The mixture of the women on her cell block scare and intimidate her at first but then she realizes that they are all she has now. Slowly but surely she comes around and starts to grow as attached to them as they are of her. The female guard is a slimy bitch that you'd just punch in the face if you ever got the chance- she's that much of a sleeze.
As time ticks away Daisy waits in her cell as the neighbor becomes obsessed with the whole thing because she starts to realize maybe she was wrong. Maybe her eyes did deceive her and poor Daisy is really innocent. Will she step forward and voice her concerns? Or will she let it all fade from her memory and pretend like it never happened?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fable: Teeth of Beasts

The film Fable:Teeth of Beasts can be perfectly described as being a twisted fairytale of sorts made on a low budget. Horror actresses Melantha Blackthorne, Seregon O'Dassey, and Fiona Horne all play parts in the tale of how purposely tainted Ouija boards are opening a gateway and bringing normal people into the magical secret town of Fable.

The Crone was hands down the best character in the film, so I don't understand why they only had her creepy ass in there for about five minutes if that. The Crone was who was creating the gateways in the boards to lure in the outsiders. I was really disappointed when she was offed so quickly, if there was a little bit more of her spread through out it- it would be the rotten cherry on top.
Melantha Blackthorne plays the bad ass Lilith Noir who is a freelance enforcer for the shadow government that keeps an eye over the magical realm of Fable and exterminates all the bad guys with her weapons and fighting skills. Now if you are hoping for a film to blow you off your feet, this won't be it- But it was an interesting view.