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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Steve Balderson's Stuck has a sweet blond girl named Daisy whose mother is seriously depressed and not loving life too much anymore. She returns home one day after working her job as a shop girl and finds her mom crying while holding on tight to a pistol with the intent on leaving this miserable place we call the world. If only Daisy would of gotten home a few minutes later...
You see if she did, maybe her mother would of already been dead and she wouldn't be accused of killing her. Now sweet Daisy ends up in prison thanks to her neighbor (Karen Black) who swore she saw her shoot her own mother when looking thru the window! Daisy sits in a cell waiting for her execution, knowing she will probably die for a crime she honestly didn't commit.
The mixture of the women on her cell block scare and intimidate her at first but then she realizes that they are all she has now. Slowly but surely she comes around and starts to grow as attached to them as they are of her. The female guard is a slimy bitch that you'd just punch in the face if you ever got the chance- she's that much of a sleeze.
As time ticks away Daisy waits in her cell as the neighbor becomes obsessed with the whole thing because she starts to realize maybe she was wrong. Maybe her eyes did deceive her and poor Daisy is really innocent. Will she step forward and voice her concerns? Or will she let it all fade from her memory and pretend like it never happened?

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