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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fable: Teeth of Beasts

The film Fable:Teeth of Beasts can be perfectly described as being a twisted fairytale of sorts made on a low budget. Horror actresses Melantha Blackthorne, Seregon O'Dassey, and Fiona Horne all play parts in the tale of how purposely tainted Ouija boards are opening a gateway and bringing normal people into the magical secret town of Fable.

The Crone was hands down the best character in the film, so I don't understand why they only had her creepy ass in there for about five minutes if that. The Crone was who was creating the gateways in the boards to lure in the outsiders. I was really disappointed when she was offed so quickly, if there was a little bit more of her spread through out it- it would be the rotten cherry on top.
Melantha Blackthorne plays the bad ass Lilith Noir who is a freelance enforcer for the shadow government that keeps an eye over the magical realm of Fable and exterminates all the bad guys with her weapons and fighting skills. Now if you are hoping for a film to blow you off your feet, this won't be it- But it was an interesting view.

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