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Sunday, February 28, 2010


J.A. Steel's Denizen is about a small town that's being terrorized by this hairy like creature. People's bloody

body parts start showing up all over and now everyone is in a state of panic. The general is in his fatiges and informs the people at the town meeting that it's a rare strain of bird flu thats in the water now people are freaked and think everyone is going to die sickly horrible deaths.

Dex was told that he could call a woman named Seirra if he ever was in sticky situation but it must be a dire emergency. Now Sierra gives of the vibe of a total tough girl but I think somewhere deep down in her there is a slightly soft side. After getting the run aound he finally get's in touch with Sierra and he convinces her to get involved.

Sierra is now ready to rock and she's got the guns to prove it, and by guns what I mean is some muscle arms. Her and the monster go head to head in battle. The fight is on and they are going toe to toe and you aren't sure who is going to be the winner but a gunshot rings out and breaks it up. A plan is set into motion so they can catch the monster with the bloody pointy choppers.

Will they be able to hatch a plan good enough to work against the creature that is flying thru the town leaving innards dropping and blood puddling where ever it goes. The trap is set  and now all they need to do is wait for him to show up and Seirra has a freaky litle trick up her leather sleeves. Who will win this battle and will the town ever be saved?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brooke Lemke's two short films

A Broken Family

A nervous groom stands waiting at the altar for his bride to be to come sweeping down the isle with breath taking beauty that will steal his breath away. A stern looking man comes up and whispers to the bridesmaid who leaves the room to look for the bride and find out what is going on and why isn’t she out there next to her eager groom. Her sister and her fiancee find Michelle and the converation they have will change all of their lives forever.

Young Eyes

Society today just seems to press the idea that women should look a certain way into everybodys heads, and it’s unfair. Everywhere you look there are billboards with glamorous thin women pouting down at you or shows on TV stating how marvelous these ladies are when in reality most of them are thin from stress, drugs, eating disorders but some actually just have good luck. You grow up thinking that if you aren’t a pin sized blond with double D breasts that your not beautiful or worthy. In this short two young girls are feeling the toll of being fed how we women should look

Monday, February 15, 2010

Breaking Her Will

I just recently watched Dirtbags: Evil Never Felt So Good and it was goofy and crude just like I like them. Now I have moved to another film by Bill Zebub called Breaking Her Will. It is made to make the viewer see the serial killer in the film as a realistic sexual sadist of a serial killer, not just portrayed as your typical Alpha male.

It starts with a dark haired female who looks extremely nervous trying to hitch a ride. Finally a guy stops and picks her up. He veers off the road into this parking lot gets a knife from the trunk and forces her to put on handcuffs and get in the trunk. He takes her to a basement where he slowly and methodically torments her with ease.

He insults her and handcuffs her lying down to this long piece of wood. A blond in lingerie comes over and then some fun begins. Mind games seem to be a major part of the plan when it comes to breaking chicks down, well along with sodomy, rape, and perhaps murder? This guy will skeeve you with his disgusting self and his horrible antics.

Breaking Her Will is one of those movies that if you are a woman and put yourself in that position it will give you goosebumps and turn your stomach. I would truly never want to go thru that situation and it completely hones in making you realize all over again that evil is out there and this shit really happens everyday to unsuspecting victims who never even seen it coming!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why Am I in a Box?

In the film Why Am I in a Box Rachel Grubb plays Ellen Famsby who lives in an apartment with her boyfriend James and they are both writers. Ellen hasn’t written anything for a long time but James stays home all day trying to advance with his story but he seems to be having a serious case of writers block that won’t go away. His concentration is completely lost.

One day Ellen leaves work and the next thing you know she is in the hands of a wacky woman named Paige who has always wanted to write a great novel but has never been able to achieve her goal. She chains Ellen up in a completely painted white room with a typewriter and feeds her only ramen noodles when she is hungry.

Paige wants Ellen to write an unforgettable masterpiece that will put her name on the map and if she doesn’t- she’s dead.. So she’s holed up in the room not feeling too inspirational but forcing herself to write so this psychotic woman will let her go, well that’s what she promises her anyway. Paige reads the budding story and hates it telling her she better shape up and get it right.

Will Ellen be able to get it right or will she succumb to Paige’s punishment? Her boyfriend finally goes to the police and they put their heads together trying to figure out what could of happened to her. He doesn’t understand how she could leave him without a word, not knowing that she being held. Paige sends them a clue to decipher in order to find her- but will they get there in time?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Remarkable Power

Jack West is the host for a spectacular late night talk show for 15 years running but now producers are ready to pull the plug. To make matters worse his beautiful wife is having an affair with a young buck of a baseball player who is actually married with a family. Talk about getting the seriously short end of the stick. This man’s life is falling apart.

Then there’s Ross who is a cute stoner who constantly watches this infomercial that guarantees success in his life and really believes it will help him get his act together and he will live happily ever after. One day Ross is walking down the street and see’s Preston from the self help video and approaches him. They head upstairs to Preston’s apartment and an accident happens that leaves Ross reeling.

Then there’s the private eye Van Hagen that was hired by Jake West to get proof of his wife’s indiscretions. Van is played by Tom Arnold and sits in his van staking out his clients and talking to himself and seems to really enjoy his job. One night he meets Athena and discovers her morbid job of photographing dead people.

Now Jack knows for sure that his wife Cynthia is screwing famous ball thrower Doug Wade, he concocts his own huge media stunt that will leave viewers of his show speechless. Can he get away with his scheme or will it somehow be foiled? Remarkable Power is a movie that will pull your eyes to the screen in amusement while loving Jack’s sweet revenge.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Every girl dreams of going to her prom. From what she is going to where, how her make up will be and where will her hot date be taking her afterwards. Well how would you feel if your date and their friends brought you to an old abandoned house in the middle of an out of the way orchard to scare you with tales of an urban legend?

I would be pissed! Especially when I had to walk thru the dirt and mud in my nice heels- I mean all of that primping and finally putting on the dress you took such care in buying only to go sit in some dirty old house while your date tried to scare it off of you. Not cool! Do they really think that is the way to go? A girl doesn’t get in the mood by being spooked.

Ella deep down is sweating the possibility of getting caught since her over protective father dropped her off at the dance with high hopes for her and her evening. Jennifer Tilly plays their teacher Miss Perry who seems to like those young high school boys. By the end of the night there might not be any boys left for her to play with.

Soon the game shifts and the urban legend himself turns up with the straw hat and flannel shirt and creates some real scares killing whoever he can get hands on. Will any of these girls survive to go home and try to get the blood stains out of their dresses? Or will they all be left dead at the orchard and used as human compost?