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Monday, February 15, 2010

Breaking Her Will

I just recently watched Dirtbags: Evil Never Felt So Good and it was goofy and crude just like I like them. Now I have moved to another film by Bill Zebub called Breaking Her Will. It is made to make the viewer see the serial killer in the film as a realistic sexual sadist of a serial killer, not just portrayed as your typical Alpha male.

It starts with a dark haired female who looks extremely nervous trying to hitch a ride. Finally a guy stops and picks her up. He veers off the road into this parking lot gets a knife from the trunk and forces her to put on handcuffs and get in the trunk. He takes her to a basement where he slowly and methodically torments her with ease.

He insults her and handcuffs her lying down to this long piece of wood. A blond in lingerie comes over and then some fun begins. Mind games seem to be a major part of the plan when it comes to breaking chicks down, well along with sodomy, rape, and perhaps murder? This guy will skeeve you with his disgusting self and his horrible antics.

Breaking Her Will is one of those movies that if you are a woman and put yourself in that position it will give you goosebumps and turn your stomach. I would truly never want to go thru that situation and it completely hones in making you realize all over again that evil is out there and this shit really happens everyday to unsuspecting victims who never even seen it coming!

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