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Sunday, February 28, 2010


J.A. Steel's Denizen is about a small town that's being terrorized by this hairy like creature. People's bloody

body parts start showing up all over and now everyone is in a state of panic. The general is in his fatiges and informs the people at the town meeting that it's a rare strain of bird flu thats in the water now people are freaked and think everyone is going to die sickly horrible deaths.

Dex was told that he could call a woman named Seirra if he ever was in sticky situation but it must be a dire emergency. Now Sierra gives of the vibe of a total tough girl but I think somewhere deep down in her there is a slightly soft side. After getting the run aound he finally get's in touch with Sierra and he convinces her to get involved.

Sierra is now ready to rock and she's got the guns to prove it, and by guns what I mean is some muscle arms. Her and the monster go head to head in battle. The fight is on and they are going toe to toe and you aren't sure who is going to be the winner but a gunshot rings out and breaks it up. A plan is set into motion so they can catch the monster with the bloody pointy choppers.

Will they be able to hatch a plan good enough to work against the creature that is flying thru the town leaving innards dropping and blood puddling where ever it goes. The trap is set  and now all they need to do is wait for him to show up and Seirra has a freaky litle trick up her leather sleeves. Who will win this battle and will the town ever be saved?

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