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Monday, April 26, 2010

Lucas McPherson's Poetry, Songs and Stygian Stories

Poetry, Songs and Stygian Stories- Author Lucas McPherson & Cyan Jenkins as illustrator

Copyright iUniverse 2010

ISBN: 978-1-4401-9530-3 (sc)

ISBN: 978-1-4401-9531-0 (ebook)

Lucas McPherson' Poetry, Songs and Stygian Stories might be short and to the point but they are very
original mixing Vampires and Vegans to a very comical view on the latest high tech devices they have come up with to blow your mind with in the porn world in The Final Frontier (an Explicit sketch). My personal
favorite out of the short stories was titled Cellulitopia (micro fiction) in which she makes you realize how vain we all have become with our appearances by paying outrageous prices to rid ourselves of our imperfections- the imperfections that society has placed upon us by shoving the whole skinny is beautiful thing in our faces all these years. Also the poetry gives us a peek at what's floating around in that brain of hers. The hand drawn pictures in the book that compliment the story was provided by the artist Cyan Jenkins and you can find more of her work at the following website:

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I received German director Frank W. Montag's film titled Slasher as a screener and it wasn't that bad, it was sort of entertaining. It's a flick that will make you go "Man, I really do miss all of those old school slashers!" You might even start going thru your massive DVD collection with a vengeance so you can break them all out and watch all the blood flow once again!

Here a group of friends decide to take a break from school and head into the back woods of Germany and go camping. On the way out they run into a family of inbreds that live in a cottage. Now they were creepy! Around the campfire one guy tells a scary story while hoping to freak everyone out and with some help it works. Too bad in a few moments that safe scare is going to turn into terrifying reality.

To be completely honest the film wasn't as good as I hoped it would be, but it's watchable. There wasn't
a lot shown which could be disappointing to all the hardcore slasher fans but if your a novice just starting out on horror, this is up your alley for sure. It'll break you in and get you ready for the next step up which would be more in depth killing and more scares.

I will be honest and say I was hoping for more than I got out of watching this. I mean it isn't as bad as someone running their jagged fingernails slowly across a chalk board it was more like a nagging feeling
of what could of been. I think it could of been a lot more visual with the killing since that is what scares most people.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Now a lot of people, some reviewers included don't give indie films much credit sometime's and if they turn it on and it doesn't have that standard Hollywood look and feel they don't really give it a heart felt chance. Sympathy will up the anti with the viewer and amaze them at how this movie mainly takes place in only one setting- a grimy hotel room and still remain intense.

A skinny guy in a vest named Trip has a hostage, this frizzy haired girl in handcuffs that he has obviously kidnapped for whatever reason and she looks like she was taken thru the wringer on the way there. Her name is Sara and she has no clue of the reason she was taken or if there was even a reason in the first place. All she knows is she is now handcuffed to a bed in the motel room

Soon Trip realizes he has his hands full with Sara since she is a feisty little chick who has you wondering what's going on in that mind of hers. Trip leaves to go get something to eat and when he gets back to the room and steps inside he is greeted by an escaped convict named Dennis who decides he's gonna be running the show and he is one sick puppy.

Now watching the film you know that something is off with Sara, she seems to be hiding something. One minute she is scared and begging for her life and then the next minute you can see she has a really mean streak running thru her veins. There is a three way race for power in this film with each trying to out smart the next...but will anyone win?


How far are you willing to go for fame? Would you lie, cheat, steal, connive, manipulate and wreck the lives around you without a care in the world? Well that exactly what Shawn Boyd does when he pretends to be the relative of a big Hollywood producer's Derrick's good friend from college Mitch. He stays as a guest at the home that Derrick shares with his mate an co-producer Collin.

Collin is far from thrilled at having a young guy in the house since he is trying to get over that Derrick was unfaithful and had an affair before and he is worried that temptation might just kill their relationship. So these two men have no idea that Sean is really an ex-con who once worked for the show but was fired because he was overweight and not attractive enough.

Shawn wants a part in their new soon to be hit series so at first he tries to kill them with kindness but when he gets no results, he starts to work his way throught their tight knit group of gay guys and seduces anyone that will fall for it and guess what some of them actually do. Shawn calls home to his girlfriend and has her asking him if he is now gay- he swears no but you see all that action he's getting.

Shawn's game is wearing thin and Colin is starting to catch onto his sneaky antics and decides he is not going to sit around and take it, he's going to get the little bastard back. So all the boys devise a plan and set it in motion. So if everything goes according to plan revenge will be granted- and oh yeah, Shawn will become a legend on film all right!