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Monday, May 30, 2011

Tortured (aka Sex Slave)

Two devious fucks named Kurk and Quaid luck out and escape from prison and are ready for some twisted ass fun. They soon are out scouring the streets for some prime looking chicks that they can get their filthy hands on, and soon they see a big boobed prospect.
They follow her and find out where she lives and decide to come back  and pay her visit later on. They hit up the local pub and drool over a group of gals sitting at a corner booth. Then to their delight, the brunette with the knockers comes strolling in and sits down with them.
Kurk gets pissed and tells Quaid he needs to flip the fuck out so bug off and get the car. Kurk goes off leaving plenty on blood while Quaid throws the brunette in the trunk. Kurk thinks they are using her as a hostage but Quaid ends up raping her
Tortured aka Sex Slave was really graphic and sexual and if you can't handle that sort of film this one is not for you. But if you can, you won't be disappointed in the havoc these two reek! Plenty of blood, violence and full on female nudity.   

Sunday, May 29, 2011


81 mins
Directed by Gregg Holtgrewe
A brother and sister Chris and Aurora head to their families cabin to visit with their recovering alcoholic father and his wife. When they arrive the tension is thick and the situation seems pretty awkward. But they all start to thaw some and chilllax a little. 
Sitting around a bonfire the broken family try to silently forgive each other for all of the pasts mistakes. Aurora takes the dog off thru the woods to go to the bathroom and she gets loose. They all search for her and find the poor dog bloody and dying.  
Back at the cabin their father decides that the humane thing is to shoot the dog and put it out of it's misery. the next thing you know a blood stained man opens the door and falls inside passing out cold. When he wakes up he explains that he was camping with his girl and this thing came and killed her. Did it, or did he do it?
These folks don't know what to believe until they hear an odd monstrous screaming outside and really start to question if perhaps the man is telling the truth. Do these people have a chance at survival or will this thing get them all? Or is there even a thing out there waiting?  

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Directed by Abel Berry
David is a total down on his luck paranormal investigator who is on his way to a house that is said to be clearly haunted and might finally put them on the map. He carries a picture of his son who he stares at wistfully clearly missing him very much. He arrives at the house and runs into the country hick named Jasper (Abel Berry) who offers him a brew and then quietly disappears...was he a ghost?  
The story behind it all is of a little girl named Kodie who found her comfort in a teddy bear but even he could save her from the curse that ugly old decrepit witch put on her that just so happened to turn her into a flesh eating monster. Kodie is actually dressed in a huge teddy bear suit but trust me she ain't cute and cuddly!
There is plenty of comically parts in the film as well, like the two separate ghost hunting teams have the names
S.H.A.G.G. and S.H.A.T.T. and a total doucer who is such an ass you laugh at him. The creepy and perfect looking witch is played by one of my favs Alan Rowe Kelly while Jayson Champion plays wistful David.    
Kodie will deliver a few giggles and a cool storyline that you just might enjoy with a box of juju bees or some chicken wings to chomp on like Kodie (Jennifer Michelle Stone) chomps on those scrumptious bodies! Hey it all tastes like chicken right? Independent films need love to peeps always remember that!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

V4-Water Vamps (a young adult novella)

COPYRIGHT 2010 Xlibris Corporation
Author G.L. Giles
ISBN: 978-1-4535-8950-2  softcover
Here you thought being a regular old teenager was hard enough, just imagine all the complications if you were a water vamp! If you are a teen in need of a refreshing storyline then G.L. Giles V4- Water Vamps is the one for you. It's definitely not your normal typical teenage drama in this book- nope it involves the glorious yet extremely dangerous creatures that Giles has created called the water vamps. Her indepth descriptions have you picturing the way they look as you read about the background of them. Then there is Robyn who is haunted in her dreams by a vampiress, and Marion who becomes her guardian. This is definitely not 16 and pregnant material but you will becomed hooked like a fish on the end of the vamps gleaming trident!

Friday, May 13, 2011

The film Cropsey is labeled as a horror/documentary and has two filmmakers as they try to uncover some of the most disturbing facts surrounding five missing children that were believed to be kidnapped and murdered by the local Staten Island boogie man named Aaron Rand.
Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio are those two filmmakers who grew up hearing the tales of Cropsey and how he was the escaped mental patient who lived in the old abandoned Willowbrook Mental Institution and during the dark desolate hours of night would search for children to get his grimy grips on.

In the documentary we see a very young Geraldo Rivera as he springs a surprise visit to Willowbrook after being informed by a staff member of the utterly horrible conditions these handicapped people are forced to live in. You see the actual heartbreaking footage of them naked and covered in feces- and you see a clip of Rand walking by.
Watching this you'll realize that the evidence wasn't overwhelming and some people really doubt he had anything to do with it, while others swear they know he did. You can try and base your own opinion on the whole matter but you'll teeter back and forth on whether you honestly think he did it, What if he didn't?    

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Drive-In HorrorShow

Drive-In HorrorShow
Directed by Michael Neel

 Every now and then a movie will come out that knocks you socks off and with it's originality,creativity and magnetic appeal- well Drive in HorrorShow is that flick. I wasn't exactly sure what this was going to be like but I loved everything about it- I am surprised no one has thought of doing something like it before.
The film threader is Troll Bill, a slave to his master the projectionist who is also our host for the evening. Zombie Frank is the ticket man while the teenage axe victim serves up her bloody popcorn to their two guests of the night- the skeleton shadow and his girlfriend
Well the skull couple are treated to five movies while they lounge in chairs outside in front of a huge Drive-In screen. If you like anthology films like Creepshow, or Slices of Life you'll think Drive-In HorrorShow is frightfully delish! The films are titled Pigs, The Closet, Meat man, Fall Apart and The Watcher.
This is Independent film making at it's finest and gives some really gag worthy moments. The first story is the one that blew me away and had me peeking some what threw my fingers at the revenge of a women scorned at a party. It was awesome! They leave it open where they can keep making more movies for the projectionist to show us. Bravo!     
Story names:
The Closet
Meat Man
Fall Apart
The Watcher

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Slices of Life

Anthony G. Sumners Slices of Life is one film that gets down and dirty with bloody cringe worthy gore and perverted yet magnetic storylines. A cute young girl named Mira awakens in front of a seedy motel with no idea of how the hell she got there or any memory of anything prior to this as well. 
Irma and Tiny walk over and bring her back into the office so she can catch her bearings and hopefully remember her job as the sketcher. She uncovers three sketchbooks and each one has story. The stories are Work Life, Home Life, and of course Sex Life- which is bound ro be the favorite chapter in those books.  
Work Life has a horny guy at the office who goes to the wrong website for a quick game of pocket pool and gives the office a virus that changes them to zombies. Home Life consists of a pregnant lady who is convinced she is being haunted by recently missing children. Sex life is a gory bloody romp that shows that there are some crazy things spread suring sex!
Slices of life is sure to become a horror crowd pleaser and will leave its fans foaming at the fangs for more. I loved it's vivid and sometimes perverse storylines that had plenty of quirky over the top characters. I really can't imagine a horror lover out there that wouldn't get some sort of enjoyment from this film.