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Friday, October 28, 2011

Bite Marks

Release Date: 11/15/2011
84 minutes
Directed by: Mark Bessenger
In Mark Besenger's Bite Marks, a comical hitchhiking gay couple Cary and Vogel are on a back packing trip to try and sort out their relationship. Vogel just is a total man whore that can't wait to get his hands on someones...well you know what I mean! If you have a problem with gay men this is not the one for you.
As the two bickering biddies walk the long road,  Vogel gets them a ride from a truck driver named Brewster. As they cram themselves into the cab of the truck, they chit chat and sling some insults at each other. Brewster is carrying a load of 5 coffins in the back so when he reaches his destination he is baffled since there's no funeral home in sight..
The trucks axle is now broken, so the guy at the shop tells Brewster to come in an call a mechanic. Vogel hears a loud smashing in the back of the truck and opens it. Guess he shouldn't off done there are a few vampires missing from their coffins and they're pretty damned hungry.
I liked this one, these vamps have some new tricks up they're sleeves...well I know I haven't seen any of it before anyway! There are some funny parts in here unless your a straight up prude. So grab your mate and some pop rocks for this one, the urine will fly and do some nice damage too!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

7 Nights of Darkness

Many people are struggling to get by in today's hard world and will take on just about anything to earn some much needed cash, In 7 Nights of Darkness, six reality television contestants spent seven nights in a haunted and abandoned asylum. The prize for them staying the whole time is an even share of a million bucks.
Each contest in the game are so different that many of them clash and bicker. Lina seems to be obsessed with making contact with a spirit while Carter wants to hide under a chair! In the asylum lurks the ghost of a little girl and she might just have some company with her she'd like to introduce to them too- I guess they are tired of being cold and lonely
Weird noises start and soon people are dropping like acid on a hippies tongue. When they good stuff finally begins to happen it'll make you smile because you made it that far. How would you deal in a situation like that? Could you hang all night or would you be begging for them to unlock that damn door?
There were a few things I didn't like with this one, like how it was really hard to hear what they were saying. Then there is way too much filler and not enough ghosts or spooky situations. If you liked that ghost show MTV used to broadcast  where you perform tasks inside the haunted location, this could be for you.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Release Date- September 20, 2011
87 Minutes
Directed by- Jordan Blum
My what big hairy feet you have- well no really it's that stinky, foul smelling beast that creeps skillfully thru the thick forest foliage in Bear's Falls. Oh wait Bigfoot is just an Urban Legend right? Well take a peek at Jordan Blum's flick Savage and decide for yourself. The lore is alive and slashing people up left and right!
Gabrielle and her hot headed husband Richard just so happen to set up camp in those very woods after a very unfortunate incident concerning them and the law. The Ranger Owen receives a call to head out to the forest where the firemen were trying to put out  an out of control fire and bumps into the couple.
A gut feeling has Owen checking them out and learns that they're wanted and goes back out to the woods to take them into custody. The problem is when he gets there, it's a freakin bloody mess. He locates Gabrielle who is with the Sasquatch hunter and the scientist working on his project and are desperately  fighting for survival.

Savage had some really cool moments where this beast just seems to defy gravity with a swiftness an Olympic hopeful could only dream about having. I also liked it's aggressive explosive behavior that certainly made you think that you'd never want to run into that fucker some dark night- that's for damn sure!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1 In The Gun

Release date- November 8, 2011
93 Minutes
Directed by- Rolfe Kanefsky
Katrina Webb seems to think she has the world and everyone in it by the balls, but there has to be someone out there that can resist her charms...right? One afternoon she runs into an artist named Mickey (literally) and invites him to her mansion to meet her hubby. Luckily for him Arthur hires him on the spot.
Mickey moves into the little guest house and soon Katrina is working her skills on him and reeling him in with a quickness. How can this man be so naive and gullible? Could there be something he is hiding himself? Maybe he has his own little game to play? Perhaps some hidden agenda?
1 In The Gun is a tripped out mind fuck off a film that actually makes you wonder for a bit what the hell is going on. Your brain will more than likely click and you'll get it. It was a treat to review and I loved all the freaky characters and places. It's rare you get sucked into the madness of the situations - you will here!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Predatory Instinct

Release Date:
96 minutes
Director- Daniel Alexander
Predatory Instinct is an independent film directed by Daniel Alexander and has a run time of 96 minutes. Now what you need to know right off the bat is that this is a B movie with minimal effects and some weird cave people looking predators. These things love to eat, and eat people they will!
Trish works at a bar/ restaurant trying to survive on a shitty pay and dealing with some perverted co-workers. Her friend slash hostess of the joint named Randy becomes charmed by a customer named Everett who seemed to just ooze with seduction for her and she so wants to go back to his place and begs hers friends to go as well.
Everett's house is spectacular and the drugs flow freely whether it be pills, pot- what have you it's available and ready for consumption. There is no desire to truly party here it's more of a mechanism to make their guests not so sharp in the noggin when it's time for the kill.

After awhile things don't seem to be adding up with certain people and you just wonder if they might be somehow in on this horrible scene. But wouldn't you know if one of your own was an animal craving bloody flesh? Maybe they have taught themselves to hide it?