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Sunday, October 23, 2011

7 Nights of Darkness

Many people are struggling to get by in today's hard world and will take on just about anything to earn some much needed cash, In 7 Nights of Darkness, six reality television contestants spent seven nights in a haunted and abandoned asylum. The prize for them staying the whole time is an even share of a million bucks.
Each contest in the game are so different that many of them clash and bicker. Lina seems to be obsessed with making contact with a spirit while Carter wants to hide under a chair! In the asylum lurks the ghost of a little girl and she might just have some company with her she'd like to introduce to them too- I guess they are tired of being cold and lonely
Weird noises start and soon people are dropping like acid on a hippies tongue. When they good stuff finally begins to happen it'll make you smile because you made it that far. How would you deal in a situation like that? Could you hang all night or would you be begging for them to unlock that damn door?
There were a few things I didn't like with this one, like how it was really hard to hear what they were saying. Then there is way too much filler and not enough ghosts or spooky situations. If you liked that ghost show MTV used to broadcast  where you perform tasks inside the haunted location, this could be for you.

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