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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1 In The Gun

Release date- November 8, 2011
93 Minutes
Directed by- Rolfe Kanefsky
Katrina Webb seems to think she has the world and everyone in it by the balls, but there has to be someone out there that can resist her charms...right? One afternoon she runs into an artist named Mickey (literally) and invites him to her mansion to meet her hubby. Luckily for him Arthur hires him on the spot.
Mickey moves into the little guest house and soon Katrina is working her skills on him and reeling him in with a quickness. How can this man be so naive and gullible? Could there be something he is hiding himself? Maybe he has his own little game to play? Perhaps some hidden agenda?
1 In The Gun is a tripped out mind fuck off a film that actually makes you wonder for a bit what the hell is going on. Your brain will more than likely click and you'll get it. It was a treat to review and I loved all the freaky characters and places. It's rare you get sucked into the madness of the situations - you will here!

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