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Thursday, October 20, 2011


Release Date- September 20, 2011
87 Minutes
Directed by- Jordan Blum
My what big hairy feet you have- well no really it's that stinky, foul smelling beast that creeps skillfully thru the thick forest foliage in Bear's Falls. Oh wait Bigfoot is just an Urban Legend right? Well take a peek at Jordan Blum's flick Savage and decide for yourself. The lore is alive and slashing people up left and right!
Gabrielle and her hot headed husband Richard just so happen to set up camp in those very woods after a very unfortunate incident concerning them and the law. The Ranger Owen receives a call to head out to the forest where the firemen were trying to put out  an out of control fire and bumps into the couple.
A gut feeling has Owen checking them out and learns that they're wanted and goes back out to the woods to take them into custody. The problem is when he gets there, it's a freakin bloody mess. He locates Gabrielle who is with the Sasquatch hunter and the scientist working on his project and are desperately  fighting for survival.

Savage had some really cool moments where this beast just seems to defy gravity with a swiftness an Olympic hopeful could only dream about having. I also liked it's aggressive explosive behavior that certainly made you think that you'd never want to run into that fucker some dark night- that's for damn sure!

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