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Saturday, May 29, 2010


In the independent film Spirit, it shows the prefect example of how negativity can really destroy peoples lives. Sometimes peoples families go thru very hard times and they lose their faith and leave the religious path that they were comfortable on. Well right now, a young girls family is having this particular problem and watching gives you the impression that they are beyond hope- but it's never to late...right?

Is her father really just a mean deceitful selfish man who thinks with what's between his legs? Or has the house's evil negativity taken over them all? Her sister Raven is an unmotivated pothead who treats the poor girl like crap and loves to make fun of her every damn opportunity she gets? Her mother is now out all night partying all the time and having one night stands, her behavior has turned vulgar.

Well she studies all different types of religions and one night while she is sitting on her bedroom floor meditating a dark evil spirit shows up and licks her face causing her to get hysterical and flip out- who the heck wouldn't? Then Raven comes home looking like she got hit by the what the f*ck truck and they put her possessed ass on the couch, and things go even more demonically downhill from there!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A View from Tower 13 is the new flick from the indie director Robbie Newman which will be shooting throughout the summer in Western Montana with a Premiere date of October 2010. The Synopsis here is: An ex-firefighter moves to Montana from Maine for a fresh start after the horrific death of his loving wife and beautiful newborn infant son. He takes on a job as a lone Fire Watchman up in a rickety old tower deep out in the secluded mountains. In the beginning, the job seems to be a breeze, but slowly the odd noises warn him that something is just not right. He then meets a mysterious young woman named Emily who seems to be the only human being for miles around...

I'll post more info as it rolls in :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Release date: May , 2010
Available on Blu-ray combo pack, DVD, On Demand and for Download 5/18

Love. Some people never experience it while others constantly fall in and out of it, could you be with one person for the rest of your life? Honestly? Well Valentine's Day is a big deal for most woman who wait for their flowers and candy and gush on and on about their perfect man while he goes home to the wife
and kids they don't know about.

But there are other hopeless romantics out there who really truly believe in love and want that certain someone to share their life with. Well for Kara, Valentine's Day sucks and every year she throws a "I hate Valentine's Day party" where her and her single friends drink, dance and beat the hell out of a pink heart pinata. Does she hate Valentine's Day because she is always single?

The film show various couples and the ordeals they each face on this glorious day of celebrating love.
All of the characters in the film all have intertwining storylines and just when you think you know whats going to happen in these peoples relationships little surprises pop up and you go "wow, how didn't I see that"- I mean this with particularly with the suave Holden.

I am not into sappy love stories and I can thankfully say this isn't one, it's the perfect date movie and will have you laughing out loud. The characters are all very lovable and grow on you like a wisteria vine thru the fence. I can recommend this film to people of all ages because there are little relationship lessons in there that just might help you out in the future.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Someone's Knocking on the Door

If I go by my rating system, Someone's Knocking on the Door gets a full five slashes- this movie was crazy, sick, disturbing, and perverted. I must be a freak myself but I haven't had a movie keep me looking at the screen and not budging from my seat for anything in years. Ezra Buzzington is a psychotic maniac and plays the part well!

This is a film that has you wanting to make everyone you know watch it and see what their reaction will be. The very opening scene paves the way for the fucked up yelllow brick road you'll be traveling down. A group of close friends like to experiment with drugs and each other but the only problem is there's a nasty side effect to that drug and their names are John and Wilma.

These two will kill off your high just like they will kill you in some pretty wicked ways that you will never forget. Out of all of them, Meg is the only straight laced one in the bunch and doesn't put those crazy
chemicals in her body.So one day when they are hanging out in medical records basement going thru serial killers Jon and Wilma's files, everyone except Meg pops the drug and listens to a taped session.

I honestly think that Chad Ferrin's Someone's Knocking on the Door in my opinion was a freakin Horror
Masterpiece- it's got it all and more! I loved the scene where Meg is running down the wet hallway and keeps falling, it's not one of those stupid "Oh, I just keep falling down in the woods for no reason so I can get slaughtered" moves. This is a film you don't wanna miss....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Shadow Within

Director Silvana Zancolo's The Shadow Within was a genuine treat to watch. I loved the era that the movie was set in which was around the 17-18 hundreds. The clothes, scenery and characters behavior was perfect- couldn't of been done better. Here we have Maurice who is a little adorable blond boy who has either an incredible gift or horrific burden- depends on who you talk to.

You see, little Maurice can connect with loved ones who have already passed over onto the otherside. His teacher seems to take a liking to him and takes some time to speak with him when he can. Maurice's mother holds a very tight reign on her special son and doesn't let him do much of anything. She doesn't show him an ounce of affection and it's heart breaking.

The reason his mother seems to despise him so much is because of her devastation at the fact that Maurice's twin brother Jacque died at birth. Maybe her grief was once out of post partum depression and then just stemmed into disgust that he survived and his brother did not. How does she even know Jacque would of been this perfect child? She's delusional.

The Shadow Within is a great supernatural thriller that unfolds nice and smooth with a great visual perception of a time where disease ravaged thru a town like a tornado and not having the resources yet to really control the deadly situation. You'll see a seance that rings nostalgic of time we never personally experienced but might of liked to...