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Saturday, May 29, 2010


In the independent film Spirit, it shows the prefect example of how negativity can really destroy peoples lives. Sometimes peoples families go thru very hard times and they lose their faith and leave the religious path that they were comfortable on. Well right now, a young girls family is having this particular problem and watching gives you the impression that they are beyond hope- but it's never to late...right?

Is her father really just a mean deceitful selfish man who thinks with what's between his legs? Or has the house's evil negativity taken over them all? Her sister Raven is an unmotivated pothead who treats the poor girl like crap and loves to make fun of her every damn opportunity she gets? Her mother is now out all night partying all the time and having one night stands, her behavior has turned vulgar.

Well she studies all different types of religions and one night while she is sitting on her bedroom floor meditating a dark evil spirit shows up and licks her face causing her to get hysterical and flip out- who the heck wouldn't? Then Raven comes home looking like she got hit by the what the f*ck truck and they put her possessed ass on the couch, and things go even more demonically downhill from there!

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