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Friday, March 28, 2014

Daddy's Little Girl

Release Date: May 13 2014
Directed by: Chris Sun
107 Minutes

Chris Sun's Daddies Little Girl is a film that ripped my broken heart and terrorized soul right out of my broken body with it's intense storyline that will stay with you long after you have viewed it. I will say that only the strong minded can handle this- is it because I am a mother? Maybe because it was my biggest fear as my boys grew up? No it's because it happens all the time and people are just fucked!

In the opening credits Mr. Sun geniusly places the birth along with many sweet and tender moments up until she was six years old. You see what a close bond the couple used to have and the extreme love they have for their precious innocent daughter Georgia. One night someone climbed in the broken window that his ex wife was told to fix months ago but didn't out of stubbornness and now she's gone.       

The frantic search is on with every one's tempers and tension rising thru the roof while accusations are thrown. A call comes thru that they've found Georgia and Derek jumps in the car,  rushes to the scene for his child. When he sees she is gone he breaks apart, and as I watched the tears streamed down my face and I sobbed like a baby for the loss of his daughter.

When he nabs the killer and takes him down into the basement with intentions of extreme torture I got the goose bumps even though the fucker deserves it. Watching the last quarter of it was with my hands on my face peeking thru my very cautious fingers. The acting is solid, on point and completely convincing. I felt like I was a fly on the wall watching as the story unfolded. It is an amazingly emotional yet awesome watch.