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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


In Tammi Sutton's Sutures, a bunch friends who happen to be med students head out to the vast open
countyside to relax, party, you know just enjoy each others company. They stay in this amazing little castle that has you envious of their little vacation until you see what happens in the long run- then your just shaking your head saying "I knew the countryside equaled bad freakin news!

Sienna is a cute little blond who seems to be the only one with her head on straight among her kooky prankster friends. Well on their way there a mysterious dark haired man dressed all in black named Alexander Tatum follows them. Alex is one twisted individual since as a child he witnessed his father butcher and take the organs out of his own mother.

The film then turns into a Hostel type situation where each friend is captured and tortured before being cut up for their ripe ever ready organs that these people will sell for top dollar. Will any of these students survive to tell the tale? Or will they all become just empty organless bodies that will just be disposed of like rotting trash?

Jason London plays Detective Zane who is on the case and at the hospital questioning Sienna since certain things are not quite adding up to the evidence from the scene. Is she lying to him? Maybe she is just suffering from post traumatic stress and is confused. How would you feel if all of your friends went thru hell and you saw every single detail?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rag Tag

Two little boys named Raymond and Tagbo met when they were just eight years old and even though their backgrounds are totally different they bond immediately - Raymond is from a single parent and Tagbo is from middle class Nigerian parents who seem to be seriously strict and manners are a must in their household-  they are raising their son properly.

So they are torn apart as children and then meet up again ten years down the line.Tag just finished up law school and is realizing how hard it is to find a position in someone's firm. Tag's white girlfriend who has a truck driver mouth like myself is disliked by Tag's parents so much they don't even want he in their home let alone near their son.

Rag and Tag are invited out to Nigeria for Olisa's Chieftaincy ceremony and they partake in the ceremony. Rag decides he must try to save Tag from Olisa's shady character and is determined to do so. After the party Tag helps Rag nurse his wounds and the next thing you know they are kissing. Tag pulls away and seems confused.

Can these two figure out their feelings for each other and decide to be friends or lovers? Could they be both? It's just not that easy since there are so many innocent people involved including significant others and Rag's daughter. The film was a tad slow for my taste but the story wasn't so bad. It's sad that people have to hide their feelings for each other because of prejudice.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


BrainJacked starts out with a bloody bang since the head ripping scene has you sickly craving what else is in store for you! Tristan has a life of shit and suffers from crippling migraines. His mom is a skanked out mess who is passed around like a piece of meat to all of his new stepfathers friends. Imagine walking out into a room of guys using and abusing your mama, what would you do?

You'd pop someone in the face and get kicked out ending up on a park bench that's what. There he meets Lanie and she takes him to a place where they all are talking about being given the gift. They are like a cult but this Doctor drills into their brain and adds a device that allows him to control their every move when the feeling hits him without them even knowing it.

During a fight Tristan has this thing come out of his head and starts to realize what is really going on and
grabs Lanie telling her they need to head somewhere safe and figure things out. After he proves to her that what he is saying is really happening they steal the good old doctor's briefcase and hightail it the hell out of there.

Tristan removes Lanie's device and they try to get help but it seems that everyone they turn too has already been drilled and under the evil Doctor's control. Can these two manage to somehow survive thru this harrowing ordeal? Or will the effects from this doc's cruel experiments cause an outcome that will scar poor Tristan's mind forever?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Say Goodnight

Men, do you really wanna see how corny and horny they are all the time? Then you need to watch David Von Allmen's Say Goodnight cause it's a fine example of how immature they really are...but it's funny as hell and nice to have the fly on the wall insight of how their mind works and what makes them tick. I am sure not all guys are this way (yeah right!) but I bet it's like two guys out of 1000 that aren't total pigs.

Three guys are sitting at a booth in a bar with there other friend chit chatting about their lives and of course the women they have loved and then managed to lose with their own destined stupidity. They say you live and learn but something tells me these fools just might not ever learn the valuable lesson of grow the hell up already.

My favorite character in the film was Victor he was not only cute and hysterical but he kept digging his hole deeper and deeper with his adolesent like schemes to make his new girlfriend at the time Crystal jealous so that she would want him even more- let me tell you something right now, women don't like that trick and it will get you pushed away way before it draws you closer.

I laughed and at times I thought "what in the hell were these guys thinking?" Mason seems to have some sort of OCD thing going on- or hey maybe he's secretly gay but he is always making excuses when it come down to entering. Leroy is in a horrible relationship but he seems to be the only one who doesn't see it...well until he meets Victoria.