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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


In Tammi Sutton's Sutures, a bunch friends who happen to be med students head out to the vast open
countyside to relax, party, you know just enjoy each others company. They stay in this amazing little castle that has you envious of their little vacation until you see what happens in the long run- then your just shaking your head saying "I knew the countryside equaled bad freakin news!

Sienna is a cute little blond who seems to be the only one with her head on straight among her kooky prankster friends. Well on their way there a mysterious dark haired man dressed all in black named Alexander Tatum follows them. Alex is one twisted individual since as a child he witnessed his father butcher and take the organs out of his own mother.

The film then turns into a Hostel type situation where each friend is captured and tortured before being cut up for their ripe ever ready organs that these people will sell for top dollar. Will any of these students survive to tell the tale? Or will they all become just empty organless bodies that will just be disposed of like rotting trash?

Jason London plays Detective Zane who is on the case and at the hospital questioning Sienna since certain things are not quite adding up to the evidence from the scene. Is she lying to him? Maybe she is just suffering from post traumatic stress and is confused. How would you feel if all of your friends went thru hell and you saw every single detail?

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