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Monday, September 13, 2010


Ever hear of Elizabeth Bathory- if you haven't I am honestly surprised because not many people out there have not heard some sort of tale about her. The most popular being the countess bathing in her victim's blood in order to retain beauty or youth. This one fact is believed to actually be fiction but she murdered, maimed, and tortured over 650 people.
Metamorphosis has three American teens traveling to the Bathory estate out in the Carpathian Mountains so the one named Alex can get more insight for the book he is writing about her and he is just dying to see inside the infamous castle. Along the way they meet a mysterious woman named Elizabeth who has much knowledge on the subject.

When they arrive the priest tells him there was a wolve attack and now Alex is disappointed and they decide to just take the risk and go. At the castle they settle down from their own nasty encounter with some sharp fanged wolves and the next thing you know they are getting their first intimate meeting with vampires, and by intimate I don't mean nice!

In the end, will Alex regret his decisions to come here? Or will he get to write that award winning novel he dreams about? Can he accept the fact that there are real live vampires out there and Elizabeth is one of them? I really enjoyed this flick, I loved the scenery and the beautiful stone castles. I also liked that some of the vampire myths like them being in sunlight was not used.

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