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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Few Brains More: Summer of Blood

Christine Parker is back in the blood with her new flick A Few Brains More where the story of zombie Lily and Jack from Fistful of Brains continues in the 70's where they fight Dead Eye and his hippie flesh monsters. This time Dead Eye heads to the concert and rolls up in an ice cream truck and hands out free green treats that will turn everyone into a hungry zombie who needs a meal in the worst fuckin way! Lily and Jack are back to take on Dead Eye- hopefully for the last time.
A bunch of college kids are so ready for their weekend break so they can head out to a rock festival that's equivalent to likes of Woodstock. All of them are raring to let loose and embrace the whole peace, pot and microdot lifestyle. I could not stand Smiley and wanted to crawl thru the screen and smack his goofy annoying face but when he has an unfortunate run in with a band of bikers I wanted to help him...go figure. Jasmine is a cute blond who takes a liking to Jack when the gang picks them up hitch hiking.
After the people ingest the tonic and there are hundreds of zombies everywhere the name of the game becomes how to make it out of there alive. Lily is pretty bad assed and busts up just about everything that gets in her way but can the others keep up the pace? You all remember hearing how
Woodstock had the whole "Don't eat the brown acid" scare well this time around be sure not to mess with anything green! You'll get a kick out of this zombie fest for sure, and while your at it check out the first film titled A Fistful of Brains!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011



Faye Jackson's debut film Strigoli was filmed in several different locations in Romania and has a beautiful yet dreary atmosphere. A guy named Vlad gets a case of the curiosity kills the cat syndrome and starts to search for answers to a very mysterious death in his grandpa's little village.
Things just don't seem to be adding up, yet no one around him seems to give a shit. Could it be that they were somehow involved or perhaps they know something he does not? You can tell by watching that there is certainly a big secret being hidden but what the hell could it be and how does everyone know but him?

Vlad starts questioning different people in the village until he comes across Mr. Constantin Tirescu who seems to have a sudden problem with filling his severe hunger. His wife walks into a neighbors house and eats her out of house and home while trying to soothe her rumbling tummy- but food will not fill them anymore.
Is this feud really because of who actually owns the land? I mean the deeds and papers were either forged or his grandfather lied and sold the land behind their backs. Could he do something like that to his own family? You'll soon find that Constantine isn't the only one around craving some warm blood!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Carrie skips out of home and shows up at her cousin Stephy's house to stay for awhile and hopefully get a decent job. Stephy is your typical bulimic blond from hickville that made out well for herself by sleeping her way the top- ands it seems like she still is! Carrie has an online boyfriend Gavin who she amuses herself with when she is lonely.
Hanging around watching her cousin fuck up isn't her thing and ever since she worked for her favorite Internet star Jordan and she turned out to be super bitch- she's just plain bored. Jordan stages a kidnap on her web show and has fans guessing if it's real or fake. Cassie is hired by a popular website that exposes celebrity dirt to find her.
ICrime is a modern thriller with more turns then a Halloween corn maze and a stylish sleek Hollywood eye on how shit really goes down there. Shows that people will do just about anything to have their five minutes of fame and that money definitely motivates people to do crazy/ stupid things.

Carries life is barreling out of control and nothing is really what it seems... is it? Can this situation get any more fucked up than it already is? Is anyone who they say they are? Or are they somehow all a bunch of weird ass individuals with some serious ass mental problems? You'll have to pick up ICrime to find out! Haha....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Echo Game

Directed by Brian Feeney
80 minutes
Release date- September 27, 2011
It starts with a woman Rachel quickly scribbling a letter out to her former flame then mailing it warning of the dangers.that are coming her way. April Reilly receives her letter and is confused since Rachel died over ten years ago. Turns out Rachel went on the run to protect April and their daughter Sarah from an evil woman named Anne Cassavettes.

This woman was the wife of a mad scientist who bought children to a special school and strengthened their powers so they could use them for whatever they liked. Anne figures out that Sarah is Rachel's daughter and is soon hunting her down so she can steal the girl's psychic powers for herself.
Anne is relentless and ruthless when it comes to claiming an echo and blood and guts are everywhere! There are plenty of nail biting cat and mouse moments where you don't know if the hungry jaws will get to clench the bait or not. The other cool thing is April's wife Casey is a special effects artist at Gore Girlz and her skills might just come in handy!
The Echo Game was a breath of fresh air blown into your typical horror/thriller film and that made it very enjoyable. Do you believe in ESP or any other psychic powers? I think anything is possible but have never experienced anything or anyone that had these remarkable powers or as others say, a curse!