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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Carrie skips out of home and shows up at her cousin Stephy's house to stay for awhile and hopefully get a decent job. Stephy is your typical bulimic blond from hickville that made out well for herself by sleeping her way the top- ands it seems like she still is! Carrie has an online boyfriend Gavin who she amuses herself with when she is lonely.
Hanging around watching her cousin fuck up isn't her thing and ever since she worked for her favorite Internet star Jordan and she turned out to be super bitch- she's just plain bored. Jordan stages a kidnap on her web show and has fans guessing if it's real or fake. Cassie is hired by a popular website that exposes celebrity dirt to find her.
ICrime is a modern thriller with more turns then a Halloween corn maze and a stylish sleek Hollywood eye on how shit really goes down there. Shows that people will do just about anything to have their five minutes of fame and that money definitely motivates people to do crazy/ stupid things.

Carries life is barreling out of control and nothing is really what it seems... is it? Can this situation get any more fucked up than it already is? Is anyone who they say they are? Or are they somehow all a bunch of weird ass individuals with some serious ass mental problems? You'll have to pick up ICrime to find out! Haha....

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