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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Charles Band Presents- FilmGore

Directed by Ken Dixon
Release date- 2011
A fangtastic slimy bloody collection of film clips from several of the most violent horror films ever made. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Driller killers, Blood Feast and Sadistic Slashers are just a few of the grindhouse flicks contained in this mural of mushy innards and bodily fluids!

Now Elvira Hosts and her constant witty comments make the whole damn thing worth while, but can get a lilttle annoying. The first film on the agenda was Blood Feast and it really skeeved me out. Watching that crazy eyed man squeeze bloody organs thru his fingers truly was nauseating- I might of just had a weak stomach moment.
It showed the prime clips from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and let me tell you- I still twitch seeing Pam being hung from that rusty meat hook, but it's all been seen before by almost ever horror fan out there.. Some of the other titles that share up some clips are a bit dark or grainy but you can handle a trooper!
Two Thousand Maniacs, Carnival of Blood, Dr. Jekyll’s Dungeon of Death, Snuff, Drive In Massacre pretty much rounds up the grindhouse roost that they plucked out for you. Some will have you rolling your eyes while others might spark up a memory or two of when you very first saw it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Savage Island

Release Date- September 1985

74 minutes

Director- Nicholas Beardsley

Savage Island is one of the films in Full Moons Grindhouse Collection, and Charles Band has gone back to the past and grabbed some flicks that people might enjoy. I for one didn't like this so much. It's kind of false advertisement since a tricked out Linda Blair is on the cover and she is only in the begining and the end of the whole thing.

The storyline is about how a bunch of prison chicks are abducted and then sold as slaves to do grueling hours of work for a nasty South American emerald mine. They figure they need to come up with a plan to break free and exact some sweet, well deserved revenge.

If your into half naked dirty sweaty chicks with super huge 70's bushes- then baby, this is your thang. If not, you might wanna take a rain check....forever. If you like mud wrestling you should take a peek, these girls are fighting everywhere. It seems everyone there wants to be the alpha bitch in this flick!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Pop Punk Zombies

Release Date: 2011
84 Minutes
Directed by: Steve Dayton

A demented music agent gathers up a few of his cronies and heads out to the graveyard where he waits for a recently deceased popular rock band to come out. The zombies crawl out of their graves and they capture them all and decide to market them as a living dead act. The problem is they are hungry and dangerous.

A guy Eddy is forced to head to this bands show with one of his buddies and is not thrilled about it. He wants to jet until he sees he ex girlfriend Lisa there and decides to stick around for awhile so he can drool like a little puppy over her. Her new boyfriend seems like a total doucer and Eddy might possibly have a chance to be in like flynn.

The zombie band takes the stage and blasts out a punk tune while the audience, which few there were- eats it up. Well until they break free and start feeding on everything and everyone. People are running everywhere trying to escape but most are succumbing to being a meal for that rotten flesh of a band.

Now I bet Eddy is really pissed as he fights off these monsters while trying to be some hero for his ex. Will he be able to save the day and get them out alive to break on thru to the outside? Or will there be nothing left but a bunch of body parts and blood smears for the cops to find?

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Release Date- October 6, 2011
90 Minutes
Director- Elliot Diviney

I just know when people read that the film Potpourri from Director Elliot Diviney is a horror, musical, zombie apocalypse they might steer clear from it and that my friends would be a huge mistake! The plot is how a bunch of college students need to write their term paper which will then decide whether they will move on in life or be kicked out of school.
Here is the fun part, they all invite over the local drug dealer Frankie who doles out the goodies and they all hope to tune into their inner genius. Each kid succumbs to their own trip and Perry has himself as a knight searching for a princess while Marnie learns some lessons from her singing philosophy books.
Frankie drags Noah and Hayden to a killer party where actress Sarah French gives them a piece of her mind. Soon a full on zombie riot is taking place at the party and it's a gory fuckin mess that any horror fiend would love. Potpourri is a jello mind slide that will leave you wanting more, more and did I say more?