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Monday, December 5, 2011

Pop Punk Zombies

Release Date: 2011
84 Minutes
Directed by: Steve Dayton

A demented music agent gathers up a few of his cronies and heads out to the graveyard where he waits for a recently deceased popular rock band to come out. The zombies crawl out of their graves and they capture them all and decide to market them as a living dead act. The problem is they are hungry and dangerous.

A guy Eddy is forced to head to this bands show with one of his buddies and is not thrilled about it. He wants to jet until he sees he ex girlfriend Lisa there and decides to stick around for awhile so he can drool like a little puppy over her. Her new boyfriend seems like a total doucer and Eddy might possibly have a chance to be in like flynn.

The zombie band takes the stage and blasts out a punk tune while the audience, which few there were- eats it up. Well until they break free and start feeding on everything and everyone. People are running everywhere trying to escape but most are succumbing to being a meal for that rotten flesh of a band.

Now I bet Eddy is really pissed as he fights off these monsters while trying to be some hero for his ex. Will he be able to save the day and get them out alive to break on thru to the outside? Or will there be nothing left but a bunch of body parts and blood smears for the cops to find?

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