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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Creature of Darkness

Camping trips are always great, right? I hate camping! But not everyone does and plenty of people go all the time to try and escape some of life's pressures and relax. Other people like Andrew for instance go out in the woods to try and remember and face the creature from his nightmares that he is positive is the real thing and not just his imagination.

Of course you have the normal friend drama where a couple is fighting, then they typical boy likes girl but girl likes someone else there and that causes tension. They are all out one day riding their dirt bikes, quads and dune buggies when they come across this almost unrecognizable body just beyond a facilities no trespassing sign and decide to leave as some of the places jeeps show up.

Back at camp they all sit there freaked out and want to get the hell out of there. Well after prodded by Heather, Andrew tells them all they are there to really see if the monster from his memory really exists up here or is it all delusions and nightmares. Soon a creature wearing a black cloak and carrying a some spinal vertebrae to defend himself is creeping around their camp.

The thing kinda looks like an alien and has the weirdest eyes- it's the way they flicker. Andrew explains that the creature of darkness is what they call a catcher, an alien hunter that is sent to steal and capture human bodies for their museum. So will all these kids end up on display in some monsters museum? Or will they defeat it and send it where it belongs, dead and buried?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Citizen Duane

Have you ever knew someone that you absolutely despised- I mean they agitated you so bad that you laid awake in bed at night dreaming of what you could do to them to get your revenge and also one up them in your game of personal rivalry? I have never been that obsessed on hating anyone but of course I would have fantasies here an there about them having some sort of accident.

Well Duane Balfour is the total under dog since his arch enemy Chad Milton at school is very popular and his grandmother Kelly Milton is the Mayor of their town. Now Chad is your average bully who has his cronies to always back him up. Duane has tried everything from these elaborate plans to ridiculous inventions he creates hoping to somehow damage Chad and his personal possessions.

So one day he decides he is going to run for Mayor and boy is he determined to win. How can he convince these people to vote for a high school kid? If he manages to succeed will he be able to uphold office and get the job done? This grudge of his has been festering a long time and has a lot to do with Duane's deceased father.

So if you really believe in something are you willing to fight for it? Or will you turn away and let go of what you were standing up for? Is it ok to back down and walk away? Some people might call you a coward but others will see how wise you really are. Duane needs to analyze his feelings and make the decision that will be best for him.

Monday, March 8, 2010

V3 The Vampire Vignettes I-III: Re-Vamped by G.L. Giles

V3 The Vampire Vignettes I-III: Re-Vamped by G.L. Giles is an amazing read for the vampire lovers out there and will open many doors to the many different types of the undead there really are. It’s actually a pretty cool world that she has envisioned and created for us. Along with the quirky storylines there’s sex drugs, and blood- what more could you want?

The thing that really stands out to me with Gile’s vampire stories is the way she has all these different branches of vampires. For some reason the water vamps intrigue me the most. Maybe it’s because they are so graceful yet evil all of the time. The descriptions of all of the different types have you conjuring up in these exotic pictures in your head.

She also added graphic-novel-like adaptations for fun so you can see what exactly she was picturing in her head as she wrote the story, I think that was a pretty cool thing to do. I know not all people are vampire enthusiast but this is not your average vampire lure and she adds some Wiccan magic in there to spice it up as well.

Ok, now here’s the breakdown of how this book works- Book One is the primary storyline; Books Two and Three are the graphic-novel-like adaptations. G.L Giles proves that there are authors out there that might not be well known but their imaginations have the greatness to get there, an go even further then they have ever thought possible.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Justin Time

Long ago two ancient amulets were discovered and kept in two separate families for many generations. Justin now lives with his Uncle Heath since his parents were killed in a suspicious accident. Justin's grandfather doesn't think that Justin's parents murder was an accident, he believes it had something to do with the amulet and is more than leery when the artifact is passed on to Justin.

Then there is Michael Romano who's wife passed away and now it's just him and his daughter Angelic. One day he sits her down and explains all about the amulet and how somewhere out there, another person had the second one and when both were used together, they could see into the future and possibly delve into the past.

The Romano's end up living in Justin's town and they bump into each other at his grandfathers candy shop and there is an immediate attraction. Outside her father waits in the limo and knows that the amulet is close so he suspects it's Justin and later forces his daughter play with Justin hoping she can get her hands on what they have been looking for, she doesn't enjoy it because she really likes him.

This movie is a fun filled family acceptable watch with a cute and comical storyline that has you wondering what are all the things you'd do if you could stop time? Would you use that power for the good of mankind? Or would you cross over to the evil side and use your spare seconds pocketing people's cash who haven't a clue and will never know that time was just paused or where their money went.