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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Citizen Duane

Have you ever knew someone that you absolutely despised- I mean they agitated you so bad that you laid awake in bed at night dreaming of what you could do to them to get your revenge and also one up them in your game of personal rivalry? I have never been that obsessed on hating anyone but of course I would have fantasies here an there about them having some sort of accident.

Well Duane Balfour is the total under dog since his arch enemy Chad Milton at school is very popular and his grandmother Kelly Milton is the Mayor of their town. Now Chad is your average bully who has his cronies to always back him up. Duane has tried everything from these elaborate plans to ridiculous inventions he creates hoping to somehow damage Chad and his personal possessions.

So one day he decides he is going to run for Mayor and boy is he determined to win. How can he convince these people to vote for a high school kid? If he manages to succeed will he be able to uphold office and get the job done? This grudge of his has been festering a long time and has a lot to do with Duane's deceased father.

So if you really believe in something are you willing to fight for it? Or will you turn away and let go of what you were standing up for? Is it ok to back down and walk away? Some people might call you a coward but others will see how wise you really are. Duane needs to analyze his feelings and make the decision that will be best for him.

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