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Monday, March 8, 2010

V3 The Vampire Vignettes I-III: Re-Vamped by G.L. Giles

V3 The Vampire Vignettes I-III: Re-Vamped by G.L. Giles is an amazing read for the vampire lovers out there and will open many doors to the many different types of the undead there really are. It’s actually a pretty cool world that she has envisioned and created for us. Along with the quirky storylines there’s sex drugs, and blood- what more could you want?

The thing that really stands out to me with Gile’s vampire stories is the way she has all these different branches of vampires. For some reason the water vamps intrigue me the most. Maybe it’s because they are so graceful yet evil all of the time. The descriptions of all of the different types have you conjuring up in these exotic pictures in your head.

She also added graphic-novel-like adaptations for fun so you can see what exactly she was picturing in her head as she wrote the story, I think that was a pretty cool thing to do. I know not all people are vampire enthusiast but this is not your average vampire lure and she adds some Wiccan magic in there to spice it up as well.

Ok, now here’s the breakdown of how this book works- Book One is the primary storyline; Books Two and Three are the graphic-novel-like adaptations. G.L Giles proves that there are authors out there that might not be well known but their imaginations have the greatness to get there, an go even further then they have ever thought possible.

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