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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Creature of Darkness

Camping trips are always great, right? I hate camping! But not everyone does and plenty of people go all the time to try and escape some of life's pressures and relax. Other people like Andrew for instance go out in the woods to try and remember and face the creature from his nightmares that he is positive is the real thing and not just his imagination.

Of course you have the normal friend drama where a couple is fighting, then they typical boy likes girl but girl likes someone else there and that causes tension. They are all out one day riding their dirt bikes, quads and dune buggies when they come across this almost unrecognizable body just beyond a facilities no trespassing sign and decide to leave as some of the places jeeps show up.

Back at camp they all sit there freaked out and want to get the hell out of there. Well after prodded by Heather, Andrew tells them all they are there to really see if the monster from his memory really exists up here or is it all delusions and nightmares. Soon a creature wearing a black cloak and carrying a some spinal vertebrae to defend himself is creeping around their camp.

The thing kinda looks like an alien and has the weirdest eyes- it's the way they flicker. Andrew explains that the creature of darkness is what they call a catcher, an alien hunter that is sent to steal and capture human bodies for their museum. So will all these kids end up on display in some monsters museum? Or will they defeat it and send it where it belongs, dead and buried?

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