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Monday, March 1, 2010

Justin Time

Long ago two ancient amulets were discovered and kept in two separate families for many generations. Justin now lives with his Uncle Heath since his parents were killed in a suspicious accident. Justin's grandfather doesn't think that Justin's parents murder was an accident, he believes it had something to do with the amulet and is more than leery when the artifact is passed on to Justin.

Then there is Michael Romano who's wife passed away and now it's just him and his daughter Angelic. One day he sits her down and explains all about the amulet and how somewhere out there, another person had the second one and when both were used together, they could see into the future and possibly delve into the past.

The Romano's end up living in Justin's town and they bump into each other at his grandfathers candy shop and there is an immediate attraction. Outside her father waits in the limo and knows that the amulet is close so he suspects it's Justin and later forces his daughter play with Justin hoping she can get her hands on what they have been looking for, she doesn't enjoy it because she really likes him.

This movie is a fun filled family acceptable watch with a cute and comical storyline that has you wondering what are all the things you'd do if you could stop time? Would you use that power for the good of mankind? Or would you cross over to the evil side and use your spare seconds pocketing people's cash who haven't a clue and will never know that time was just paused or where their money went.

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