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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Scream Park

Release Date: 2014
Directed by: Cary Hill 
85 Minutes 

I could not wait to get my hands on a screener of Cary Hill's Scream Park once I knew Mr.
Doug Bradley was in it- can you blame me? Pinhead is my all time favorite cenobite. I was
hoping he was one of those sickos who were offing everybody but no such luck, he plays Mr.
Hyde who has some unusual plans for press to bring in more people.

So the park is nearing it's end with people that just don't seem to want to go to boring amusement parks anymore. The place that was once overflowing with eager patrons lining up to get inside now
is bare with a handful of stragglers here and there. Now all it can hope for is to live on within a
few nostalgic hearts.

A group of the parks employees decide to hang around after work one night and party. Come on
you know damn well if you could, you'd do the same damn thing. They all end up chased, hunted
and killed in some fun gory ways. I know the film is far from original but it does work and is a
fun watch that any horror lover could enjoy.

I've always enjoyed films that took place in amusement parks like Funhouse and He knows Your Alone has a scene in one that freaked me out! I am honestly unfamiliar of the band the Skinny Puppies but Nivek Ogre does a pretty good job at being a nasty freaky killer who is all about making it last. Watch and see if you figure out why it's happening before they tell you!