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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Hounds

Directed by: Maurizio Del Piccolo and Roberto Del Piccolo
Release Date: 1/22/2013
92 Minutes

A group of friends meet up at the Hound and Hare pub to share some drinks and laughs, you know just another normal night of joking and figuring out who's buying the next round. Sarah and Jake keep asking Dave where the hell PJ is, finally he shows and they all decide to go for a hike the following day.

Off they go but PJ never shows up. After they set up camp and Jake and Sarah try to get some nookie in, then the terror begins! Dave finds a dead body buried on their site and tells the others. The next day it's missing and the gore begins. Is it the dead body tormenting them? Is it evil spirits in the woods or demons ?

Now there is a whole other plot in the film about a CID Detective Mike Crowell who is estranged from his wife but ready to reconcile but something is holding him back. Little bits come thru the film of the tragedy that destroyed their marriage. Now the parallel of the two plots eventually intertwine, and you will not even see it coming!


 I must say that I would not hesitate to recommend The Hounds, it's unlikely you'll have another genuine mind fuck quite as good as this one. It's tricky and keeps you guessing up until the very end and that my friends is a treat in itself! You all need to head over to and grab your copy now!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Time Again

Release Date: August 21, 2011
82 Minutes
Directed by: Ray Karwel
What would you do if you could have a chance to go back and change the horrible outcome of a certain situation? You'd just jump at the opportunity- anyone would. In Ray Karwel's Time Again it's basically the same concept only this is a much trickier situation than just wanting to go back- I mean what if you still make the wrong decision again?  
Here we have this notorious underworld criminal just dying to get his hands on a set of rare mysterious coins that can tip the balance between life and death. The film starts with a chaotic scene on a roof top that leaves things wrong and a sister dead. An old women hands Marlo the coins telling her she has a chance to go back and fix it.
At first I was afraid that it was going to be like that Nightmare on Elm Street flick where the guy kept going in circles and repeating the exact same thing over and over.- thank God it was totally different. I liked the movie and was glad to have the opportunity to review it, I suggest if you get the change to check Time Again out. .  

Monday, December 10, 2012



Well as we all know times are tight, so I decided I would try and sell some of things on here and I pray for the best. Below you will find a link to my photo album which has photos of what's for sale.
Some off the things are SIGNED by bands. And just some other items that could interest you in there....come check them out!

Sunday, December 9, 2012



Well as we all know times are tight, so I decided I would try and sell some of my dolls on here and I pray for the best. Below you will find a link to my photo album which has photos of what's for sale.
Some off the doll are SIGNED by the creators. I also have a signed Teddy Scare and some barbies in there....come check them out!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Please help it takes 2 seconds to sign! xoxo

Secretary Vilsack: Reform the Federal Wildlife-Killing Program! Killing is never the answer!

 The problem with Wildlife Services is simple: The federal program relies too heavily on killing to resolve conflicts with wildlife. All too often,...
these methods are brutal, expensive and ineffective, with 100,000 animals killed each year. Tens of thousands of animals have been killed by mistake over the past decade -- including family pets and federally protected wildlife.

The solution for Wildlife Services is simple as well: Stop the kill-first mentality when it comes to wildlife -- and focus on using proven non-lethal deterrents to effectively resolve conflicts.

Please speak out now and urge Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to reform Wildlife Services from the federal government's top wildlife killers to a program that can truly resolve wildlife conflicts.
Please sign the petition:

Stand up against animal cruelty! Help us! “Like” and share the page, thank you!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Slaughter Creek

Release Date: November 20, 2012
93 Minutes
Directed by: Liam Owen and Brian Skiba
OK don't let Slaughter Creek fool you, that trailer has it looking like it's exciting and full of
drama/porn but there's not. The story is based on true events so they winged everything and there's no set script for them to follow. Back in 2006, three filmmakers set out to make a documentary on the Porn Industry- they had high hopes for the production.
They nab a sweet looking blond named Alyssa who originally wanted to be an actress but now is at the end of her rope and is willing to try porn to get herself out there. She agrees to let them take the wild ride of entering the porn world with her- so they are expecting to get some really good footage from her sexapades.
Matt becomes obsessed with her and wants her in their project so bad he blows all of the crews cash to pay her without consulting with Myra or Robbie and they are livid! With no other choice but to move forward with the film they interview her and make plans to go with her to her first audition the following day.

They wait outside while she goes inside to try out for her porn role, let me tell you what, that girl comes flying out like a bat out of hell. The whole way back to her place she is in shock and truly traumatized by whatever the guy did to her in that house! By March, Alyssa is missing and soon after Matt is found bloody by the cops- what do you think happened?

Monday, November 19, 2012

After the Dawn (International Title: Discursion)

Release Date- September 25,
88 Minutes
Directed by: Mitchel A. Jones
I hate being alone and I know there are plenty of other people out there that feel the same exact sucks. Mitchel A. Jone's After the Dawn solidly portrays being isolated on Earth after there was a nasty warfare born chemical attack leaving very few survivors. I would go stir crazy with no one to talk too!

Cassie Becker, a young woman is fighting for survival and the few humans out there have been effected by the attack and have the urge to rip you to shreds- and eat you! She has been wandering aimlessly around for about 6 months when she stumbles across a younger boy named Jake.

The travel together looking for other signs of life and means to survive for their harrowing time left on earth. Jake is extremely withdrawn and hardly speaks a word if anything at all. Maybe he is just traumatized from this horrific event? Or maybe there is something just plain wrong with him...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dust Up

Release date: November 13, 2012
92 Minutes
Directed by: Ward Roberts
OK I have to be perfectly blunt here, I thought this movie for some reason was going to really be boring with bad acting and stupid effects. I was wrong, kind of like when you glance at the box art and you think how the flick is going to be so awesome and it ends up be a waste of damn time.
Ward Robert's Dust Up was fuckin crazy and I was actually kind of disappointed when it ended. The story is about how a man named Herman is in deep shit with his dealer and needs to get that cash real quick or his family is going to suffer. His wife Ella seems to be used to his bullshit, she loves him- but is fed up with it.
Jack the one eyed bad ass shows up to help with the plumbing and ends up getting involved in the plan to go after the drug lord Buzz who just so happens to be a bisexual tweaked out cannibal that wants to eat Herman and Ella's baby. Buzz has to be one of the most fucked up characters that I've seen in awhile!

His partner in crime is the Lizard man who is green and kinda scaly in the face. Dust Up is a wild ride thru trailer park trash scenarios that Jerry Springer would be worthy of. My perverted ass was laughing at things, I would tell you but then I'd have to kill you! Let's just say that Buzz gets himself in a bunch of crazy positions!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

Midnight Disease

Release Date:April 3 , 2012
Directors: Ryan Fowler,
Robbie Ribspreader
92 minutes



Ever writer at some point or other gets that horrific blank brain when they sit down to write and all they can do is stare at the blank page. In the writing world apparently they call this little mishap a brain fart, or the midnight disease. An author named Jack Jones is going thru this disaster at the moment and it doesn't look to promising!
His writers block is leaving him depressed and drowning himself in the booze. Just when he is going to give up writing for good someone leaves a present for him at his front door. It's a jar of blood. Now I don't know about you, but my ass ain't touching shit with someone elses blood in it!

So after some staring and debating he decides to crack that bitch open. This zombie like chick appears and it's like I dream of Genie in a perverse sort of way- well maybe not. So the living dead girl sits down and proceeds to type him up a new killer story! Man, how could Jack of stuck it so damn lucky?

Soon the jar is empty and if there's no red, her typing becomes dead. Now the tables have turned and he has to fill the bottle back up- by whatever means necessary. Jack now is murdering people and for what? Yup, a best selling novel. Do you think after all this he'll manage to be around to even enjoy it?

Monday, October 29, 2012

6 Degrees of Hell

Release Date:11/27/12
Directed by: Joe Raffa
92 Minutes
6 Degrees of Hell was shot at the actual Halloween Haunted attraction in Pennsylvania known as the Hotel of Horror in Saylorsburg. I might actually have to check this place out one year, Pennhurst Insane Asylum was a hike and a half and the only thing scary about the damn place were the lines!
The movie boasts of having Corey Feldman as one of the actors- is that really something to be proud of? He plays the part of of a detective named Kyle Brenner who shows up investigating the grisly murder of a popular ghost hunter from a well known shows sister. The poor girl was sliced crotch to sternum, thank god I didn't have to fully see that one!
As part of of this years Hotel of Horrors, a well known psychic medium lends them some of her actual haunted items for props. Well lets just say some nasty demons lurk within some of those objects just waiting to come wreak some havoc. Once a psychic girl named Nicole enters the premises all hell breaks loose for these body switching entities.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Release Date: November 20, 2012
74 minutes
Directed by: Tim Cowles
Becca decides she needs a change of pace with her career and takes up the new job of selling sex toys and she is determined to make it work. Her and a few friends are all set for a sexy photo shoot to lure in the customers so they have sexy models and big ideas. Hey, a girl's gotta make a living and we sure as hell don't live in the stone ages anymore!
So they are doing a sexy shoot with a bitchy chick named ruby and one perky blond Aqua- the men watching will love the results. Becca is packed and out the door after an argument with her lover and heads off to her very first show...alone. First mistake in her new business venture that leaves her a crying mess running from the scene.
A person who has found her on the Internet starts adding her friends and it seems that if you accept his invite, you end up slashed! Is there a motive behind his madness? Could it be Becca's beau John? Or maybe a jealous friend? Well who ever he is, he sends her a video of him torturing and killing an on-line friend, then soon he turns to her closer ones...
Backslasher is a movie that has hot girls posing provocatively, sex, and chase scene at the end that reminds you a little of Prom Night but not nearly as long or quite as intense. Will Becca escape the grips of the Backslasher? Or will she be the next one to receive the slitting of the throat?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Help launch a new Independent horror zine!

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Kickstarter rewards include signed DVDs and CD-R compilations filled with songs by friends of the podcast. Thanks to all filmmakers and bands who have donated their work to this cause.

We have gotten tremendous support from our friends so far. Please help us make this happen!/events/197600247038901/206992996099626/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Bucks County Massacre

Release Date: September 25, 2012
84 Minutes
Directed by: Jason Sherman
Brain Damage Films
They're having a huge kegger party and the only way your invited is to view the found footage of the bash that was thrown for their good friend Will's 25th birthday. The house is packed, the booze is flowing and the hot girls are getting all tipsy so maybe so guy might get lucky? Or maybe not...
So their out at this really remote house in Bucks County, Pennsylvania where the road in was plain dirt and they had to pass thru this really cool- yet creepy covered bridge that I sure as hell wouldn't wanna walk thru on my own at night! They are happily video taping the whole thing as a keepsake for their friend.

So Melissa needs to use her phone and her drunken ass heads outside -no one sees her again, she's officially missing. The cops arrive and it's the standard reply- she's an adult and they can't consider her missing until so many hours have passed. Her boyfriend ain't having that shit, so he busts a rifle out and is on the hunt.
Ok, I had a blast with watching this one, but I was looking some info up and it said Vampire....I honestly didn't surmise the villian as being this- if I had to guess I would of said cannibal or maybe some freak on Bath salts? Is it worth a watch you ask? Hell freakin yeah!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ugly Shy necklace contest

Make sure to check out and "like" The Ugly Art Dolls page
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RULES: You can enter once a day and the contest ends Oct,10th,12 at Midnight!
Just reblog the photo to enter

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

From Beneath

Release date: August 10. 2012
Directed By: David Doucette
Nothing like heading out with your main squeeze for a little down time at her sisters very secluded farm, to bad they didn't get a flat or somehow been deterred from going in the first place because now things are about to get seriously fucked up. Jason seems a little uptight from the get go, maybe he is foreseeing his own future?

Sam is very excited to see her sister and is a little upset when they arrive and no one is to be found. They decide to take a look around and since it is blazing hot out, they strip down to their skivvies and jump into the pond to cool off. It looks like Jason might get lucky until he is bitten by a leech.
Sam helps him hobble back to her sisters where he lays down and tries to rest. Suddenly that little leech lick starts turning into a gooey, bloody mess! Hours pass and still no sign of the sister and her family. Where the hell could they be? I mean why wouldn't they be there to greet her when she arrived?
Jason is now sick and in dire need of a hospital, doctor...something! Time in running out for them- Jason is losing his grip on reality and Sam just might pay the price. Do you think this couple will survive the ordeal? Can Jason even rid himself of the virus that has taken him over maybe he should just admit his defeat?

Friday, September 28, 2012


Nocturnal Features
Released: May 11, 2012
Directed by: Tony Jopia
97 Minutes
The British Slasher flick DeadTime involves a band that is forced to go and record a new music video for the big wigs that have big dreams of resurrecting the bands faltering career. They are shoved in an old warehouse with orders to produce something phenomenal, do you think the boys from Birmingham can deliver? They better do it cause they are all locked in until they accomplish it... 
My favorite character in the film was definitely Nigel, he delivered with his quirky eccentric personality. He was a cutie too but he had me laughing out loud with his antics and when he spazzes out it's fucking awesome. I loved his whole package and wished there was more of him in the film.
So they tear thru a killer video shoot then things start to go a tad haywire when people are getting knifed off one by one. Your mind is bending trying to guess if the killer is one of them or maybe it's just some crazy stranger that was already there waiting for them? You can't tell much with a sack over his head!
DeadTime also has a pretty cool anticipating chase scene that just might have you remembering the one in Prom Night- it's not quite as long but it will make you possibly bite your nails a little bit! I do not care what any other critic says because you can't change my mind, DeadTime fuckin rocks!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Deadly Renovations

Released May 25th 2012
Directed by Robert H. Gwinn
In the Film Deadly Renovations, a house flipping group arrives at the Hotel project they just took on and have big dreams of earning some buku bucks on this one. What's funny is they have no clue of the million dollars of cash that was abandoned somewhere within it decaying walls years ago..
I know if my ass heard a rumor or urban legend that there were stacks of cash just laying there waiting to be spent, I admit I'd have to go see if I could find it. What normal hard working American wouldn't, It's not stealing right? I mean imagine all of the people who have searched before that just might be there waiting for you....
All hell ensues when the team arrive to get the place in order, I guess greed really does kill. Deadly Renovations isn't a sit at the end of seat thriller but it is interesting and you wont be tempted to hit the fast forward button to escape. It's a nice flick to take a gander at and it will confirm to you what I have known all along- people suck!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Breaking Glass Pictures
97 Minutes
Directed by: Zack Parker
Released July 31, 2012
Handicap people have all kinds of different affects on society. Some care and feel saddened by their ill fate in life while others are completely appalled or skeeved. Others even seem to get a kick at teasing them and making fun of their disabilities and short comings. Jakob is a harmless man with disabilities that is taken care of his overbearing mother.
Paige takes on a job as a caregiver for Jakob, she at first seems like she is the most sweet genuine woman who enjoys her job helping others. She plays games with him and tenderly takes care of him as any helping hand should. One day she does the most outrageous act and you are left at first with the wonder of why.
You see, Paige noticed bruises on the boys arms and body and is horrified and concerned for his safety. His mother Janice pretends to coddle him where as I think she is secretly annoyed that she is stuck with a handicapped son but yet won't seem to put him in a home for people like him.
The story is told from three separate angles and the acting in the film is totally convincing where you feel like your a fly on the wall watching as this life changing event happens. Could you handle the responsibility of watching out for someone who can't help himself? Would you put yourself in a foul situation to save someone else?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Tale of a Voodoo Prostitute

Label: Brain Damage Films
75 Minutes
Directed by: Charles Richard Buchanan
Released: June 5, 2012
The Tale of a Voodoo Prostitute has to be one of the most boring movies I have ever scene I just could not get myself fully into it at any time within the film. I hate writing mean reviews but I'm not going to lie and say I found it to be entertaining...not one bit for me! The whole story just didn't appeal to me.
Fleetwood Deville is a total manipulator,hustler, and he manages to screw over virtually everyone that crosses his path. I could not stand this particular character he rubbed me the wrong and seemed to over exaggerate his demeanor which just seemed to make him, well almost silly.
No one that works for him seems to last long- I guess if he doesn't like you or tires of you be prepared for a bullet in the head. The voodoo prostitute just seemed to be thrown in there for some extra creativity on their part but I actually would of enjoyed it more if that was cut....
I just don't want some poor boy working his ass off mowing the lawn in a hundred degree heat to walk in read the title, see prostitute and blow all that hard earned cash hoping for some seedy scenes. I would love to say this was a great flick, but to me it was just hokey and a waste of time...sorry guys!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Shades of a Killer

Label: Brain Damage Films
91 minutes
Directed by: Kemal Yildirim
Released March 6, 2012
With a tricky skill learned at an early age, Jaan is a hit man who is as quiet as a mouse and completely ruthless with his targets. He can slice and dice with the best of them but still manages to fall hard with his heart when it comes to women. Christ, I couldn't be with him I'd be afraid of pissing him off!

Now all grown up he is in this elite assassin force and has to face his worse enemies in order to save the two people that mean the most to him in this world and not fighting for them is not an option. This man will fight to the death to get what he wants and had endured a very dark past that seems to haunt him at times in order to get here..

Shades of a Killer has to be about 80 percent action and 20 percent drama. If you are into the Martial Arts scene or just enjoy watching people skirt their way around fists and feet- you will enjoy this title to no end. Can Jaan manage to outsmart all of his pursuitors and obstacles? Check it out and tell me if you think he could actually do it....

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol

Directed by: Aramis Sartorio
91 Minutes
Release Date 3/27/2012
A total loser named Tommy Pistol is running about forty five minutes late to an audition so he speeds down the road like a maniac trying to get there. Well the director tells him to fuck off so he heads home to his girlfriend and their son. He comes in earlier an usual since he was fired from his job at the record store.
So now his family has left him because he can not manage to get his priorities straight- they are all fucked up! Now his hot wife is gone so he gets naked on the couch with a penis pump, some porn and just goes at it.This guys such a loser he can't even stay awake to masturbate!
So in his head he's walking down the street and comes to a whore named Daisy who is willing. Too bad for her the spider that bites her gives her a staph infection that goes wild and rampant. This part of the film is absolutely vomit worthy so you might need a bucket or trough for that matter. There are a few sequences in this dream stage but I'm not gonna ruin it for ya!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Operation: Nazi Zombies

Release Date: 2012
87 Minutes
Directed by: David B. Stewart III
David B. Stewart III's Operation: Nazi Zombies actually sat on the shelf for about four years before it was picked up for distribution. After you view it, you can decide for yourself if you think it should of permanently stayed there! So here we have a group of Army Special Forces that head out to this secret biological weapons facility and things get a tad hectic!
They become infected by this Nazi experiment that was recreated by the Army Chemical Corps and the CIA after World War II. These poor boys are stuck with some hungry zombies and also the Government assassins from hell! Which one do you think you'd rather be stuck with let alone both? Talk about a living hell!
Imagine being thrown there to die with those flesh eating bastards...only the strong will survive the debauchery they were pushed in to. The zombies were cool looking and in the one scene it's cries were particularly disturbing as he repetitively did it. I have screened plenty of zombie movies, and this is one of the better ones.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mourning Wood

Release Date: July 24th 2012
Directed by: Ryan Convery
79 Minutes

In Ryan Convery's film Mourning Wood, the infomercial Guru Dr. Jacob Pendelton has invented products like Dick Killer condoms and his newest discovery is called Shampube. It promises to remove all that funk down below. Well it removes the grime but you turn into a sex crazed zombie who humps everything!
Now you have to be able to handle this whole concept because the sperm in splashing all over in this one- I mean buckets full. Everyone that comes into contact with these vile perverted fucks end up white washed in spew! Did I laugh? At times I honestly did but a know a few women who would be all uptight with it and freak.
I loved that alot of the actors play several different parts in the film, when you watch you'll see what I mean. To enjoy this film you need an open mind and a wild sense a humor. It's campy B movie hi jinks  will have you giggling or muttering "Ew, gross!" If you could dream up a different way to be infected by a zombie what would you choose?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lost Woods

Directed by: Philip and Nathan Ellering
Release Date: March 2, 2012
88 Minutes
Darrin is just kicking back enjoying his day to day routine when there's a little break in the monotony as some friends come by to convince him to go with them camping. He is a tad hesitant since a boy named Nunez went missing up in those woods and hasn't been heard from since.
After awhile you can tell that Darrin is really glad he went. His bud Rey is the rugged outdoors type while his sister Lucy is clearly smitten with Darrin. They chillax near the bonfire drinking beers with Warren and Goofball George. All of them enjoy the Nature trails and go cliff diving
Two bullying rednecks with a rifle swipe Rey's trusty blade on their way back to the site and he vows revenge. But that might not be able to come into play because a deadly Sasquatch is now hunting them like prey while knocking them off one by one.

The beast looks a tad goofy but that's OK because it's a cool storyline and you can totally imagine yourself being in their shoes. Will anyone in their close circle of friends survive to tell the tale? Or will they all end up just body parts scattered thru the woods? The answer to that is.... watch it!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Author Linda Deleon
ISBN-13: 9781452042299
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 8/6/2010
James Stuart, the Earl of Forbes has spent the last grueling 800 years alone, never finding true love until the day he met Claire. The only problem is that James is carrying a huge secret within him and desperately trying to keep the world from finding out that he is indeed a vampire.
He has manage to walk among the living without being detected and only feeds on humans who are criminals or vagrants living in alleys. One fine day he bumps into Claire Collins and is instantly smitten and her feelings mirror his.
They spend the every possible moment they can with each other for rest of her vacation.
They day she departs he falls into a deep depressing and on impulse goes to get her. They become fast friends and lovers.
James ex Vanessa is still pining away for him and will stop at nothing to rid him of his new love attachment. So James takes Claire on a trip to meet some of his historical buddies and has them train her to battle against Vanessa.
I really liked that the romance was fast-paced not some drawn out time consuming courtship. Plus the use of the Rosary was pretty darn clever. I am not big on history but I really enjoyed learning some interesting tidbits and actually craved more. I have her new book which is her prequel to this one and I can't wait to get into it. Pick this up, you won't regret it!

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Fields

The Fields
Release Date: 4/24/2012
98 Minutes
Directed by: Tom Mattera, David Mazzoni
This story takes place in the countryside of Pennsylvania where the corn fields seem to harbor some sort evil. Steven is sent to stay with his grand parents on their farm while his parents Bonnie and Barry try to sort out their marital problems- basically she wants to party and run around on him and he ain't having it!
Around the same time Steven is headed to the farm the infamous Manson murders have just occurred. it becomes an obsession to Steven that Manson will escape and hunt him down to kill him. One look at Charlie on the news scared the death out of that boy and that horrible face became imprinted in his mind.
His grandparents love having him but repeatedly warn him to stay out of those cornfields- so of course we all know what Steven's going to do right? Run into those damn dry husked fields and sees way more than he bargained for. He manages to make it out and suddenly strange occurrences start to happen in the house.
Each night is more intense then the it spirits from the cornfield? Or could it be for some reason Mr. Manson himself would like to pay the little boy a nice visit? Will his parents ever work it out and be able to move on from the past? Cloris Leachman was a gem in this one, she reminded of my grandmother.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Release Date: 3/6/2012
77 Minutes
Directed by: David Blyth
David Blythe's Wound is like riding by that tragic car wreck and not being able to pull your eyes away no matter how appalled you are by the visuals. Yup, it's that fucked up. I will be honest and say this much, if I didn't read what this film was really about I don't think I would of put it together on my own.
The basic breakdown of the synopsis is that Susan is very mentally unstable woman who gave up her daughter and I am sure that years of abuse from her father contributes to this factor. So now Tanya is back from the dead and enjoys confronting and possessing Susan showing her all of her unbearable fears.

This movie was as twisted as it gets with bloody gore and this sexually demented pig fucker that will turn your stomach like a bad batch of curdled milk. I am by no means a prude but this thing slides his tongue in and out of his mask like leather face did and makes the creepiest screaming noises.

Wound is a film that will have you saying what the fuck and you will be telling your friends about it . Whether it be in amazement or complete disgust your mind will play things in your head for days to come. It's rare you get a film anymore to shake your head at in that totally "wow" way!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Skeleton Key 3: The Organ Trail

Release Date: November 8, 2011
120 Minutes
Directed by: John Johnson

OK, I hate to do this but Skeleton Key 3: The Organ Trail has to one of the worst movies I viewed this year so far. It's stupid, boring and has absolutely nothing to do with the two other films in the series titled Skeleton Key, Skeleton Key 2 : 667 Neighbor of the Beast. I was disappointed since the box cover showed some Saw type of shit going on- I need to start following my own rule and not judging a DVD by it's cover, they always lie! I wouldn't spend a dime on this bad boy....sorry!