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Monday, December 3, 2012

Slaughter Creek

Release Date: November 20, 2012
93 Minutes
Directed by: Liam Owen and Brian Skiba
OK don't let Slaughter Creek fool you, that trailer has it looking like it's exciting and full of
drama/porn but there's not. The story is based on true events so they winged everything and there's no set script for them to follow. Back in 2006, three filmmakers set out to make a documentary on the Porn Industry- they had high hopes for the production.
They nab a sweet looking blond named Alyssa who originally wanted to be an actress but now is at the end of her rope and is willing to try porn to get herself out there. She agrees to let them take the wild ride of entering the porn world with her- so they are expecting to get some really good footage from her sexapades.
Matt becomes obsessed with her and wants her in their project so bad he blows all of the crews cash to pay her without consulting with Myra or Robbie and they are livid! With no other choice but to move forward with the film they interview her and make plans to go with her to her first audition the following day.

They wait outside while she goes inside to try out for her porn role, let me tell you what, that girl comes flying out like a bat out of hell. The whole way back to her place she is in shock and truly traumatized by whatever the guy did to her in that house! By March, Alyssa is missing and soon after Matt is found bloody by the cops- what do you think happened?

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