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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Southern Haunts: Spirits Walk Among US

Southern Haunts: Spirits Walk Among US
ISBN: 9781937929121
Published by: Seventh Star Press
Edited by: Alexander Brown and J.L. Mulvihill 

Let's face it, people love ghost stories. Whether they are believers or not a lot of
people love a safe scare and what better way than a story. In Southern Haunts: Spirits Walk
Among Us there are plenty of stories to keep you up on a dark night with tales of
0f revenge, family curses, ghosts and one has an American Horror Story Asylum kinda feel.

You can close your eyes and throw your finger on any title in here and enjoy 10 minutes of the spirits that walk among us in the safety of your own home ;) What better way is there to do it besides a movie? Read it and draw up the spooky visions in your own head. 

The book is edited by J.L. Mulvihill and Alexander S. Brown. I had the pleasure of reviewing Mr. Brown's Traumatized and I loved it. Plowed right thru the pages was definitely a great and easy read. Mulvihill has a book out titled The Lost Daughter of Easa. Always try and support independent authors as much as you can they are the same as any other artist just trying to get the goods out there!