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Monday, December 14, 2009

Lost Treasure of the Maya

Release date- December 8, 2009

A group of archaeologists go to the beautiful exotic Yucatan Peninsula in search of a precious exquisite Mayan artifact which is an ancient mask. They go missing and the woman Lauren's sister Sabrina comes there to search for her. She feels guilty for not staying in touch or coming out there to visit her in the five years she has been living there.

Sabrina meets an alcoholic sexist type of guy named Nicholas who is good at finding people and after some annoying instances talks him into helping her. They team up and try their hardest to get a lead on what has happened. Is the team still out there somewhere or are they already dead like Nicholas thinks? Will they ever find out?

Here the bad ass top dog Lester played by one of my favorite actors Mike Madsen is on the look out for that same Mayan mask and will stop at nothing to get it. He tells the guy working for him he better find it fast or else he is history, yup dead and buried he'll be. Lester is still the bad ass on the island and his threats have plenty of weight behind them.

After quite the adventure from dealing with criminals, tripping out with the painted up Mayans, and falling for each other, Sabrina and Nicholas just might find what they are looking for. Or will Lester and his crew get there first and then dispose of them like unwanted trash? Watching this adventure film will be having you thinking of taking a vacation as you look at the mind blowing scenery.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Christmas Clause

Release date- November 10, 2009

Did you ever just get so stressed out with your life that you envied someone else's enough to wish it was your own? Sophie Kelly is a hot shot lawyer strapped with three kids and her hubby plays Mr. Mom everyday. Sophie just has too much on her plate and the stress of the holidays add on some more unneeded pressure to get things done.

One day while she is out shopping at the mall for a dress to a work party she'd rather not even go to, she's stuck standing in line with the kids to see Santa. They are bickering and she bumps into an old friend who is looking fabulous and lives a very exciting life. This makes Sophie think to herself that she would love to be in that woman's shoes.

Well Santa grants her the wish and the next thing you know she has the life of being the boss, with no kids and plenty of peace and quiet. After awhile the newness wears off and she realizes that she would rather have her old life than any of this - she misses her husband who now is in a relationship with someone else.

The only thing is, she can't just opt to go back to her old life she has to figure out the trick to get there. Sometimes we all would like to have our lives become a little easier but as always remember the famous line- be careful what you wish for. The Christmas Clause is just the flick to warm up your hearts just in time for Christmas, and some of us really need that!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mr. Art Critic

Release date- October 13, 2009

A well known high profile art critic named M.J. Clayton is a true bastard when it comes to writing down his exact thoughts of other peoples creations. He's a total snob who for some reason thinks he is the only eye out there that really knows what is superb and what is crap. It's really rare that he sees something he will deem worthy of praise.

After awhile even his boss becomes disgusted at they way he just downs these poor artists pieces, I mean the man is just too full of himself. He is sent for some time off so he heads to his house on the lake. One night while walking around he bumps into an artist who he said had no talent and after a few words they end up at the bar completely smashed!

The scorned artist named Frank drunkenly dares good old Mr. Clayton that he should enter the art contest since he is so sure that any idiot could do a good piece. So forced to enter he tries to come up with something, anything that will allow him to take first place. Is he even capable of completing a painting or anything else artistic for that matter?

Then he meets Lisa who is a gifted artist who he tries to buy a painting from her to enter it into the competition. She tells him he can buy it at a staggering price so he does. In the end he is outed for not being the one to have done the painting and is humiliated. He loses his job so now what will he do with himself? Maybe he should take art classes!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Natural Born Killers 15th Anniversary Directors Cut

Came out on DVD October 13th

Own it on DVD now!

Who can ever forget Mickey and Mallory? Back in 1994 when Natural Born Killers came out the world fell in love with two new totally psychotic serial killers. These two were bonded over the fact that they both had very dysfunctional childhoods with abusive parents. Mickey murders her touchy incestuous father and her enabling mother and then they go on a road trip from hell.

Along they way they slaughter everyone they can get their hands on and their only rule is always leave behind one person to be the witness and tell their harrowing tale. A very popular reporter named Wayne Gale exposes these two maniacs to the world and they become instant killing superstars. Just goes to show you how the media hypes up the wrong things!

When they are captured outside of a store while they were inside searching for snake venom medicine you think that these two just might get loose but they are both sent to different prisons where they sit love ridden in their cells hoping to see each other again, but knowing it is not going to happen since they will likely be either sentenced to death or life inside.

So if you want to see an addictive story that will keep you thinking about it for months to come, watch Nature Born Killers. Mickey and Mallory are as addictive as chocolate with peanut butter in it. It's a twisted tale of love and murder that the media hyped up and made into an explosive obsession. Oliver Stone sure knows how to tell a crooked story!


Disc 1

*Introduction by Oliver Stone (new intro HD)

*Commentary by director Oliver Stone (from original SD release)

Disc 2

*NBK Evolution: How would it all go down now?- New documentary providing a look at how the film might be different if today's technology advancements were available (in HD)

*Chaos Rising The Storm Around Natural Born Killers- Shocking 'making of' documentary about the storm of controversy surrounding the film (from original SD release)

* Deleted scenes with optional commentary by Oliver Stone (from original SD release)

- The Desert

- Steven Wright

- The Courtroom

- The Hun Brothers

- The Drive- In

- Denis Leary

* Alternate ending with introduction by Oliver Stone (from original SD release)

* Charlie Rose interview- Charlie Rose interviews Oliver Stone on the making of this violent film (from the HD DVD release in SD)

* NBK Director's Cut Trailer

"Check out the Official Site"

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Book Signing for Traumatized

You are invited to ...
Book Signing for Traumatized


Saturday, December 12, 2009

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM CST


Columbia Marrion Library

900 Broad Street

Columbia, MS 39429

I hope to see everyone there. If you can't attend and would like to order a signed copy for yourself, friend or family member please email me at

Best Wishes,
Alexander S. Brown

- Traumatized© AVAILABLE NOW!


After being banned from El Dorado, AR due to the controversial subject matter in Traumatized, horror author, Alexander S. Brown speaks and signs editions of his horror anthology Traumatized in Columbia, MS, at the Columbia Library on DEC 12, 2009 from 1-3pm. $20 ea. To learn more please visit if you can not attend the signing feel free to order a copy from or

The Witch of Hainted Holler- Author Gori Suture 18+

Hardcover ISBN- 978-0-615-25507-1

Softcover ISBN- 978-1-449-54094-4

Endora's family is forced to move into an old falling apart rut that has a horrifying past that will soon integrate within her future. She meets Jasper whose family has now taken over her old house and falls in love and lust. They can't get enough of each other and explore each others bodies with heated intensity. As her family scrapes to just get by, more salt is added to their wounds when a malevolent entity starts to torture Endora by raping and assaulting her on a nightly basis. She winds up pregnant and things just get crazier as it goes. I really loved this story I read it in two days and would of probably finished it within one but I was totally swamped with work! Gori Suture is the Queen of the Macabre!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Run! Bitch Run!

On December 8th Breaking Glass Pictures will release the new indie film maker Joseph Guzman’s smashing debut flick “Run! Bitch Run!” which is told in the likes of traumatizing films such as “The Last House on the Left” and “Chaos.” This film will have you cheering on Catherine as she executes her attackers. Your about to take a bumpy ride thru the sweetest revenge a scorned woman can get!

Catherine and Rebecca are Catholic school girls selling bibles door to door to raise money. Rebecca wants to hurry up and unload them all so they can go have a little fun. You can tell she’s a wild one but Catherine is a sweet, innocent teen who has the morals of a nun. Unfortunatley for her the pair knock on the wrong door and are greeted with three very sick individuals who have no concious or remorse.

When you think back to the sleazy gritty exploitation flicks do you wish to yourself “Damn, I wish there were more movies like that out there today?” Well dream no more, Run! Bitch Run! will scratch your eyes out then laugh in your face about it! It’s just completely pure madness once Catherine loses it and her sweet revenge sets in. Her mind just snaps and she slowly stalks each abuser like an intent cat would the beadied eye mouse.

In the end will she be able to handle the grizzley murders she has just committed? Or will she be in shock tormented by what she has done? Will her God forgive her and if not can she live with that?” Run! Bitch Run!” is totally the disburbing movie that you just can’t turn away no matter how hard you try. It gives new meaning to the term “pain in the ass!”