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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mr. Art Critic

Release date- October 13, 2009

A well known high profile art critic named M.J. Clayton is a true bastard when it comes to writing down his exact thoughts of other peoples creations. He's a total snob who for some reason thinks he is the only eye out there that really knows what is superb and what is crap. It's really rare that he sees something he will deem worthy of praise.

After awhile even his boss becomes disgusted at they way he just downs these poor artists pieces, I mean the man is just too full of himself. He is sent for some time off so he heads to his house on the lake. One night while walking around he bumps into an artist who he said had no talent and after a few words they end up at the bar completely smashed!

The scorned artist named Frank drunkenly dares good old Mr. Clayton that he should enter the art contest since he is so sure that any idiot could do a good piece. So forced to enter he tries to come up with something, anything that will allow him to take first place. Is he even capable of completing a painting or anything else artistic for that matter?

Then he meets Lisa who is a gifted artist who he tries to buy a painting from her to enter it into the competition. She tells him he can buy it at a staggering price so he does. In the end he is outed for not being the one to have done the painting and is humiliated. He loses his job so now what will he do with himself? Maybe he should take art classes!

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