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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Christmas Clause

Release date- November 10, 2009

Did you ever just get so stressed out with your life that you envied someone else's enough to wish it was your own? Sophie Kelly is a hot shot lawyer strapped with three kids and her hubby plays Mr. Mom everyday. Sophie just has too much on her plate and the stress of the holidays add on some more unneeded pressure to get things done.

One day while she is out shopping at the mall for a dress to a work party she'd rather not even go to, she's stuck standing in line with the kids to see Santa. They are bickering and she bumps into an old friend who is looking fabulous and lives a very exciting life. This makes Sophie think to herself that she would love to be in that woman's shoes.

Well Santa grants her the wish and the next thing you know she has the life of being the boss, with no kids and plenty of peace and quiet. After awhile the newness wears off and she realizes that she would rather have her old life than any of this - she misses her husband who now is in a relationship with someone else.

The only thing is, she can't just opt to go back to her old life she has to figure out the trick to get there. Sometimes we all would like to have our lives become a little easier but as always remember the famous line- be careful what you wish for. The Christmas Clause is just the flick to warm up your hearts just in time for Christmas, and some of us really need that!

1 comment:

  1. Aw, how cute. Not sure whos shoes I'd rather be in right now. Maybe someone who doesn't have to get up so early!

    Nice post ;)