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Friday, September 28, 2012


Nocturnal Features
Released: May 11, 2012
Directed by: Tony Jopia
97 Minutes
The British Slasher flick DeadTime involves a band that is forced to go and record a new music video for the big wigs that have big dreams of resurrecting the bands faltering career. They are shoved in an old warehouse with orders to produce something phenomenal, do you think the boys from Birmingham can deliver? They better do it cause they are all locked in until they accomplish it... 
My favorite character in the film was definitely Nigel, he delivered with his quirky eccentric personality. He was a cutie too but he had me laughing out loud with his antics and when he spazzes out it's fucking awesome. I loved his whole package and wished there was more of him in the film.
So they tear thru a killer video shoot then things start to go a tad haywire when people are getting knifed off one by one. Your mind is bending trying to guess if the killer is one of them or maybe it's just some crazy stranger that was already there waiting for them? You can't tell much with a sack over his head!
DeadTime also has a pretty cool anticipating chase scene that just might have you remembering the one in Prom Night- it's not quite as long but it will make you possibly bite your nails a little bit! I do not care what any other critic says because you can't change my mind, DeadTime fuckin rocks!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Deadly Renovations

Released May 25th 2012
Directed by Robert H. Gwinn
In the Film Deadly Renovations, a house flipping group arrives at the Hotel project they just took on and have big dreams of earning some buku bucks on this one. What's funny is they have no clue of the million dollars of cash that was abandoned somewhere within it decaying walls years ago..
I know if my ass heard a rumor or urban legend that there were stacks of cash just laying there waiting to be spent, I admit I'd have to go see if I could find it. What normal hard working American wouldn't, It's not stealing right? I mean imagine all of the people who have searched before that just might be there waiting for you....
All hell ensues when the team arrive to get the place in order, I guess greed really does kill. Deadly Renovations isn't a sit at the end of seat thriller but it is interesting and you wont be tempted to hit the fast forward button to escape. It's a nice flick to take a gander at and it will confirm to you what I have known all along- people suck!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Breaking Glass Pictures
97 Minutes
Directed by: Zack Parker
Released July 31, 2012
Handicap people have all kinds of different affects on society. Some care and feel saddened by their ill fate in life while others are completely appalled or skeeved. Others even seem to get a kick at teasing them and making fun of their disabilities and short comings. Jakob is a harmless man with disabilities that is taken care of his overbearing mother.
Paige takes on a job as a caregiver for Jakob, she at first seems like she is the most sweet genuine woman who enjoys her job helping others. She plays games with him and tenderly takes care of him as any helping hand should. One day she does the most outrageous act and you are left at first with the wonder of why.
You see, Paige noticed bruises on the boys arms and body and is horrified and concerned for his safety. His mother Janice pretends to coddle him where as I think she is secretly annoyed that she is stuck with a handicapped son but yet won't seem to put him in a home for people like him.
The story is told from three separate angles and the acting in the film is totally convincing where you feel like your a fly on the wall watching as this life changing event happens. Could you handle the responsibility of watching out for someone who can't help himself? Would you put yourself in a foul situation to save someone else?