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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Deadly Renovations

Released May 25th 2012
Directed by Robert H. Gwinn
In the Film Deadly Renovations, a house flipping group arrives at the Hotel project they just took on and have big dreams of earning some buku bucks on this one. What's funny is they have no clue of the million dollars of cash that was abandoned somewhere within it decaying walls years ago..
I know if my ass heard a rumor or urban legend that there were stacks of cash just laying there waiting to be spent, I admit I'd have to go see if I could find it. What normal hard working American wouldn't, It's not stealing right? I mean imagine all of the people who have searched before that just might be there waiting for you....
All hell ensues when the team arrive to get the place in order, I guess greed really does kill. Deadly Renovations isn't a sit at the end of seat thriller but it is interesting and you wont be tempted to hit the fast forward button to escape. It's a nice flick to take a gander at and it will confirm to you what I have known all along- people suck!

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