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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Trade Off- uncut

Release date: September 2013
Directed by: Sean Weathers
80 Minutes

Arthur Blake chose to like his life to the fullest and on his terms. It doesn't matter that he is married
he still chooses to bang everyone everywhere. Whether it be his wife, her best friend or just anything with a pair of tits, he's game. His birthday is approaching and it seems he feels as though maybe he chose the wrong path to walk.

 Sex seemed to be his only fulfillment where he even crosses the line and has a steamy affair with his best friends wife. He turns the big 30 and the unthinkable starts to happen, he loses his job and his best friend and he might just lose his wife who isn/t dumb

Monday, September 8, 2014


Release date: 2014
Directed by: Joshua Staley and Jamie DeWolf
98 Minutes
Genre: Stoner comedy
Indican Pictures

Ok, first off I must admit that I never even had a clue there was a film genre titled Stoner Comedy, did you? Smoked falls into this category and hate to say it but even if I smoked a blunt I don't think I would of laughed much! There are three buddies that constantly bake and one night during a wild house warming party Two thieving fools steal the stash and then accidentally set the house on fire on the way out.

I just couldn't get into it, and I have seen some lame movies that have made me giggle but this one failed at all costs. It was a waste of time with its corny attempts to make the viewer chuckle. Well the three twits dream up this scheme to rob a medical marijuana site and make the money back. Bad idea on their part. A drug lord sends out his minions out to kill all of them and there are some bumps in the path they must deal with.

So as they run thru out the crowded  city from the four horsemen chaos ensues with shoot outs some crazy ass clowns and oh, even ninja's. Can they get away from it all without losing their lives? Or will they all end up six feet under the ground like the roots of a pot plant? Guess you'll have to decide if your money and precious time is worth finding out! Just remember that you can never
get either back!   


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Southern Haunts part 2 Devils in the Darkness- edited by Alexander S. Brown and Loiuse Myers

ISBN: 978-1-937929
Published by: Seventh Star press
Multiple authors
copyright 2014

ISBN: 978-1-937929
Published by: Seventh Star press
Multiple authors
copyright 2014

I've never been much of a fan of books with several authors contributing their stories to complete a
theme designed for them all. I think that's because I never really gave them a chance plus I hate getting into a story and then its over and onto the next one. I actually enjoy them now and look forward to seeing what people come up with. Sometimes I am honestly disappointed when they end, I mean we have all felt like this at one time or another when immersed in the story and its just that good. I mean haven't you ever gotten to the end of a book and kinda of drag it out?

Southern Haunts part 2 Devils in the Darkness is filled with stories from many talented writers. I always try to pick at least three stories I really enjoyed and this time around I would have to chose
Beleth, And There Was Nothing Left But Ash, and Dediless. I could see all three as novels or even
short films that many would enjoy viewing. So I will willingly admit that I am excited to reading
more volumes of short stories in the future, you really don't know what treasures you might come across within those pages- I cant wait!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Monster Beach Party A go go

Release Date: 2014
Directed By: Jay Edward
78 Minutes

One night, Two cops cruise slowly down the main road when a little girls stumbles into view like a zombie still clutching her sand pail. Stopping and grabbing the child they realize she is in some short of shock not speaking and in a daze. Sheriff sends frank to check out the beach and see what's going on while he takes the girl to the doctors to get checked out.

The intense stench wafts up his nostril causing to gag as he walks along the beach with only his flashlight. He comes across a huge pile of what looks to be sea weed and crouches in to see what the hell it is. Big mistake. The following morning his fellow officers are picking his dismembered body parts off the beach while trying to figure out what happened to poor Frank.

An all girl band named Veronica's were in town for a show and need to get to their next gig but of course the car breaks down and they are stuck in this stinky, dinky town for the night. The whole film is just ridiculous especially when it turns out there was danger to begin with. Sorry guys just have to let you know this one is not worthy.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Silent But Deadly

Release date: Feb 14, 2014
Directed by: Jason Lockhart
94 minutes

Here we have a horror, comedy from Jason Lockhart that touches on the comical and ridiculous
carrying ons that transpire amongst the senior citizens when they reside in a nursing home. I
worked in several different facilities growing up and every trick they pull in here is totally true.
Believe me I have walked in to some fucked up circumstances!

It ranges from their certain little clicks like back in high school, to having sex with every willing
participant they can find! You can't help but fall in love and adore some of these elderly people,
they all have their quirky ways that draw you in and might even remind you of someone you
actually already know.

Rose is dropped of at the Lakeview retirement home by her selfish bitch of a daughter Rachel.
Rachel obviously just doesn't want to be bothered anymore because Rose is as about as alert and
spy as her younger self. She soon learns her room was the scene of a murder from a killer that's on
the loose inside who sports a plastic cat mask.

The maniac has a particularly odd weapon of choice...a pillow! Silent But Deadly is a geriatric who
done it where you try to figure out who the psycho is while sporadically laughing at it's campy great
B movie behaviors. I honestly had fun with it and think if you are in the mood for something straight
up stupid but funny, you've found your mate!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Aaron Carters 5 act zombie web series Titled Dead Kansas

Check out Aaron K. Carter's  five-act zombie web-series "DEAD KANSAS" for free on youtube. There are several cult film actors including Irwin Keyes (House Of 1000 Corpses) Joe McQueen (Confessions Of A Superhero) and Juliette Danielle (The Room).

Check out and interesting little short.....

An indie filmmaker based in Texas asks you to watch a short film they made with the students. It is only 5 minutes long . Please click LIKE and leave a comment if you like the film. "Poking Fun" is a short film produced in one week at Hear The Image Filmmaking workshop--

Daughter reconciles with her father in the most stunning and unexpected way --

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Help Out Jason Dubes fantastic new comic "Shadow Hunters issue #3"!

HELP out the amazing comic book artist Jason Dube- always support indie artists!

Spread the word and help Mr. Dube's dream become a reality!

"Shadow Hunters issue #3" I am asking for any support help out with - Even if it in the form of sharing the page to help spread the word. (Any support you can help put with would be greatly appreciated) Lots of rewards, original art, exclusive merchandise, cosplay editions, and so much more! Check it out! THANK YOU!!



Thursday, May 1, 2014

5th Street

Release date: April 19,2013
Directed by: Alex Meader

Never is growing up easy for anyone let alone a child that is forced to bloom in the ghetto where gangs rule supreme and the bodies are constantly dropping. Some have family members involved in the crossfire and idolize their elders therefore thinking it's the only way to live- the only way to survive. Joe Montoya is a man who adores his pregnant wife beyond words they seem to be a match made in heaven.

They decide to move into a new beautiful house but the only problem is it's in a really bad neighborhood. Joe is very leery of the whole deal but agrees to it do in in order to please his wife.
A drive by renders the couple into a dire straights and Joe vows to get even with every piece of trash involved. The gang involved is run by a hard ass named Beto and they all jump to his every command and do all the dirty work he dishes out to them.

The man is as mean as they come with no morals and no conscious. Joe enlists two men to help him exact revenge on all of the street punks involved in his wife's death. They take them to an old abandoned warehouse where they play a clever game saying if they win, they walk. You can't help being drawled  into the action and suspense. Sometimes things don't always go as planned, lives are lost and rules are broken.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Scream Park

Release Date: 2014
Directed by: Cary Hill 
85 Minutes 

I could not wait to get my hands on a screener of Cary Hill's Scream Park once I knew Mr.
Doug Bradley was in it- can you blame me? Pinhead is my all time favorite cenobite. I was
hoping he was one of those sickos who were offing everybody but no such luck, he plays Mr.
Hyde who has some unusual plans for press to bring in more people.

So the park is nearing it's end with people that just don't seem to want to go to boring amusement parks anymore. The place that was once overflowing with eager patrons lining up to get inside now
is bare with a handful of stragglers here and there. Now all it can hope for is to live on within a
few nostalgic hearts.

A group of the parks employees decide to hang around after work one night and party. Come on
you know damn well if you could, you'd do the same damn thing. They all end up chased, hunted
and killed in some fun gory ways. I know the film is far from original but it does work and is a
fun watch that any horror lover could enjoy.

I've always enjoyed films that took place in amusement parks like Funhouse and He knows Your Alone has a scene in one that freaked me out! I am honestly unfamiliar of the band the Skinny Puppies but Nivek Ogre does a pretty good job at being a nasty freaky killer who is all about making it last. Watch and see if you figure out why it's happening before they tell you!                


Friday, March 28, 2014

Daddy's Little Girl

Release Date: May 13 2014
Directed by: Chris Sun
107 Minutes

Chris Sun's Daddies Little Girl is a film that ripped my broken heart and terrorized soul right out of my broken body with it's intense storyline that will stay with you long after you have viewed it. I will say that only the strong minded can handle this- is it because I am a mother? Maybe because it was my biggest fear as my boys grew up? No it's because it happens all the time and people are just fucked!

In the opening credits Mr. Sun geniusly places the birth along with many sweet and tender moments up until she was six years old. You see what a close bond the couple used to have and the extreme love they have for their precious innocent daughter Georgia. One night someone climbed in the broken window that his ex wife was told to fix months ago but didn't out of stubbornness and now she's gone.       

The frantic search is on with every one's tempers and tension rising thru the roof while accusations are thrown. A call comes thru that they've found Georgia and Derek jumps in the car,  rushes to the scene for his child. When he sees she is gone he breaks apart, and as I watched the tears streamed down my face and I sobbed like a baby for the loss of his daughter.

When he nabs the killer and takes him down into the basement with intentions of extreme torture I got the goose bumps even though the fucker deserves it. Watching the last quarter of it was with my hands on my face peeking thru my very cautious fingers. The acting is solid, on point and completely convincing. I felt like I was a fly on the wall watching as the story unfolded. It is an amazingly emotional yet awesome watch.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Clockwork Spells and Magical Bells Edited by Herika R. Raymer

ISBN: 978-1-937035-10-5
Publish date: 2012
Copyright 2011


I will be completely honest and admit that I have never indulged in any sort of books or stories
in the Steampunk Category and when I was contacted I was a tad about reading it- I asked will
I understand it? Alexander laughed and explained to me that it's like we never advanced past the Victorian era and everything is ran on steam. It can branch off into any catergory like horror, comedy, drama, suspense, but mainly they are of murder and mystery. So off I was placing
my very hesitant feet into the calm quirky water of the book Clockwork Spells and Magical Bells.

The stories in the book all had the theme of writing the tales with magic vs. machine. I read of dwarves, elves, gnomes, wizards and pixies. Little machines with tiny gadgets and many functions that could do marvelous things. I did not expect to like it much but it was actually pretty cool to read something different for change. You also really can't predict endings in things you are not familiar with so that was a total plus. My point is, you don't always need to snatch a book of a shelf just because of a familiar author- there are so many talented writers out there just waiting to be discovered!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Edge of Salvation

Release date: 2014
Directed by: Luciano Saber
90 Minutes

Luciano Saber's Edge of Salvation is a fast paced film with a powerful storyline that touches
base on a quite a few touchy subjects in which people struggle with everyday in todays society. A documentary crew follows the Malone's, a family that recently took in a young boy Christopher and then lost all their cash figuring it would make for good TV time.

Being hard up for money renders this rich family with nothing left to lose, to allowing the world to see every ounce of their pain. This certain turn of events forces them to move into the ghetto where Chris actually grew up. 17 year old Chloe, who is the epitome of being a ungrateful spoiled little bitch gets a reality check almost as soon as they pull into the driveway.

For Chris it's coming home to his friends and things just automatically fall back into place like he never left. The camera's are placed everywhere and every second of their lives are recorded. It shows that no matter how bad you think you have it, there is almost always someone else that has it worse. Can the Malone's handle this big change? Or will they flounder under pressure and become just another statistic? 



Tuesday, February 18, 2014

No Clowning Around

Release date: 12-28-12
Directed by: Rob Dimension
25 Minutes
Horror short

Think your life is bad at the current moment? Meet Mumbles the alcoholic clown who likes to pass
out pissy drunk in some strangers tub. He jumps out the window hits his clown car and starts for home. He's alter ego Mr. Peepers pops up from the back seat and starts to tear his ass apart with insults and the truth hurts speech- meaning he's a complete loser. Trixie his heroin addict girlfriend
excitedly rushes out to see if he's made any crisp cash today. Even though there was none she
was still all bubbly and promises things will get better.

The drug gets the best of her and poof she's gone. Now separated from his true love, Mumbles completely loses is it! He decides that revenge is in order, well Mr. Peepers actually plants the sordid seed. Lenny the drug dealer has no idea that the normally docile Mumbles is coming for him. All I'll say is that my favorite part of it all was the balloon animal, I am sure this makes me morbid but it was a clever little thing. No Clowning Around shows what people do when they are handed to much for their plate, How it dramatically breaks and there's nothing left. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Play Date

Release Date: 4/25/2014
Directed by: Andrew C. Erin
82 Minutes

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Dr. Emily Valentine has just packed up her desk and is ready to head on home to start spending time with her family- which I am sure many people in life wish they could do themselves. A family of three, Tamara and her two sons move into the house next store and Emily is thrilled for her daughter Olive to finally have someone to play with.

Billy and Olive become close very quickly but something seems a little off with him.He just seems
to be a little aggressive and rough sometimes towards Olive. Could he just behaving like a little boy?
Nope! You can see it's done specifically to hurt her. First it was just a shove, then a hard slap until
he almost lets her drop down the steps as he dangles her dangerously close to the edge.

Emily has her motherly instinct radar going off in a panic while her hubby just thinks it's harmless
since boys tend to be some what rougher then girls. Things aren't always what they seem in life as they all will fall witness too as sudden suspicious incidents occur. It all points to either Tamara or her
oldest son Titus.

Play Date was a pretty intense watch that has you guessing for awhile what exactly is going on and that's a plus in today's film World. Nothing dramatic but it will make you think and try to rationalize
which one is doing these psychotic things and why. So many people think that children when young don't realize what's going on around them but they do, and they learn to mimic it.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Death Follows

Release Date: December 7, 2013
Directed by: Carmela Hayslett
25 Minutes

I have been dipping my toes into viewing short films as of lately and I am glad- I never really
wanted to give them a chance just thinking why bother. But in the past few days I have watched a
few exceptional shorts and Death Follows is creeping up right behind them. I am honestly surprised
at how much of a message a short can send in such a small amount of time. In Carmela Hayslett's Death follows Angelina a totally lost soul who just seems to have death follow her where ever she goes.

Now I'm not talking about some grim reaper trying to catch up and claim his marks on her either
No, it's a little different here since Angelina seems to black out or forget the events as they occur leaving her to wonder is she nuts? Does she have anything to do with the dead bodies that are dropping everywhere?  Could she possibly be strong enough to kill? Mean and sinister enough? Her doctor seems not overtly concerned and maybe he really should be, I mean that's a hell of a thing to forget!  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Tell Tale Heart (Part 1 in trilogy of Tales of Poe)

Release Date: 2014
Directed by: Bart Mastronardi
30 Minutes


The talented Bart Mastronardi has taken a well known story from Mr. Edgar Allan Poe himself
and made it into a modern film adaption. From what I gathered is that there are three volumes in his Tales of Poe and I just delightfully just sampled the first one The Tell Tale Heart. Two of my favorite independent film actors Debbie Rochon and Alan Rowe Kelly star as the main characters so that was a definite plus. Miss Rochon is the narrator and befallen nurse of the film telling us of her wicked ways that landed her in the loony bin at the eccentric Bernice Estates. Told in true Edgar Allan Poe form, the dialogue is told in well spoken and pronounced verses that are from the actual story itself.

I found Tales of Poe intensely creative and Debbi Rochon did an amazing job especially at the end
she was actually frightening! You can definitely pick up the artistic angle in the filming while certain
little sounds and props enhance the viewing pleasure. You feel like you could be a fly on the wall of the room witnessing her complete descent into madness. I love how her portrayal of being fixated on the milky white blind eye of her formerly famous yet hideous patient Peggy Lamarr. I look forward to the next tale with eager curiosity for I am still a huge Poe fan and find the way he used his intriguing words completely and utterly fascinating! Cheers Bart!     


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Klagger (short film)

Directed by: Casey Crow

It's rare in this line of work to really come across something special that just stands out and makes
you take notice. The independent film Klagger is that film! Perry shows up at an abandoned industrial
salvage warehouse where he must go in and get all the info from the vehicles for work. He unlocks the chains and slowly ventures inside fighting the dust. He starts to go about his business and decides to snoop in an old office and learns of a violent death that took place there years prior. Suddenly that
soulfully sad song can be heard playing but it's echo bounces off the walls confusing him of where the source of the sound is coming from. He soon finds he is not alone and the terrifying games begin.

The film is currently being made into a feature length version, and my ass will be first in line to view
it. Sometimes people just have a certain knack for getting their vision across loud and clear- Casey
Crow's got some serious skills! Everything meshed in together well from the hauntingly beautiful
tune "Tomorrow I'll Know" from Pat Murphy to the dusty desolate road that leads us to all the fun! I would honestly recommend this to everyone and anyone- I really was impressed with it all- from the plot to the flawless execution of the whole project. Don't miss this opportunity to see what I am speaking of- promise no disappointment to be had.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hysterical Psycho

Release Date: 2014
Directed by: Dan Fogler
78 Minutes

Do you remember those comedy classics such as Balls of Fury or Europa Report from the director Dan Fogler? Well he has mixed up some horror with comedy in his new feature film Hysterical Psycho. A trip to a cabin deep in the woods somewhere in Maine has a group of friends totally psyched for some much needed corrupt hard partying fun. Think they can handle it? 

The first thing they find once inside is a dead lady with a suicide note waiting for them. RV troubles render them stuck there at the creepy cabin trying to amuse themselves. Sara decides to get a shower, after dressing she has the blood squeezed out of her with it  landing everywhere in the bathroom. Everyone is in a state of panic and every damn time the one chick opened her mouth she puked!

The deal here is a hysterical psycho is on the prowl- he's hysterical because he is always pulling of this wheezy giggle as he hunts and maims. I almost wanted to reach in and give the guy a freakin Asthma inhaler so he would stop already. Gilbert Godfried even makes an annoying appearance in the beginning  .

I was not big on this one, I felt it tried to hard to be funny but it did have some great gore near the end. The acting was on point and all the females had a nice set of lungs on them- they could let out the perfect blood curdling scream. It's not a bad watch it just wasn't my thing- I suppose there are plenty of individuals out there that will suck this up.  

Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy in the Valley

Release Date: 2014
Directed by: Lee Madsen
91 Minutes
Dark Comedy

Stewart Fox is a pretty much washed up Rock n Roll photographer who seems to think he is extraordinary master of film when in reality he's losing the spark. His fed up wife Donna hires art major Wade Ward to take behind the scenes photographs of Stewart in action with his erotic models for his up and coming autobiography. Poor Wade had no clue that he'd be rubbing Vaseline on Porn Stars coochies to make them shine or cleaning the toilets.

Queenie is one broke ass bitch so she decides to go to Stewart and take it all off for some much needed cash- problem here is that she is not one to normally behave this way. Her morals battle intensely with her at each shoot but what else can she do? It's fast and pays well. Once her clothes comes off the true madness begins. From perverted Socko drooling with a hard on at everything on set trying to cop a feel in any way shape or for.

Stewart has lost all of his artistic abilities amid all the booze and drugs he is ingesting to self medicate his miserableness. Wade seems to bring along some much needed normalcy to this circus of freaks along with his good looks and creativity to boot. Sparks fly between Queenie and Mr. Ward and a relationship tries to bud but she is damaged goods.The work scene becomes tense with tempers flaring and arguments ensue leaving everything basically in jeopardy.

I loved this quirky comedy and Forsythe had me laughing out loud while the always beautiful Tiffany Shepis shines bright as a jaded porn actress who just wants love. It was cool to see her in something other than horror and yes she has the skills to project onto bigger things. I would whole heartedly recommend that you watch this one if you can handle crude humor- Happy in the Valley rocks!


Release Date: 2014
Directed by: Billy Samoa Saleebey

FACT: 1 in 10 have tried ecstasy

MDMA was synthesized all the way back in 1912 and was used to suppress one's appetite then faded away until the U.S. Army busted it back out in the 50's. They had plans on using it as a type of truth serum. By the 70's shrinks were prescribing it to patients then the 80's popped up and it ran rampant all over the U.S.- from bars, clubs to Street corners. The Film Rolling tracks along eight ecstasy users and their various experiences.

Some argue that the users of E are just hippies at heart yearning for that lovey dovey feeling while others claim it's a life changing experience - are you up for it? Inspired by actual events Rolling is told in a cross between being a documentary where specific questions are being answered yet has a plot going on within it involving around all eight of them. The characters are likable, laughable and some flat out whacked! 

Some people like myself aren't even interested in the experience but sometimes fate deals you a very shitty hand. One night out I had some scumbag slip it in my drink- was I happy about it? Fuck no- I lost all control of my body vomited for 13 hours and wished I was dead while begging to go to ER. Christ imagine that, girl drowns in her own toilet! In this film though, a girl accidentally ingests it and has a fab time- not always the case.   

Wanna know more about E?  Like how you would act and what you would feel? Just sit back watch in silence and learn the ropes baby. If not, it's still is a fun flick with friends enjoying each other and with corny antics. The group is diverse and includes students, a teacher, lawyers you name it. Don't discriminate- he who wants, shall have no matter how many people they have to call in one night to get it- Roll on...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Release date:
Directed by: Thor Moreno
75 Minutes

Helpless, an independent film from Thor Moreno was an intriguing film that drew me in
effortlessly and had me engrossed in the film the entire time. I really liked how it was done in parts, or sections like chapters within a novel you would lovingly read. The plot is thoroughly planned and the acting is strategically on point.       

A frustrated couple are driving along engaging in a serious discussion of this much dreaded visit to Ned's dying Mother's house for her to see the baby. A flat renders them helpless stuck on the side of the road so naturally Ned gets out to flip on a new one. Strange sounds start to creepily undulate from within the deep dark woods warning him of the impending danger .

Morning arrives and the Sheriff pulls up to an alarming crime scene and the baby girl is missing. A man accused of an occult type of foul play leads him to the house of his crime scene and the frantic search for the baby begins. A proclaimed psychic Wendy eventually convinces the law to allow her to help them while a true crime novelist Abby Fulton weasels her way into it all- not smart!

Helpless is a hell of a twister that will smack you quite spitefully in the face while crudely laughing because you never even saw it coming- not even a clue! Thor Moreno seems to be a very promising writer and director who just might gift us with many more exciting titles for all of us to ingest hungrily.